Sunday, September 30, 2007




Back the bottom of the Harbour for these blokes!!

Meanwhile..some roundball induced numbdom has been played between ...who cares! (see the "girls are us blog" for netball and soccer scores)

Friday, September 28, 2007

More Knuckleheads

Yet another bunch of do-gooders, who have lost their way..

I hope they don't succeed, I did hear a plan the execution was to take place in Bali. I am sure they could find plenty of offers of help to pull the trigger (Hey SB, call me, it might take a few shots tho..with a bit of luck)

AMNESTY International is calling on Australians and others to write to Indonesian authorities urging them to halt plans to execute three Bali bombers.

The three Islamic militants - Imam Samudra, Ali Ghufron (alias Mukhlas) and the so-called smiling assassin Amrozi bin Nurhasyim - could face the firing squad soon after Indonesia's Supreme Court rejected their final appeals.

The three played key roles in the 2002 terrorist attacks on the resort island of Bali, which killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

Amnesty International Australia anti-death penalty coordinator Tim Goodwin said the human rights group was stepping up efforts to lobby Indonesian authorities to put a stay on the executions.

“Amnesty is completely and universally opposed to the death penalty in any case,” Mr Goodwin said"

Mr Goodwin, here's a letter from one Australian..PISS OFF


Chuckle.. I do love a Free Press unlike the sad version that exists here in Indonesia, where are plundering despots awarded millions in joke court decisions.

Talking of jokes, the local blog swamp has developed into a bare knuckle, knock down blue as the self appointed guardians of the Indonesian Blog Swamp decide what and who should blog and what should or should not be said..There is no idiot like a self important idiot

We have Jakartass declaring himself a balanced act.. tee hee.. Left Wing, Green and alternative views need not apply but you know what you are going to get and well written.

Tree..Who seems to think Blogs should be a sort of Adrian Mole's Diary only, with a yearly "spit" at expats/west/bush and/or howard. Never the less worth a read if only to confuse yourself. Needs to get over his yearly spit, or have a bex and a lie down.

UNSPUN and Maverick or unspun maverick (whatever) seem to have decided that expat blogs are insignificant (true but who cares)but again interesting reading most of the time.

Jakchat..Who exist to annoy to Tree and talk about tacky sexual habits of unattractive men. (Actually its like visiting a down market pub outside the market gardens, takcy but everyone should visit at least once to see what happens if you drink too much all your life)

Ok (not sure if these guys are involved in the fight yet but what the hell)

Indo Matters...An Essentially Anti Muslim, pro christian site dressed up as a newsy type service (Although the Nuttier Muslims only have themselves to blame with their bizarre behaviour making negative reporting like shooting fish in barrel). Seriously why doesn't the main stream press make fun of these throw backs (Nutty Muslims aka FPI not Indo Matters). Do visit and do keep an eye out for a bloke named Ross, the last of the "reds under the bed" neo cons (NEOCONS ..what cool bullshit word)

Indo Coup..Demands high standards of others but he himself is a self admitted toiler in the grey Zone. Great chick pics tho.

I think the blue all started because someone was not invited to a Party (I am having an Australian Rules Grand Final Party as well tomorrow and none of you soccer sockheads are invited to that either as a matter of principle).

It didn't take long to get nasty..Expats are only here for the money and they critise too much and should go home or be reported to the immigration office for being nasty. Jakchat's website is repulsive and talks cheap sex or whatever and they should be nice coz they are guests..Indonesians are too thinned skinned and/or trying to make a cheap buck, excluding the expats ..blah blah..

Gee rocket science..Expats are here for the money..gee no kidding..who's faults that? Indonesia is where on the world curruption index? A report that 40% of students cannot pass the most basic exam..leads to more money in regional schools..nope we weight the scoring factor so everyone passes..

Indonesians are thinned bet but if you have not noticed that any act that causing a loss of face will result in anger and hurt then you really have not noticed much at all. Quick betcha its a national and presidential approved pass time. No use getting pissed at the expats, as someone said in the big picture they are insignificant, they are not the cause or the solution to the problems in Indonesia.

Finally, who cares if JAKCHAT or other expat blogs are tacky and tawdry, you want nasty and evil try the peanut from Solo (Gee why is that no surprise). If you think expats down the Blok is evil. Go for a visit at the Indonesian sponsored Surabaya Dolly street,,(bugger me they keep the poor buggers in Aquariums)

Anyway, if I haven't slashed any one side enough let me know and I will balance it out..if you have been unfairly maligned ..stiff

Ok thats enough fun..not too serious guys..relax ..but whatever you do, don't promote that fat useless WW as a champion free speech..shiiittt.


P.S. Most of the links you need are on the side of the page..this ain't serious enough for me to link in the post.

If this doesn't get youse blokes arced up then

tomorrow I think I will post on:

Indonesia - the last of the Colonial Powers

Javanese economic refugees to the provinces (are they expats?)

TNI or the Dutch (A history of deaths in comparision)

Bugger it..maybe something serious..

GOD must have left the planet how else to explain that the Mighty Kangaroos are not in the grand final tomorrow....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


What is going on with the Green NGO's in Indonesia? Unspun is still awaiting a response from a discredited NGO after a rather aptly titled post "WALHI slutting around with Islamic groups?".

As UNSPUN states it's all to do with credibility and it would appear that Greenomics has fallen into the same sad peat pit.

The latest in "green" environmental groups happily discrediting themselves is the NGO Greenomics. Greenomics Executive Director, Elfian Effendi was reported yesterday (Jakarta Post, extract of article at end of this post) as demanding an apology from the Aceh BBR chief Kuntoro for criticising the implementation of Sharia Law in the province.

Now thought I, that's unusual! Greenomics is an environmental group, who solicited donations and support on that basis. So I looked a bit further into the information I had at hand, but couldn't find any extra bits that said "and ardent supporters of Sharia Law". Mmmm A misrepresentation of the truth..or even..........?

Now a quick look at the Greenomics website was in order, lo and behold there is a "mission statement" of sorts and quite a noble one at that:

"Greenomics Indonesia is a policy development institute that is devoted to introducing innovative empirical and field-based economic, financial and policy approaches for the purpose of supporting a move towards good natural resources governance"

Checking ..checking...nope nothing about Sharia Law yet..oh well maybe I have just missed it in the fine print?

Now I don't think that a random supporter of Greenomics and "good natural resources governance" would automatically assume she/he has just become supporter of Sharia Law. It is more than presumptuous for good ol Elfian to speak out like that from his position as the Greenomics executive director. Of course, as a director of anything, your personal views are your own. However, in the spirit of transparency and responsibility so often demanded by various NGO's perhaps a little professionalism would go a long way.

This hi-jacking of an environmental platform into a religious one is a real shame and seemingly increasingly common. "Greenomics" appear to be doing some good and much needed work but you can bet (actually you can't "bet" if you are reading this in a Sharia Law province or you will get a whipping!) this will cost them. It also raises the question of funding. It would be interesting to see how they are funded as (I can't seem to find much on their website).

So until Greenomics clarifies their position its only fair to ask:

Are Greenomics supporters of this?

or this???...

By the way, BBR Chief was right (for once) of course foreign investors and visitors are wary of Sharia Law, by its very nature, it is ill-defined, randomly applied and brutal.


BRR sharia comment slammed
National News - September 24, 2007

Ridwan Max Sijabat, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

An Aceh-linked organization that advocates for environmental issues demanded that the Aceh-Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR) apologize for implicitly blaming the slow reconstruction work on sharia in Aceh province.

Greenomics Indonesia was responding to the statement of BRR chief Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, who on a visit to The Jakarta Post on Thursday said that the implementation of sharia had "hindered" the development programs in the province, which enjoys special autonomy.

"Kuntoro's statement on sharia is intolerable and has offended Acehnese people's religious beliefs. He must withdraw it and make an apology to the Acehnese," Greenomics executive director Elfian Effendi told the Post over the weekend.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

As Time Goes Bye

Just stopping by for a breather, but not really into posting yet just thought I would pop in and see if I missed much in the world's most dysfunctional democracy (?!).

I see its been a fairly interesting TIME here, while I have been away. We all knew things were not going so well, but Indonesia really has come the full circle since the heady hopes brought about by the student led Indonesian 1998 Revolution. A revolution of hope, which pushed the autocratic President Suharto of Indonesia kicking and screaming from power (but not for long, it seems).

After some fits, starts and farts, aspirations were high when the current president took power with the vast support of the the people. Finally, here was a man who had the moral mandate and the peoples support to clean out the corrupt, the evil and the insane who seem to make up the vast majority of the political and the elite of Indonesia. Unfortunately, like so many things in Indonesia it was only surface gloss and the opportunity has slipped away along with the chances of better life for the average Indonesian.

As Time magazine (only read the previous link, if you have an extermely developed sense of the absurb) and the people of Jakarta have found out, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Still was good to see such revered (?) institutions as the Supreme Court willing to take a stand in the face overwhelming good sense, shame they are not so proactive in demanding justice for ..say the Mud Lovers in Surabuya . You really should get a copy of this piece of classic television soapie. The series is in Bahasa Indonesia but that should not stop you, bizzare transends language. A bigger shame is in the early days of Independence the Supreme Court really was a defender of Justice..where did all the good people go?

For a quick read on just how far the hopes of of 1998 have fallen try here.

Meanwhile close to our quaint little village, well away from the mainstream eight people died in recent floods. Our local religious nutters (RN's)...we grow our own here, its more organic and nothing warms the cockles of your heart more than seeing little kids clad head to toe in black, sorry I digrese. Our RN's declared the flood was God's Wrath as people were not observing Ramadam with due piety. Of course it had nothing to with the fact that a bunch of new developments have blocked off natural water runoffs or the majority of the streams are treated as waste disposal pits.

Speaking of things religious, I have never really got the hang of religion since our nice (but crazy) old Grandma,grabbed my little sister by the ear and held her in front of a picture of Jesus and yelled at her the tears in Jesus's eye's were becuase she was naughty (now even at that tender age, I could tell the tears probably had a lot more to do with the nails than us dropping a bottle of lemonade).

I can't help but think, if there was a GOD, he/she would be much more impressed if we cleansed things like THIS before we decided to cleanse ourselves during this holy month of Ramadam. But as I said I just don't get it...or maybe I will come judgement day.

Have a good one..