Saturday, June 20, 2009


From time to to time, the Stump is asked when/if we will be returning to Australia. The answer is "not until she comes to her senses and tosses the current KRUDD AND JULIA DEAR LEADER SPIN SHOW into the bustbin of leftist trash where it belongs".

Check out the below, the sheer arrogance of these life long taxpayer leeches is amazing..One can only assume if the local school does not full down on their knees and pay homage to the dear leaders then they shall be starved of funds to teach them a lesson for their disloyalty?

Couple of points Dear Leader Gibblit..

1. It's not YOUR money, its taxpayer money!
2. You have forgotten to mention on your demanded signs that it will be paid for by debt racked up on the taxpayer to keep him busy for the next 30 years!
3. Since when do Australians have to honour a Deputy PM to have equal access to government funded programms, you arrogant bitch!
4. Remember you are just another taxpayer funded leech of limited ability and less looks.


"To receive funding under BER, there is a requirement to recognise and acknowledge the Commonwealth’s contribution. As a minimum, schools must adhere to the procedures and requirements set out in these Guidelines.

Recognition ceremonies: Schools receiving funding under the Primary Schools for the 21st Century and the Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools elements of BER must hold recognition ceremonies as part of their conditions of funding:

1. the Deputy Prime Minister must be invited to all opening ceremonies;

2. a convenient date for the ceremony for all parties should be chosen. Schools are required to choose three dates to allow greater flexibility for the Deputy Prime Minister or representative to attend;…

5. provide the Deputy Prime Minister with at least two months notice of any openings and public events relating to the projects;

6. hold an official opening or ceremony within three months of the completion of the project, unless otherwise agreed by the Deputy Prime Minister; and

7. make provision in the official proceedings for the Deputy Prime Minister or representative to speak.

Publicity: Schools should acknowledge the Commonwealth’s assistance in publicity issued by the school regarding its BER funded project such as newsletters, web sites, articles in the local media, school outdoor signs and any other form of advertising available to the school.

Plaques: Schools will be required to affix a plaque, to be supplied by the Commonwealth, to all completed projects. This includes, but is not limited to, new buildings and substantially refurbished buildings…

Schools will be required to affix a roadside sign, to be supplied by the Commonwealth, in front of the school for projects being funded under the Primary Schools for the 21st Century and Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools."

Not Possible...The Stump made it up..nope..check out the governement education website...

The Stump wonders how long it before it becomes mandatory to place KRUDD and GIBBLIT portraits in all commonwealth and business buildings in the vain, self-serving fashion seen so often in countries where homage and devotion is more important than the rights of the peasants.

On the plus side..ONE TERM WONDERS...Although it is going to take decades (again) to rectify the mess these morons have created.

Monday, June 01, 2009

In the jungle the mighty jungle

If any of our readers (both of you) have been wondering why the Stump has not been posting much recently, it's because we have been visiting the some orginal mystical Stumps here....

and here

Meanwhile another of those only Indonesia (ok Indonesia and Malaysia) stories has popped through the buzzsaw of bizarre. The very cantik, young kidnap (alleged?) victim Manohara has made the following comments about her Royal (?) Malaysian Husband according to the Jakarta Globe yesterday:

“Sexual abuse and sexual harassment were like a daily routine for me, and he did that every time I did not want to have sexual intercourse,” she said. “I could never think a normal man could do such things.”

She then goes on to right royal slapping the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia.

Manohara also claimed that Indonesian Ambassador for Malaysia Da'i Bachtiar had previously lied about her condition.

“They made it worse by telling lies, saying that I was fine while I was suffering in Kelantan,”

If Manohara's statements are true and the Stump has no doubt who we believe, then Da'i needs a hell of lot more than a slapping!

Read the whole sordid story of abuse, governement indifference and abuse in "THE GLOBE".

Hard to believe such people exist in countries that claim to be both democracies and civilised. Kudos to the Singaporean Police who assisted her escape, brickbats and shitbats to the luke warm response of the Indonesian Government.

Unfortunately we cannot make the link today(CONSPIRACY THEORIES ANYONE)but try here for latest in low class acts by low class people..