Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Just popping for a few minutes and then be on my way again.

I see the Borg Hive Mind is out on the streets again. It’s a shame the hive mind can’t ever do something constructive like perhaps protest the destruction of the Indonesian villages by the “Brothers Grim” or perhaps even get off their collective arses and help repair the majority of the schools that are falling down around the students ears. Is there any doubt the hive mind has lost its claim to belong to humanity (if it ever did).

Meanwhile, some our other blogging friends seem to be having a great time on the organic fermented fruit juice with a decidedly right angled green bend to recent posts. Indcoup even went so far as praising the Australian Greens for heavens sake. If there is a Cosmic All Powerful Body then he will surely save us from the likes of Australian Greens Polly Bob Brown and his team of looney tunes.

Elsewhere, a number of companies are coping a “caning” for attending a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) lecture/seminar (this would be a good thing wouldn’t it??)… I am a big believer in companies taking responsibility for their actions (although the CSR strikes me as a politically correct term designed to try and please the rabids) but attacking companies for attending...Oh well…I suddenly feel the need for a tin foil hat.

Ok here’s the thing!!! Governments don’t make money they just spend it!!! The socialism experiment failed and millions died.

Not all industries are the children of Satan. In a country where personal Income Tax is concept standing right along side the tooth fairy. Corporate taxes and royalties provides what pathetic infrastructure there is. The governments job is to ensure the money is spent wisely mmmmm… Perhaps the term we should be looking at is GSR.

Anyway, that all I have time for----Seeya! and beware the Hive-mind it can lower your IQ in an instant.

BTW… I do think companies should act responsibly and personally I am astounded that the mud men are not in jail with their assets seized... Exploiting resources is not always a negative thing (in fact rarely) unless you want to take civilization back a thousand years.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

mud monsters and bloggers

Still travelling so no decent posts yet for awhile...However keeping an eye on the news.

One has to ask what's wrong with a place jails someone for a joke about a political figure (supporters of censorship rejoice) but provides cover for people who smother whole villages in toxic mud...

Meanwhile Jakartass has fired up a discussion with his comments on the Mud Monsters or should that be pond scum.

Me?? I cannot help think how different the government reaction would be if it was an Foreign company...or am I just a cynic...