Friday, December 26, 2008



Enjoying a rowdy Christmas with loved ones (although as regular readers would know it's sans any overly religious overtones unless you call the festive tree an Idol).

It is timely for the Stump to acknowledge the quiet courage and faith of Christians in Indonesia. The stump always feels a good deal of admiration for the christians, particularly the women who quietly declare their faith by wearing the cross around their necks in form of a usually simple necklace.

Despite the fact, wearing of the necklace exposes those women to harrassment by the ignorant they continue to do so and remain high in the Stump's list of people to respect.


Friday, December 19, 2008

long day and stupid taxi drivers

End of long day and a long way from home, so hop into the nearest Taxi. Just my luck.. A talkative taxi driver

“Dari Mana Mr” (Where From) ..

“What Country”

Then it started, the peabrain decided he was going to educate the poor Bule…

"What Mr think of Amrozi? They bad Muslim but it not right to the shoot them, they deserve to be treated honourably (excuse the para-phrasing) ..yah ..yah..yah…"

Mr Bush had shoe thrown at him, it good because he kill Muslims and invade Iraq..yah yah..

In fact it had been too long a day, normally ignore the pig-ignorant drongos but today..

“Listen you fool, Amrozi and his dog mates got better then they deserved, if it was up to me. I would had deposed of them in manner befitting the Deadwood TV series..Feed the mongrels to the pigs, they murdered innocent Indonesians who were just trying feed their families, they deserve no pity, no honour and no more idiots trotting around pretending they were anything else but losers.
As for Bush, where the hell were you and the rest of the numb nuts when Iraq invaded Iran or when Saddam was slaughtering thousand of Muslims every month oh and by the way numb nuts. The death toll in Iraq is about 98% Muslim killing Muslim.

Before you even start about the Palestine issue, go and give a hand to the 11000 people homeless in Surabaya.

Of course, The rest of the trip was stony silence! Stuff him!

Parroting Morons wear you down!

Personally, I think no one should have ever gone into Iraq, for all the parroting of brotherhood, the fact is life is cheap and always will be there.

For all the mindless abuse thrown at Bush and the USA, the reality is the piss ant dictators and failed nations throwing the abuse do far worse to their own people every day.

What is so disappointing over the past few years is the USA began to reach down to their level. The Stump believes its time to stop pussy footing around these idiots and call a spade a spade, for too long too many compromises have been made to appease the ignorant and intolerant. McCain had it right, dump that third world dumping ground for the useless and inane more commonly known as the United Nations and form a League of Democracies and forget the rest.

You want foreign nations out of Iraq, You got it! Less interference..You got it!
Of course, when comes to shouting for help you are on own as well dickwads. the rest of the rational world is tired of ya all.

I'm ok how about you?

Just been informed that Vice Prez Kalla comes from the same Province as the poor little buggers in the previous post..I guess he has been busy telling us all what an Icon and credit to the Nation the Bakrie Boys (and the Head Bakrie.. Minister for People's Welfare are (In fairness, probably a tough sell to the 11,000 plus people forced from their homes).

Ironic..doesn't fit when becomes this pathetic

Now as well all know its still an offence to insult Senior Ministers in Indonesia but who needs to..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sometimes it occurs to the Stump that perhaps the posts are overly cynical and sometimes words cannot even begin to convey the revulsion at some of things we see and hear.


"I lied. I told the driver the baby was just sick. I kept talking to the body as if it was alive, while her aunt who accompanied me sang lullabies, pretending to send her to sleep," Norma said.

John has more here ..

For the nations leaders who let this happen and the nut bag protesters who seem to think that a glimpse of nipple is more obscene than the above, You are a disgrace and one would hope you are wrong about judgement day for your own sakes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muslims target the Bundy Bear!

It's enough to make a Bundy Bear cry!

The backwood web-toed, buck toothed, bastard sons of intolerance have had major victory in intruding into peoples lives with the cunningly although incorrectly nick named ANTI-PORN Bill (Bugger all to do with Porn and a lot to do with cowardice and bowing to religious hard line fruit cups)and now it dang near impossible to get a decent drink so you can pretend its all just a bad dream.

Let's see.. that's bare shoulders, yoga, wine..NEXT.........

TIC TOCK.. Tic Tock

The Straits Times (Singapore)

December 13, 2008

A Spirited Bid To Drain Corruption

John McBeth, Senior Writer

THE sign at the Grand Hyatt Hotel said it all: 'Due to the

Shortage of certain beverage products within Indonesia, many

Popular items are unavailable at the present time...This

Predicament is beyond our control and we are communicating with

The concerned authorities to try and resolve this situation.'

The lobby lounge bar in Jakarta's premier five-star hotel had

Run out of Scotch, gin, vodka and all other hard liquor. It is

The same situation, to varying degrees, in many hotels and

Retail outlets across the Indonesian capital - and on the

Tourist island of Bali as well.

The consumption of alcohol, even by only a small percentage of

The population, has always been a lingering issue in a

Muslim-majority nation where beer advertising is treated like

That for cigarettes: The brand name can be used, but not the

Product itself.

But only now is it dawning on drinkers that what they have been

Imbibing all these years had been either smuggled into the

Country or had escaped the full duty because of cosy

Arrangements between importers and the notoriously corrupt

Customs Department.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati's clean-up of the Customs

Department has changed all that, elevating the price for a

Bottle of wine or liquor by 300 to 500 per cent and dissuading

Distributors from buying new stocks.

The result: glum aficionados contemplating barely-drinkable

Shiraz, sky-high whisky prices - and a trouble-weary Bali

Tourist industry trying to figure out what impact this latest

Bombshell will have on its lifeblood.

Previously, two state-owned trading companies, Sarinah and

Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI), were responsible,

Respectively, for importing duty-free and duty-paid alcohol.

But when auditors found PPI stickers on smuggled liquor in

Mid-2006, it quickly became clear that the company was colluding

With Customs in depriving the state of an estimated 2.6 trillion

Rupiah (S$330 million) in duties a year.

PPI lost its licence as a duty-paid importer, which meant that

There were no alcohol shipments between November 2006 and

November last year - a few months after Sarinah was finally

Given the job of performing both functions.

The booze blockade didn't end there, however. Already hit by a

Plunging exchange rate, the 16 designated distributors have been

Willing to buy new stocks at the full duty-paid prices until it

Is determined if they are here to stay.

Banking on past experience, many are hoping the black market

Will eventually return to business as usual. But such optimism

Ignores the fact that, unlike all her predecessors, Dr Indrawati

Is deadly serious about stamping out smuggling and corruption.

Just how much she means business can be seen in this year's

Revenue collection, which is projected to top 535 trillion

Rupiah - a whopping 25.5 per cent jump over last year's takings.

Hotel associations are trying to persuade Dr Indrawati to end

The import quota system and to lower duties for wine and

Spirits, pointing to the harm that soaring prices are having on

Tourism and what they believe will be revenues as well.

No wonder. Top-shelf Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch whisky has

Gone from US$35 (S$52) to US$190. Red Label and other brands

Containing 15-20 per cent alcohol retail at more than US$50 a

Bottle. A bottle of cheap US$5 wine now costs US$20 to US$30.

Previously, more than 60 per cent of the wine came from what

Some call the 'grey market', in which distributors mixed up

Legally and illegally imported bottles as a way of bringing down


Now that the government has ended that racket, wine is subject

To 300 per cent duties, including a 150 per cent import tax and

A 40 per cent luxury goods tax, in line with its alcohol content.

The Finance Ministry is not ignoring the outcry. It is now

Studying a simplified system under which importers will be

Charged a specific import tax and excise duty based on volume

Rather than alcohol content - a practice followed in Singapore

And elsewhere.

But alcohol is a touchy subject during a time when hardline

Islamic groups are liable to seize on any issue. Says one

Western trade official: 'Indonesia says it's not a Muslim state,

But every time we try to deal with officials on this they say it

Is very sensitive.'

What makes the issue even more ticklish is that this is election

Time. Anxious to pander to Muslim voters - as they were with the

Unpopular anti-pornography law just passed - politicians are

Hardly inclined to be sympathetic about anything to do with


Some wine and spirits are still available, but retailers say

Much of these are either counterfeit or suspected to come from

Raids that Customs officers have conducted on outlets stocking

alcohol without the proper stickers.

Local liquor - basically flavoured, watered-down industrial

alcohol - has not been touched in the revenue drive, despite the

fact that manufacturers grossly under-invoice the 10-15 million

cases sold each year.

Like the Grand Hyatt, most major hotels have precious little

stock, with a five-star establishment selling a small glass of

mediocre red for 110,000 rupiah, or 130,000 rupiah when value

added taxes are added on.

Stand-alone bars, which do not have the same overheads, are

generally offering the same glass for about 60,000 rupiah, but

that represents a profit of only 10 per cent - hardly enough to

keep heads above water.

Many customers are switching to beer, with the two principal

brands, Bintang and Anker, seeing an 11 per cent increase in

sales this year in a country that normally consumes only 2.1

litres per capita a year - compared to 135 litres in Australia.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Just a pondering..

Wondering where the outraged Muslims who were protesting, buring buildings and killing people over a cartoon are now? Surely people who claim to represent their religion whilst gunning down poor bloody waiters, hospital staff and drivers are a fair greater insult to their religion than a silly cartoon in a paper 99.9% of the world would never read.

Perhaps the stump is missing the point, at least until we decide if Yoga is allowed for Muslims or not..Then again perhaps its gone past the point where even the most moderate and progressive Muslim voice can be heard anymore.

Is this really acceptable to the "Moderate Muslims" of Indonesia perhaps if truth in advertising exists we will see it on the VISIT ACEH 2009 tourist brochures next year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well the Stump and branches have survived another Muslim holy day of sacrifice. Although in Indonesia (and other places) the sacrifices seem to be mainly confined to our four legged friends. By mid morning it appears every Drongo with a few dollars to spare and blunt knife is ineptly and cruelly hacking away at some poor thrashing beasts throat. Now the Stump’s regular readers (both of you) would know that the stump is no limp wrested, mung-bean vegetarian, but the slack jawed grins on these once a year butchers as the poor chosen beast has its life blood hacked out of it is a sight to put your off your steak for at least a week.

The numb-nut apologists for everything in this world will tell you that the knives are sharpened and blessed prior to each use. However, a walk through any village on Idul Adha will certainly disavow you of that quaint romantic, albeit bloody little notion. In a seriously weird "all in the family" bonding thingy, the watching of these poor animals in their death throes is a family affair and fun for all the kids (although looking at some of the kids faces its difficult to see who is more traumatised, the beast or kid). I guess it's a modern version of taking the whole family down to the village square to watch a hanging.

Of course, the Stump must confess a certain amount of bemusement on the whole notion behind religious ceremonies. If the stump has it straight, this story goes.. God appeared to Abraham and commanded him to sacrifice his son. At which point, Abraham naturally agrees to this request (as opposed to the notion, that perhaps it’s time to seek another Omi-Master) and binds his son and prepares to sacrifice him. When… with a due regard to the dramatic, God advises (and the stump paraphrase here for effect) “Ha! It was only a test! You can sacrifice a beast instead”. Well if nothing else, the story proves this particular God dude has a sick sense of humour but we knew that when he made the Arabs and Jews neighbours to see what would happen.

Now, little has been said about what the son thought about his old man hearing voices and being quite prepared to snuff him before his first stolen kiss out the back of McCamels Double Goatee Burgers on the family donkey. One can only assume that the young fella certainly looked askew at the old man the next time he suggested a father son bonding walk in the forest.

It all fairness, the notion is no more bizarre than the almost auto-erotic, cannibalistic rituals carried out by the Catholic Church. Kneel before me and accept the blood of our savior indeed (on a wafer biscuit no less)…

Oh for the straight forward bull fighting of the Spaniards. At least the bull sometimes wins.

Other chuckle-worthy news items this week:

Director General for Land Transportation at the Transportation Ministry Suroyo Alimoeso said Thursday motorists tended to drive at high speeds without heeding safety laws.
He said action was needed to take the ability to break speed limits away from motorists to minimize accidents, suggesting that vehicle engines be modified to limit speeds.
The DG went on to demonstrate his deep and profound understanding of road safety issues by declaring “earlier generations of motorbikes could only travel at 7 miles per hour, or 11.27 kilometers per hour, but that the latest models could reach 250 kilometers per hour.”

And this classic piece of nonsense
"We hope that by 2015, facilities, technology, law enforcement and good, proper driver etiquette can be achieved resulting in a zero percent rate of accidents,”

Fair Dinkum, its hard to believe these wackers can breathe without reminder instructions. The road toll in Indonesia has sweet FA to do with speed but more to do with a seemingly genetic inability to display any semblance of road sense or consideration for other road users and infrastructure that highlights the absolute failure of successive governements to represent the people's interest in any shape or form. You want to cut the road toll, arrest the idiot motorcyclist who insist on passing on the inside, on blind corners and crests (oh arrest and beat the morons who do the previous whilst carrying their six month old baby) and build a road.

As for the zero rate of accidents, could there a more nonsensical statement made in relation to the issue? Once again , one has to question where are the reporters who should be questioning and high lighting the sheer ineptness of these so called peoples representatives. Just for fun and for the sheer silliness of the press release in the Jakarta Post, please go here. It’s worth it for a belly laugh!

Chuckle Number 2 (Although, one wouldn’t be laughing if I didn’t have a escape the country clause in one’s contract)

President SBY signed off on the so called Anti Porn Law declaring that it was the right thing to do as the nation had reached on consensus on the matter.

Really??? With all due respect Mr Prez, perhaps you need to get out more without all them hangers on and lick-spittles. Then again, it is time to pander to the bullies and thugs as there is an election coming up. This is one major victory for the intolerant and nasties.

Third Chuckle..

Expatriates have been subject to "raids" to ensure all their "paperwork" is in order. Personally the Stump does not have issue with this as it is the right of the country to ensure all procedures are followed Although, we would love to know of anywhere we can find out how the $1200USD "Training Fee" per year expats charged has been utilised (Can anyone tell advise?). However, you pompous twits!! A paperwork inspection doesn not give you the right to burst into someones home or office with all the manners of an FPI thug, or expect newtonsque reaction. I loved the scene on metro tv, where the expat wife was beating the cowering official who had tried to force his way into her house. Big mistake o pompous one.. the majority of expats don't cower in fear at the mere sight of a government official, particularly if your paperwork is in order!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


This quote raised chuckles at the Stump today

"With very few exceptions, press reporters (and Jakartass..the stump presumes... chuckle) commenting on global warming are either ignorant of the science matters involved, or wilfully determined to propagate warming hysteria because that fits their personal world view

National Climate Centre former head William Kininmonth said coverage of global warming had been hysterical and was getting worse

Once again one can't help but draw a direct line to other cults and religions of the world that rely on dogma and half truths to maintain any sense of purpose in the world. Like the dogma tied, emotional and irrational of all cults, the chanters and malcontents get more hysterical and violent as each advance of science pushes them further into the dark cracks inhabited by pseudo-science and scary stories for little children.

The quotes were taken from the "Australian" newpaper and like the authors, the Stump is not saying there is not a problem but the chicken little approach problem needs some balance. Full article below for your enjoyment or outrage as desired.

"EUROPE is shivering through an extreme cold snap. One of the coldest winters in the US in more than 100 years is toppling meteorological records by the dozen, and the Arctic ice is expanding. Even Australia has been experiencing unseasonable snow.

But the stories about global warming have not stopped, not for a second.

In May last year, The Sydney Morning Herald breathlessly reported that climate change had reduced the Southern Ocean's ability to soak up carbon dioxide, claiming that as a result global warming would accelerate even faster than previously thought.

The story was picked up and repeated in a number of different journals around the region.

But this week the CSIRO suggested the exact opposite. "The new study suggests that Southern Ocean currents, and therefore the Southern Ocean's ability to soak up carbon dioxide, have not changed in recent decades," it said. This time the story got no coverage in the SMH, and was run on the ABC's website as evidence the Southern Ocean was adapting to climate change.

CSIRO oceanographer Stuart Rintoul, a co-author of the study, said it did not disprove global warming and he did not believe its lack of an alarmist tone was responsible for the poor coverage.

But the story is being pointed out as an example of media bias on global warming. Critics argue that the ABC and the Fairfax media are the worst offenders.

ABC board member Keith Windschuttle said yesterday the national broadcaster was in breach of its charter to provide a diversity of views. "The ABC and the Fairfax press rarely provide an opportunity for global warming sceptics to put their view," Mr Windschuttle said. "The science is not settled.

"We are seeing an increasing number of people with impeccable scientific backgrounds questioning part or whole of the story. I don't believe the ABC has been reflecting the genuine diversity of the debate. Under its own act, the ABC is required to produce a diversity of views."

Bob Carter of James Cook University, one of the world's best-known climate change sceptics, said there was no doubt Windschuttle was correct.

"With very few exceptions, press reporters commenting on global warming are either ignorant of the science matters involved, or wilfully determined to propagate warming hysteria because that fits their personal world view, or are under editorial direction to focus the story around the alarmist headline grab -- and often all three," Professor Carter said.

National Climate Centre former head William Kininmonth said coverage of global warming had been hysterical and was getting worse, with a large public relations effort inundating the media with information from the alarmist side."

Monday, December 01, 2008


One thing about the Rabid Greens, it certainly is a cult to rival the very worst of the zealot religions of the world sans terrorist..Oops Forgot Peta and the veggy brained.

Like all religions, the rabid greens have to be dragged kicking screaming to face reality as facts pile up like so many plastic bags in a Jakarta river. They cling to and shout out the same old hoary chestnuts, flinging insults and abuse about the place like a mad women’s shit.

Let’s deal with some of the most recent flingings:

Flung Shit 1: - Oil will be $200 a barrel by Christmas 2008 and will never fall below $200 again

Truth: Oil is currently $53 a barrel, a dropping daily. Over Supply (!) by mid 2009 will see the price below $45

Flung Shit 2: - Climate Change will see the oceans around Indonesia rise by over 1m within 10 Years.

Truth: - The 10 year statement was first mooted 5 years ago, which means the oceans around Indonesia need to rise in the next five years by ..wait for it..1metre

Flung Shit 3: - The electric car was killed by big oil, GM and …(oh Insert your favourite demon)

Truth: - Electric cars are expensive, limited in range, unreliable and most importantly…LIKE ALL BAGS OF CRAP, IT DON’T SELL!

Flung Shit 4:- Co2 is responsible for raising the earth temperature and we are all gunna die.

Truth:- At best unproven, unfortunately for the rabids, there has been no recorded increase in world temperature since 1998 (1996 according to other studies) in fact some scientists are concerned we may be entering another long term cooling period.

Flung Shit 5: - The Polar Bears are dying

Truth:- There are currently more Polar Bears than any time in the last fifty years (see what happens when you stop shooting the buggers and thats got SFA to do with how hot it is)

Trouble with all this as it is a distraction from the main game and fixing the things that could really make a difference.

Ask yourself which provides better value
1. The self important Climate Change conference in Bali earlier this year and 93 plus government toadies and hangers on travelling to Poland this month for another Climate Change Talk Fest


2. Spending the time, effort and money on cleaning the disgusting disease ridden cess pools that are marked as rivers in the Nations Capital.

3. How about some clean water for the average Indonesian Family to drink and bathe in?

4. A viable public transport system?

The Stump’s old lefty green sparring partner Jakartass has it the bag though and to the Stump’s mind encapsulates the moldy thinking of the rabid left (backwoods indeed)

Shared transport, be it by a car pool scheme or company bus, rather than being an isolating cocoon as in individual travel mode, could well boost courtesy and communal ties. For example, there's a commuter train from Serpong, some 40 kms outside Jakarta, offering mini-classes and home cooked packed lunches. Such relief from the stress of road rage should surely boost productivity and creativity.

Ok besides the fact only a person seeing cute bunnies in the clouds would equate the local rail system with productivity and creativity. We have all seen how well the car pool scheme works in Jakarta, there is something very wrong with young girls, women with babies and children exposed to the very worst that Jakarta has to offer whilst offering their services (?) as jockeys to the government mandated “three in one” car pool scheme.

You can bet any rabid green plan would be “mandated” because like all zealots, the green mullahs find dissent and free choice rise hives on their very mouldy souls.

Of course, we could take the train for some mini classes and cooked packed lunches. One could only hope:

1. You happen to live in the less than 1% of the country that is served by a rail system
2. The Mini Classes include first aid and triage as a companion to the world class safety record of the current rail system
3. Cut lunches include water of slightly better class than is currently available to 99% of the Indonesian people.

This rabid green fixation on climate change is nothing more than sanctimonious and pretentious masturbation, mildly enjoyable for the individual but of no benefit to society as a whole.

How about we skip the toss and concentrate on things that will really make a difference to the people..for instance…

Fresh Water
Pollution Control
A Viable and safe transport system

Next post some practical examples as opposed to cut lunches and mini classes

Hey but the STUMP does owe the rabids a vote of thanks..the $200 barrel of oil scare and the tweenies push for crapola cars that could not get your grandmother to bowls and back at over 30kph has meant I will save thousands on THIS..


If you want to try something away from the crowds, no plastic bags or human waste in the water you could do worse than Western Australia. These pictures were taken in Oct about three hours South of Perth (Ibu Kota).