Sunday, August 31, 2008


The bars are shut (along with the usual sorry we are closed ..please use the side door signs) but that doesn't mean we cannot enjoy some alcohol induced humour.


The Dubai Dingoes Enforce the Team Uniform

Indonesia Aussie Rules Cheer Leaders..Up There Cazaly!

Where ever the belief exits that "if it don't draw blood then it ain't a sport" so shall Australian Rules Football grow and dominate.. "Paul" commented on the ever growing presence of the sport in the "Sunny Middle East" and quick look at shows the sport is alive and well in the far flung corners of the world including Indonesia.

Certainly the website pictures depict a fine sense of humour (gotta love the Dubai Boys travelling team uniform and one of the Indo teams "fine set" of cheerleaders (What is the plural of cheer leader..a pride..a set..Stump kinda like a HUG OF CHEERLEADERS").

Rumour has it the next international round robin is due to be held in Bali sometime in Oct 08.

For more information go to World Footy News
(from where we borrowed the pictures) or leave the Stump an email..

Have fun and remember the shirt front is an acceptable response to any religious nutter who wishes to impose his views on you in this "auspicious" month.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Jakartass is one of those soccer tragics..which explains his socialist leanings..Nil all draw being an acceptable outcome for human endeavour..

The Stump however thinks besides being the most boring sport on the planet..(Let's play a game for two hours and play a different game for ten minutes at the end to see who wins..WTF) Soccer Stinks and has proof.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Late Mail - Jakarta Post 27 Aug 08

The public has been left guessing whether the (baby milk) formula they buy is contaminated by Enterobacter sakazakii bacteria as the government is refusing to name names as ordered.

It appears word about the Stumps political nightmare team has got out with the Simply Surreal Minister for Health(SSH), Siti Fadilah Supari making a real run for the number one job. SSH made a series of statements today that have left her critics gobsmacked.

(unless you have small children or give a damn)

Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Tuesday any announcement naming which (milk formulae -stump) brands had been contaminated would have to wait until the Supreme Court turned down the government's appeal.
The Central Jakarta District Court last week ordered the Health Ministry, the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) and the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) to announce which brands of baby formula had been contaminated in print and electronic media. The court found the three institutions guilty of concealing public information.

The ruling followed a request by lawyer David M.L. Tobing who was concerned for his children's safety after news spread about the IPB research conducted two years ago. The research, carried out from April to June 2006, revealed 22 percent of baby formula samples tested were contaminated by the bacteria, which can cause serious illness, even death, in infants.

Siti, however, said it was impossible to follow the court order because her ministry did not have data on the formula brands.

Followed by

"All we have is data from BPOM research conducted this April. Do you want us to make public something that has already been announced?" she added.

Topped off by

Siti said the announcement of the spoilt brands would do unnecessary harm to the formula companies.

Well the Stump can only say, our previous mate, the mud king’s position as Minister for People’s Welfare is seriously under threat.


Off into the jungle for a few days..see ya soon

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Life as a Manager in Indonesia is at least never dull and simple language/communication difficulties are always fun. This one arrived from one of our senior managers today (University Qualified with Honours in English). The Stump is still deciding whether to seek clarification or just let things pan out and see what happens..

"Okay Boss. Thanks for your info.
Let use see next..."

(BTW That was the sum total of the email text)..


On the political side of things, with an Presidential Election looming and after giving some thought to the brilliance of Chappy (see previous post). The Stump thought it might be fun to come up with an Indonesia Version of a Political Dream Team only it would be the Nightmare team. The very worst possible combinations to run Indonesia as opinion ed by the Stump and anyone else who care to contribute.

Pres...Awaiting Nominations..(leaning to the Mega One here)

Vice Pres...(Well Little Joe K is a front runner to hold his position, if only for humour sake. Who else as V/prez would declare that democracy is only a means to an end or Indonesian women should consider short term contract marriage to Arab tourists as means to make few bucks and boost tourism.

Health Minister..How could we go past the current beacon of light, with her refusal to release Bird Flu samples to the world health organisation.

Transport and Aviation Minister..Has to be Chappy (see previous post) here's a man with a plan!

People's Welfare Minister..A no brainer, The current Bakrie Brother nominated by the 13000 (?) displaced villagers of the LAPINDO disaster and the editors of the Forbes Rich Uncaring Bastards Magazine.

This is obviously a work in progress, suggestions and nominations welcome. We also need a name for our party (oh and a colour).

Nomination Rules:

1. Nominations must be justified
2. Nominee must be eligible to run
3. Existing government position only

Let the race begin..

Monday, August 25, 2008


Frankly, the Stump is stunned and amazed at the vicious and nasty guffaws a number of people have made on the net and elsewhere after retired Air Chief Marshal Chappy Hakim (Chappy to his mates), the former chairman of the National Team for the Evaluation of Transportation Safety and Security after he made such a reasoned and well thought out response to the banning of Indonesian Airlines in EU airspace

Didn’t Chappie admit things were a bit wonky? He also quickly pointed out that although airplanes falling out of the sky at rate unsurpassed in the region..ever, that didn’t mean that Indonesia should not be treated with more respect by these EU colonial bastards (This means you Luxembourg, we know about what you do with jugged hare and Ardennes ham..sickos)

The Stump thinks its only fair that some of Marshal Chappy’s more memorable statements get the highlighting they deserve:

"It is undeniable that Indonesia's aviation industry is in a bad condition"

"A lack of discipline, lax licensing restrictions, sloppy management and enforcement of rules, poor education and training within the industry, unauthorized tariffs and the non-existence of a "reward/punishment" system have all contributed to this dire situation"

See, the Marshal is on the case and he has the solution, so stop worrying. Chappy then goes into the technical piece of his discussion

"From the beginning, it was explicitly stated the ban (by the EU) was technical in nature. The EU asked Indonesia not to attempt to get around it with other methods (i.e. by lobbying or diplomatic routes) but with technical improvements. However, "technical" in this case refers to nothing less than a series of activities which must be conducted under the direct supervision of the European Union and evaluated every three months."

What !! Chappy, the Stump is with you all the way! How dare those swine suggest that actual technical improvements be made to ensure the safety of airline passengers everyone knows there are "other" methods..sheesh.

"We can't deny there is a lot of "housekeeping" that needs to be done in order to raise the safety standards of our aviation industry, but the European Union should not have acted in such an unwise and uneducated manner."

Too right Chappy, it’s not like they have any proof that Indonesian airline standards and Indonesia's own internal checks are not sufficient anyway. Well there is that pesky Adam Air report, with what was it ? 120 (or was it 129, the Stump forgets) previously reported faults, but hey that was just one plane…and besides the public would have forgotten about that by now (Maybe not the families but hey). Then there was the Mandela plane (Whatever happened to that crash report anyway?). Garuda?? A mere blip, I am sure we all agree. Anyway, it’s not important, what is important is we ensure everyone knows there is nothing wrong with the Indonesia Aviation Industry coz we say so.

Besides who can argue with the Chappy’s next piece of in your face logic.

"And every day, European aircraft pass through Indonesian airspace (managed by the Indonesian Aviation Authority) to reach Australia and New Zealand. Didn't you say that the Indonesian Aviation Authority does not meet Europe's safety standards"

Right on Chappie!

We should caution anyone not to listen to any of those international pilots who will tell you flying into Indonesian Airspace like walking into a biker bar in a bikini, sooner or later something bad is going to happen. As for the rumour that flying into Indonesia Airspace is second only in stress to flying through central Africa, that’s just them racist colonial mongrels (French, Australians, Italians, Japanese, Malaysians, Koreans, Singaporeans..oh ok the whole world except for us).

Oh Chappy, The Stump just loves your solution to the problem of Aviation issues in Indonesia, simple, to the point and so Indonesian.,

"Go to hell with your Ban!" Really that just says it all. that’ll teach the EU a lesson, no more massive inflow of Indonesian Tourist Dollars into the EU. I bet they are having emergency cabinet meetings right now. Also think of the money we will save not having to invest in any “technical” solutions for our Aviation Industry.

On a completely different issue Chappy, may the Stump enquire; where does one find the compositions for boards of directors and others for various industries? Gee wouldn’t that make interesting reading.

Anyway old friend, the Stump has to go as we have a plane to catch. It is Singapore Air Flight (oops) …..Before the Stump departs, we would like commend you on this thought provoking piece. Would it be possible for you to direct us to the public statements of sympathy and compassion you made to the victims of air crashes in Indonesia? As the former chairman of the National Team for the Evaluation of Transportation Safety and Security as I am sure would have written some moving and compassionate pieces holding such a position of responsibility to the people as you do.

By the way, Chappy have you seen this…this just has to be a plot by dem dang JOOWS… Why these buggers are almost suggesting that the aircraft disasters of 2008 could have be forecast by any marginally competent human being

For the benefit of the Stump's really lazy readers (GJ..who lately is writing less posts than the stump for instance)and the fact Jakarta Post Links wear out in about 48Hrs, the Stump has reproduced the JP article below..(it's a sheer classic of Indonesian Government Official Speak)

EU ban: Colonial mindset
Chappy Hakim , Jakarta | Mon, 08/25/2008 11:17 AM | Opinion

It is undeniable that Indonesia's aviation industry is in a bad condition. The accidents which have occurred in the last five years have exceeded acceptable standards. In almost every airline there are deficiencies that are principle in nature.

A lack of discipline, lax licensing restrictions, sloppy management and enforcement of rules, poor education and training within the industry, unauthorized tariffs and the non-existence of a "reward/punishment" system have all contributed to this dire situation.

Inevitably, because of its international nature, the Indonesian aviation situation attracted the attention of the rest of the world. The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) downgraded Indonesia's national aviation level. Meanwhile, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and others undertook their own "clarification" and "auditing" of Indonesia's aviation industry.

In 2007, the government took affirmative steps to remedy this by setting up the National Transportation Safety and Security Evaluation Team (KNKT), and changed key personnel including the Transport Minister, Director General of Civil Aviation and others.

These changes sent shockwaves through the industry as players struggled to raise safety levels to meet the "international standard" (in this case the ICAO regulation).

Recently, a ban was issued by the European Union (July 2007 to be precise). Out of the blue, the European Union banned all Indonesian airlines from entering the European continent, but before conducting any independent audits.

In making its decision, the EU reportedly referred to ICAO findings. However ICAO had not put a "ban" in place themselves, but rather had (sympathetically) offered help and assistance for Indonesia to overcome its safety predicament.

The EU arrogantly stated that Indonesia's aviation standards did not meet its own, and to protect its people it would prohibit Europeans from using Indonesian airlines and forbid any Indonesian airlines from entering Europe.

This was a truly unsympathetic act made by a few individuals in the European Union aviation commission. Indonesian airlines are not allowed to fly to Europe, but European airlines still fly to Indonesia and enter Indonesia's airspace -- which according to the European Union is unsafe. What is going on in their heads?

From the beginning, it was explicitly stated the ban was technical in nature. The EU asked Indonesia not to attempt to get around it with other methods (i.e. by lobbying or diplomatic routes) but with technical improvements. However, "technical" in this case refers to nothing less than a series of activities which must be conducted under the direct supervision of the European Union and evaluated every three months.

Thus Indonesia became the European Union's puppet -- a once-every-three-months toy that nearly served up a free spectacle for the international aviation scene. Truly, these were actions that have shamed Indonesia.

We can't deny there is a lot of "housekeeping" that needs to be done in order to raise the safety standards of our aviation industry, but the European Union should not have acted in such an unwise and uneducated manner.

This situation is truly mind-boggling. For example, if an Indonesian airline bought an Airbus (made in Europe) from France. After completing standard procedures, the plane is registered with a "PK" (official international registration for Indonesian aircraft), and immediately the aircraft is not allowed to enter European airspace. Once again, if Indonesia is deemed to be unsafe and Indonesian airlines are not allowed to enter Europe, how is it that European aircraft are allowed to travel to and from Indonesia every day?

And every day, European aircraft pass through Indonesian airspace (managed by the Indonesian Aviation Authority) to reach Australia and New Zealand. Didn't you say that the Indonesian Aviation Authority does not meet Europe's safety standards?

This is typical of a "colonial mindset", which regards the relationship from a "Master and Slave" perspective. There is no mutual respect, no mutual trust and of course no mutual benefit at all.

In facing this problem, the one and only way for Indonesia to respond is just to say, "Go to hell with your Ban!"

Thursday, August 14, 2008


If you are having a bad day it's always worth while to poke a disciple of the Church of Gore.

So for today's three questions for the Climate Change Mungbeans

1. Isn't it true that there has been no increase in global warming in the past decade (at best static, most research has shown a drop)

2. Hasn't CO2 emissions increased by more than 5% in the past decade?

3. How does questions one and two go together?

Of course, Climate Change Hysteria although doing absolutely nothing for the environment makes great copy for Political Wankers with no substance. Check out this piece of tomfoolery with taxpayer money, from the worst Prime Minister in Australia History (Ok..that's a bit much, Gough Whitlam will forever hold that title)

"Productivity Commission head Gary Banks had a go this week at the federal Government's decision to give Toyota a $35 million grant from its green car fund to build a hybrid in Australia, saying it would do nothing to help emissions. The $35 million gift seemed to come as a surprise to Toyota, which made a worldwide profit of about $17 billion last year.

Toyota's president Katsuaki Watanabe admitted at the time: "We are not sure in what way we would like to use that amount."

but there's more...

"Industry Minister Kim Carr cancelled a booked trip to the US to fly to Japan for less than 24 hours specifically to join Rudd in announcing Toyota's green gift."

Thank Buggery and for the environment's sake these morons will only last one election cycle.


The FILTH are so predictable, the major religious holiday of the year is coming up (not be confused with "lets kill a goat slowly day"), so all the bars and places of entertainment as regularly haunted by the Stump are being raided and closed down by the local authorities.

Gee, the Stump but can wonder if that has anything to do with annual cash “shakedown” (as opposed to the regular monthly shakedown) to fund the uniformed and suited representatives/protectors (sigh) of the people.

The workplace is simply the same at this time of year, as an ever growing line of uniformed and suited two dollar squeezers arrive to plead, extort, cajole, threaten money from anyone or any organisation they imagine they have power over.

Although the Stump has found the purchase of a $20 voice recorder has certainly stymied the majority (Not All) of the outright thieves and scum suckers. The recorder is left in plain site (Sorry guys, company policy) whenever these “gentlemen..sorry human cankers” turn up in the office to discuss whatever non-existent “problem” that they have found and only they can fix. The Stump remains confused by these scum however, surely they must know the sheer and utter contempt raised in others when they going through these criminal charades.

On a personal note, the Stump happened to be partaking of some well earned, liquid refreshment for purely health reasons when Pak Corrupt Plod arrived (along with an decaying smell of filt) to shut down the place based on some fanciful transgression. He and his walking talking canker cohorts succeeded of course and once again demonstrated the bravery and integrity of the people's guardians as they harassed and humiliated the female staff, who were simply doing their job.

Strangely, apart from puffing up and glowing red, they were not that brave when a number of the regular patrons started to comment on the nature of man that gets his jollies abusing women(probably not the safest or wisest things to do but certainly the right thing).

The Stump is sure God fairly beams with pride at the antics of his believers.

Dili has some more on the quaint traditions of the Religious Holiday here

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Speaking of Big Nasties, the Stump bets more than a few European Nations are thinking "OOOPS.... Maybe we should not have sent that Nasty-Gram to America a few months ago" now that Russia is having demented flashbackS and has the sudden urge to crush/kill/destroy their neighbours again.

Should be a real hoot once China starts really flexing her over sized ego as well..


"Hello America..Look, About the arrogance crack and those other things we said...well look we seems have some trouble of here, it appears you weren't worst option after all..Hello...Hello....Is anyone there?"

Sunday, August 10, 2008


How great is this?

Carl over at Friskodude describes a plan where you buy/fund a entire school in Cambodia for $13000USD. The Stump is a naturally cynical bloke but in this case …one can only hope it’s true!

What a simply fantasic idea and one that Indonesia so desperately needs. Of course the trick would be keeping the greedy, sticky fingers that Jakartass so aptly describes here, out of the pie (Make sure you check out his post on greedy local officials). Still all the Stump can say bring it on.

Perhaps we could have a FAIR DINKUM, PESTA BLOGGER to raise funds for something worthwhile instead of the widget and scam men.

Meanwhile the church of climate change zealots has convinced the Australian Goverment(?)and Prime Minister Krudd to spend $46million to study cow farts for carbon taxation purposes..Lets see $46million/13000 = How many schools? and which might actually make a difference in the world?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mentally and Uniformly Ignorant

Living in Indonesia, one soon learns what is said is rarely the heart or truth of the matter at hand. For instance; PT Lapindo and its owners and timber pulp companies are deserving of an environmental award or equally and becoming more and more absurd "Indonesia is the home of moderate Islam" (stop laughing this is serious!).

The Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) is constantly and wrongly proclaimed to be a moderate organisation. As one of the biggest organisations representing Muslims in Indonesia(so they claim, which like everything else they proclaim is probably more to do with their own inflated view of self importance than actual facts), these bunch of backwater religious bullies continually seem to think they have the right to decide how people should or should not live their lives.

Rob over at the Rab experience has the latest irrational, ignorant bullying bilious outburst from one of these self appointed guardians of darkness and prejudice. From the Stump Pulpit “With children starving to death in the provinces, schools that should would be offensive if used to house animals, perhaps its time the holy ignorant pulled their hands out of their pants and looked around at the real problems the people of this nation have to face every day.”

The Stump will let the readers decide which picture represents the evil and ignorant dark underbelly of the society we live in……..

On the subject of the problems in the provinces, expats tend to live a life apart from the problematical decisions and angst that bubble underneath the surface. So when the Stump and stumpettes notice the gathering and mutterings of the clans, things are getting very ugly indeed…..stay tuned..

By the way, the Stump "borrowed" (Stump hopes they don't mind but if they do please let us know and we will remove it) the Beautiful Bali Picture from baliwww. We have not had time to read through the Blog yet but on the surface a bit commercial but certainly looks worth a bit of time..

Friday, August 08, 2008


Aaawww bugger it, the Stump's gunna get the usual drongo abuse and threats after the last couple of posts anyway...

Was depressed last night, rang lifeline. Got a call centre in Afghanistan, told them I was suicidal.

They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.

and one for the girls (Well the Stump has already pissed off the religious nuts..might as well go the whole hog)

Woman in labour, shouting and screaming as usual, "get this out of me, give me drugs".

She turns to the boyfriend and says "You did this to me you ozzie bastard". He replied casually,

"If you remember, I wanted to stick it up your arse but you said, "F#ck off it'll be too painful",

Religion is a disease?

"Faith is one of the world's great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate." Richard Dawkins

The Stump notes (yet another) terrorist (aka bunch of low lifes) claiming to represent the "Religion of Peace" (wow has that worn so thin it's see thru)has made a video threatening to blow up planes, trains and buses at the Olympics. You know the deal, murder innocents because I can and then I go to heaven?

What a mistake that is!! There will be virtual avalanche of FATWAH's and condemnation from the rest of the Islamic world.........OR NOT..

Meanwhile do take the time to read some of Richard Dawkins stuff. For the Stump and stumpettes it is certainly more rational than some drongo claiming the West is holding their nation back when 1/2 their population is forbidden to drive or show their face in public.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Must be the season for the thugs, bullies and corrupt to come crawling out from their pampered ill-gotten nests?

Up in our neck of the woods it must have been Army (although the vast majority of those in uniform, certainly don’t met the Stump's very high regard for the profession of arms) day yesterday. First we had the two bob thugs wandering into our place of work demanding to "borrow" equipment and then when the Stump returns to his humble place of refuge...

Our little “jalan” (street) has been flooded every day for two weeks with raw sewage spilling out from under a brand new house. Besides a health hazard the house is a grotesque bloody thing as well, the poorly fitted marble columns etc etc).

Anyway enough is enough with raw sewage travelling the length of the road when all the kids both kampung and others play, the Stump and PP decided it was time to seek a remedy (Looking back, it was silly to expect a normal human response by the owner to recify such a problem without being pushed)

Finally tracked down the phone number of the "man' who owns this grotesque eyesore. PP rang him and quite politely (much nicer than the Stump would have been)asked him to fix the problem as it was health hazard and was damaging the road and peoples foundations.

The bastards response:

“I am Army and RT (Village Chief) is friend of mine, don’t make trouble for me”

What a prick!

Never the less PP’s response was beautiful

“You Army! Saya Indonesia juga, tidak takut silahkan masalah kapan bertemu. (I am Indonesian as well, not scared of you, when do you want too meet) ..from there a rant that was too fast too follow but no mistaking the intent.

Upshot of all this, apparently the Stump’s humble abode can expect a visit from the Arrogant Army Bastard this Thursday (and invariably, a couple of his mates because bullies always travel in groups), although unbeknown to him the Stump will be there awaiting him. Will be interesting to see if he is just as brave when not just talking to a woman. Although bet you a dollar to a bucket of pig manure, we get the usual ..yawn…threats to have the Stump deported.

As an ex professional soldier for many years, the Stump detests these bullies in uniform who bring nothing but disgrace to the profession of arms. The very first moral imperative of a soldier must be to the protection and care of his nation’s people. Unfortunately far too many lowlifes view the uniform as means to bully, intimidate and enrich their greedy, needy little selves at the expense of the people.

As for the meeting..stay tuned…

Meanwhile ………BASTARDS

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Indonesian Corruption

"All for one and All for me"

Poor old GJ seems to be going thru that period that all expats experience after the thrill of the Batik Shirts (How the hell does he wear those hot sweaty things anyway)and novelty value of everyday lunacy wears off.

Underneath the Batik and the crazy drivers lies the more sinister and corrupt worms that ensure the richest and most diverse country in South East Asia will remain a third world country for generations to come.

See GJ's experiences HERE

... the Stump concurs BASTARDS



Too funny for words if you are a foreigner.. really really not funny if you have to live here.

The government has hailed gas exploration company PT Lapindo Brantas for complying with environmental standards set by the government.

The praise came despite Lapindo's drilling activity in 2006 that allegedly caused a protracted mudflow in the East Java town of Sidoarjo. Three villages have been buried and thousands of families displaced by the mudflow.

See the rest of the joke here and do be sure to see the number of listed timber and pulp companies awarded commendations…

The Stump wonders when (if ever) the Indonesian public will tire of being treated with such utter contempt...Ooops sorry I forgot it’s all the fault of the West and dem JOOWS…(See the Second Article also from last Friday's Jakarta Post).

Lapindo praised despite mudflow
Adianto P. Simamora , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Fri, 08/01/2008 7:06 AM | Headlines

The government has hailed gas exploration company PT Lapindo Brantas and several other mining giants for complying with environmental standards set by the government.
The praise came despite Lapindo's drilling activity in 2006 that allegedly caused a protracted mudflow in the East Java town of Sidoarjo. Three villages have been buried and thousands of families displaced by the mudflow.
Lapindo joined a group of 180 companies that earned a blue rating in this year's environmental audit results announced Thursday. Other companies included ConocoPhillips Indonesia Ltd., PT Medco EP, PT Pertamina, PT Lippo Cikarang and PT Kawasan Industri Makassar.
Gold mining giant PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Aneka Tambang, PT International Nickel Indonesia and PT Indo Lampung Perkasa fared slightly worse, receiving the minus blue rating for "doing something for environmental management but not reaching the government's standard".
The audits were conducted on 516 companies voluntarily taking part in the environmental performance rating program popularly known as Proper.
The program rates companies gold, green, blue, blue minus, red, red minus or black according to their performance in controlling air and water pollution, following environmental impact analyses (Amdal) and implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.
For the first time ever the government presented a gold rating, which went to Bandung-based geothermal firm Magna Nusantara, Ltd. The top award was given for the company's massive energy saving efforts expected to cut up to 60,000 tons of carbon emissions.
A total of 46 companies won trophies for achieving green status, exceeding environmental standards set by the government. They included PT Holcim Indonesia, PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper Mill, PT Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk, PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, PT Chandra Asri, PT Unilever Indonesia, PT Semen Gresik and PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper.
State Minister for the Environment Rachmat Witoelar said this year's Proper reflected better environmental conditions with more companies committed to green operations.
He expressed skepticism, however, that no major company had been given a black label.
"I questioned the Proper auditing team about the validity of the ranking, as some big companies which have come under public scrutiny earned a better ranking," Rachmat said.
A black ranking was given to 43 companies, 13 of them for the second time in a row. The worst of the worst have no water or air treatment facilities and no Amdal documents.
Rachmat said the government would sue the 13 companies for ignoring environmental regulations.

Logic Loops anyone...?

West told to cease meddling in Muslim world

Tony Hotland and Muhammad Nafik , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Fri, 08/01/2008 11:54 AM | National

Islamic scholars blamed protracted conflicts in the Islamic world on Western countries and incessant disunity among Muslim nations.
The West's perpetual interference in many Muslim states has resulted in enduring domestic strife within them, they said Thursday on the sidelines of the third International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) in Jakarta.
The scholars urged Western nations to change the pattern of their relations with Islam in order to end the widespread conflicts.
The three-day international conference, attended by some 300 Muslim scholars from 65 countries, is hosted by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) -- Indonesia's largest Muslim organization -- and will end Friday after the adoption of several key recommendations.
"The main cause for the chaos we see in Muslim countries is the external factor -- the Western interference. In the 19th century, they exploited and made Muslims backward," senior Iranian Muslim scholar Mohammad Ali Taskhiri said at a news conference.
"Western countries chose to stay put even when we gained independence, meddling in our economic and domestic affairs because they wanted to maintain their presence and exploit our natural resources."
Taskhiri pointed out Iran's nuclear program as an example, saying Western countries continued obstructing its efforts to develop the technology for peaceful purposes.
Said Sulaiman Hassan Qeeeq from Palestine and Ali Mahmoud Hassan from Somalia shared Taskhiri's views, saying foreign intervention rendered the Muslim world powerless to stop internal conflicts.
Hassan Qeeeq said the ongoing hostility between Palestine and Israel was not a conflict of religions but rather one between "the colonized and the colonizers", who were supported by Western powers.
"Islam teaches its followers to live peacefully with non-Muslims. So it's a question of occupation by these powers, not a question of Islam and the Jews," he said.
The Islamic scholars, however, acknowledged conflicts also occurred because of internal problems within Muslim communities.
Mahmoud Hassan said there was no unity among Muslim countries on economic or political views.
"Each of us takes our own path, building a unity in views heavily relying on our own national interests," he said.
He added Muslim governments did not fully support Islamic civil society organizations because of the "influence of foreign imperialist states".
They instead focused on developing the political and economic aspects of their Muslim administrations, Hassan said.
Taskhiri concurred, saying these national interests often hampered efforts to unite Muslim countries, and said such interests were mostly concerned with their relations with Western powers.
He added many Muslim countries were still attracted to their Western counterparts, thus always welcoming everything they had to offer.
NU chairman Hasyim Muzadi said the conference was aimed at finding shared ideas among Muslim scholars about the root causes of conflicts and enabling scholars to view them objectively rather than based on their own personal interests.
"We hope scholars can identify aggressions, and can build a defense system against aggressions," he said.
Hassan Qeeeq said the conference was an event to "declare a clear stance against injustice by the Western world" toward Muslim communities worldwide....

The Stump says the above contains so many bizarre, intolerant and truely logic defying statements its worth nothing more than a deep sigh....