Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey, sorry been a bit busy of late, even had to cancel a trip to save the Polar Bears who were dying due to Global Warming, was very disappointed in that development. All dressed up in the “We love the stump” t-shirt (it’s hot up there now?) and some bugger goes and informs us, “there are now more Polar Bears than anytime in the last 100 years”, oh well seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then on the way back to Stump we were surrounded by pack of greenie, climate cultists (or more correctly a “lather of greenies”) screaming shrilly about dead Polar Bears and shinking Ice Sheets or something (Which is news to anyone venturing into the Southern Icefields this year). Never fear the Stump was released on the promise never to use electricity unless the wind was blowing (Ok the stump was telling porkie pies but no one has ever accused the Cultist’s of being overly bright).

By the way, has anyone seen High Priest Al Gore lately

“Al Gore appears to have taken a break from saving the world, having convinced large numbers of otherwise sensible people that something called “global warming” exists. He can be expected back in short order. Evidence that “warming” has in fact not occurred since 1998 is swiftly becoming public knowledge”

I guess gitting while the gittings good..to one of those not so underwater islands he was talking about maybe?

On a positive note, the family team Hawthorn came through as the underdogs and thrashed those miserable, mangy Geelong Cats in the Australian Rules Football Grand Final, whilst somewhere in the world two mobs of limb impaired drones battled out, yet another coma inducing NIL All draw..yawn!


(Regular, one eyed and bias support for the shin boners will recommence next year)