Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Indonesia - a MACRO NAURU??

To add my 5000Rp worth on the "Green" theme and the lunacy of the planned Oil Palm Plantation in Kalimantan so well described by IndCoup. Do these clowns actually think once they have completely sold the farm and betrayed the people of Indonesia anybody is going to come back and help.

Perhaps they should visit Nauru and see what happens when the resources are gone and how much the rest of the world cares then.

Now I should clarify I am not a "TREE HUGGER" by any means but smart development does not mean raping the environment so a few corrupt pollies and businessmen can have a few more condos in Jakarta and Singapore.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Comment and Customer Service

Dang...Someone is actually reading my little missives.
Jakartass popped in and made a comment. Actually I am quite flattered as Jakartass is one of the more interesting and professional blogs around Indonesia. On the down side, it means I will have to start watching the spelling and grammar now (and maybe the facts)..never a strong point.

Jakartass states in his comment that Customer Service should go in the top ten "offensives". He has done a nice hatchet job on his blog and it is well worth a read (Anyone for a handphone, its free and Jakartass apparently pays the monthly bill).

Customer Service is noted and shall be included in next weekend's updated list.

Thanks for the encouragement

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well the last few weeks have been all about "The Cartoons". Although with the exception of that canker on the face on Indonesia, the Islamic Defenders Front the response in Indonesia has been fairly quiet.

However once again, the media in Indonesia has dodged its charter in a democratic nation by refusing to outright condemn the insane violence. Instead the media has tried to justify the actions of the radical few and made virtually no mention of the fact that 3 of the cartoons peddled around the Midlle East were fraudlent anyway and never published.

Of particular disappointment was Perspetif Online who claims to "sharing extraordinary viewpoints of ordinary people" when in fact they seemed to censor more than they publish.

Anyway, offensive is subjective! Below is a list of things I find offensive...its short so if you have any better ones feel free to tell me and we will raise a top ten of "offensives" we need to fix long before we start worrying about a bloody cartoon:


1. The seemingly 90% of people who think it is perfectly acceptable to throw rubbish and plastic anywhere but into a rubbish bin. Indonesia is fast turning into a cesspool of plastic and garbage – Is respect for your own environment such a bizarre concept?

2. Mothers and Children begging at city street corners in the middle of the night whilst politicians go on accompanied junkets to Egypt but unable to come up with even one coherent post trip report. – Is there no compassion in politics?

3. Mindless Thugs and No Hopers closing down places of worship in violation of a constitution created from much sacrifice and hardship.

4. In resource rich Indonesia, only 14% of the population have access to clean (?) water

5 In times of record oil prices, Indonesia imports Oil instead of rightfully reaping a windfall due incompetence and corruption

6 One of the last remaining stands of virgin jungle in Kalimantan Indonesia is to be replaced with a Palm Oil Plantation. If you would like to help go HERE.

7 A demented mass murderer, coward, hypocrite and a alleged computer porn perv is able to gain royalties from his book whilst his victims (yes Indonesians as well) continue to suffer and mourn

8. Trading in rare and exotic animals without a thought of their condition, well being of the future of the species.

9. The treatment of women and minority groups as second class citizens

10. Evil Regents that are able to ignore the constitution and harass innocent people and drive them from their homes via violence and the burning of their homes.

Cartoons..sheesh…don’t even rate in the top 100 of offensive things.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

OOPS Sorry Indcoup

I owe IndCoup an apology, he had a comment sitting in my check box for a couple of months. Its up now...


Something to take the edge off

Hidden Agendas

This month's bizarre use of "Freedom to Protest" award goes to the thugs protesting outside the Indonesia embassy. ">Link .

Of course, its more than a free speech issue. Some Danish Imams have been discredited as well with three of the most offensive cartoons being proven as never been printed.

Protest Organisor's, Islamic group "Hizb ut-Tahrir" is according to their website a organisation who wishes to introduce Sharia Law through out Indonesia (the world) and rejects democracy, was the prime motivator of the protests. More interesting reading http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/3182271.stm

All Fresh and Green

Hi All,

Sometimes we forget how beautiful Indonesia is. This week it has been pouring rain and everything is so fresh and clean. Our chilli plant is producing nice fresh chillies (bloody hot as well) and the tomatoes are booming.

Our resident "Goana" has grown at least a foot and we have not seen a rat for months. I have a couple of weeks off and intend to do some more in-country trips, maybe Jakarta, Padang ..and I don't know..