Thursday, May 31, 2007


It didn't take long..Sigh..The "Rent a Thug" crowd are protesting along with the usual threats of mayhem outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. In a fine display of a civilisation at its zenith "hundreds of protesters mainly from youth groups, rallied outside the embassy in Jakarta. The protesters chanted: "Get out, get out, Australia"; "Burn it down, burn it down"; and "Go to hell, Australia."
Like a lot of Australians, sometimes I think its not a bad idea (the get out bit anyway, hardly seems any point some days)..

The thugs are predictable and dangerous (and very buffed for someone just off the streets), I wonder if there is any statesmen around to notice the link between reactions like the above and the headline on the same page, RI on the outs with tourists

Ben over at Indonesia Anon
(see comments) took me to task somewhat and said the action was counter-productive and in essence not real smart.

Not sure what Indonesia A really expected Australia to do..Unlike a lot of places, in Oz raising a summons against anyone is a fairly simple process and government intervention would be political suicide. Secondly, A Summons is NOT an arrest warrant but a direction to attend formal proceedings (although failure to obey a summons can lead to an arrest warrant in certain circumstances).

A statesman of any standing would have understood the domestic political and legal situation in the country he/she was visiting and acted accordingly.
1. Pass the summons to his lawyers and get on with what he was trying to achieve or;

2. If the case is as dead, buried and complete (black pun Google search Balibo Five "completed") as Indonesia insists then comply with the summons and answer the questions in the spirit of inter-country relations o

3. The last option (which does not apply to statesmen) is rush off home in a hissy fit, watch the "rent a thugs" protest your "impolite" treatment despite the dangers they pose to life and limb.

Of course, Option three merely confirms the contempt for due process and well being of others and..........

Meanwhile Sooty, the person at the centre of the current storm and Jakarta Mayor is still fuming. Sooty prefers the title Governor, but the reality is he's a Mayor in charge of the three Rs rates, roads and rubbish. None which are great points of achievement after a gazillion years in office).

Sooty has now stated that unless Australia apologised he would cease cooperation with Australia (big call for a council Mayor). Now that's counter-productive, what Sooty fails to realise is the moment he said that, a number of Australian Tax Payer's breathed a sigh of relief.

The vast majority of Australian's view Indonesia with a high degree of suspicion as do Indonesians Australia. It should be the aim of statesmen to understand the two cultures and build the relationships, not endanger all with childish hissy fits. But such creatures are few and far between.

Now a conspiracy theorist would wonder, how the hell did John Howard get Sooty to go along with his plan, to ramp up "the evil Indonesians are just waiting to get us" election ploy. John Howard has made a career out of raising the unease and security factor just prior to elections (In full knowledge the ALP, is renown as a bunch of security wimps). I would not be surprised if little John doesn't flash Sooty a get well card.

Anyway Sooty, thanks from the stump for drawing attention to the unresolved issues of 35 years ago..funny how bad rots ya bones and the smell never goes away..

Oh the report widespread in Indonesia that the summons was delivered by police using a duplicate key to get into his plainly nonsense. Summons serving is such a routine procedure even the newest rookie understands the procedure. Mind you it would have been far more interesting to serve it during an official function, much more dramatic and newsworthy.

As for the picture.....There are brave men and then there is the Mob! One of the deceased (completed?)Balibo Five..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here Sooty Sooty ..

Like all of us I am very proud of my nation of birth but sometimes she really gives you reason to be really really proud:

Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso cut short his trip Tuesday after "discourteous" Australian officials served him with a summons.

In what the Indonesian side is likening to "illegal entry", officials from the New South Wales coroner's office reportedly barged into the governor's room at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney without permission, thrusting a summons toward Sutiyoso to testify at an inquiry into the 1975 deaths of Australian journalists in East Timor.

"They entered the room using a duplicate key accompanied by a hotel employee," Foreign Ministry spokesman Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday night about the incident, which occurred at around 4:15 p.m. local time.

Check out the front page of the today's Jakarta Post and/or here for full details..Absolutely beautiful.

Must be hard for someone like Sutiyoso to accept that outside of his own little worl of grovellers and arse lickers he is nobody special just another dodgy suspect!

Now of course, Sutiyoso obeyed the laws of the land he was in and answered the summons (after all isn't that what the treaty with Singapore is all about). Actually, no he didn't..He ran all the way home, bleating and whinging about naughty, disrespectful ozzies...Tsk BLOODY tsk. Don't hurry back, you won't be missed! Still its nice to know if I am ever summoned to court in Indonesia, the correct course of action is to run.

Lastest information is Poor little sooty is demanding an apology, well on behalf of us have two chances........ Buckleys and Nunn. (I was going to use a picture with a nice polite hand gesture but nagh way too subtle).

The inquest is to do with the MURDER of five journalists in East Timor. There are thousands of pages on the actual murder both in print and on the web. I encourage you to view them all. Type Balibo Five in Google search and prepared to be disgusted.

Strange how things work though, my last post was on the dishonest, morally bankrupt Australian Labour Party. The ALP and its icon on inept Gough Whitlam is still trying to wash the blood of the Balibo five from their hands (not mention the blood of thousands of East Timorese.

Ooops late update: Sooty back in Jakarta and full of his won self importance has demanded a full and formal apology from the Australian Government or "If not, is there any point continuing the relationship between the two countries?"

You would find more than a few Australians agree with you Sooty but not for the same reasons. I concur an apology is due from the OZ Police but that is to the Australian public on why they didn't lock up a person plainly fleeing a legal summons.

In closing, I would on behalf of the Australian Legal System, I would like to para-phrase a recent Australian Tourist Ad...


Please come back.......we're waiting

Monday, May 28, 2007

Australia Labour Party and CO2 again

Time for a quick foray into OZ politics again, we see from the picture that the Australian Labour (ho de ho) party is up to its usual standard, with dear dead beat Julia sitting down to enjoy a biscuit with Union Hacks and washed up pop singers. Yep any doubt about the economic direction under labour has now been answered in picture form (on the plus side my USD exchange rate should improve).

In a classic piece of political stupidity, Kevin Rudd (Labour Party Leader)who has been castigating the current government for months over the use of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWA's sort of a personal contract between employee and employer) was woken up by this on the weekend....(ho ho ho..sorry it hurts so much laughing)

"LABOR leader Kevin Rudd faces a new assault over workplace flexibility in the wake of revelations his wife's company employs all her 800 staff under individual contracts and profited from finding jobs for workers to be employed under AWAs"

"Although Mr Rudd has stressed that his wife's company never employed staff under Australian Workplace Agreements, it was revealed yesterday that the company had matched vacancies with jobseekers who were in some cases offered jobs under AWAs, which the Opposition Leader would ban if he is elected prime minister.

Ms Rein confirmed an overseas arm of her company was seeking to recruit German engineers to fill vacant mining jobs in Australia using the controversial 457 visas that Labor has targeted as exploitative in some instances."

See todays Australian Newspaper if you want more details on stupid.

Still on stupids, I had the misfortune to be caught with a lack of reading material on a trip this month and had to resort to that latte sipping supplement Jakarta Kini. If ever there was a magazine dedicated the idle wasteful this is it. In a idle wasteful moment, I confess a quick perusal, only to burst out laughing at one of their regular contributors. His name is John Q something or other. Fair Dinkum, you have to wonder on what planet some of these people live.

Poor JQ, starts with lead in "Climate Change" (soon as you see that title, you know its going be an interesting, factual article) and rapidly runs through the usual boring wank. US and Australia bad because they did not sign the K protocol and Australian ..heaven forbid has the highest per capitia CO2 emissions (of course the fact, that even if Australia stopped producing every single atom of CO2 tomorrow, it would reduce the world output by....wait for it....less that 1%) then manages to fit John Howard as a ultra right wing Prime Minister (oh please) and some how combines the ozone layer as a desert topping for the article.

If you want a great example of woolly green thinking, do grab a copy of Jakarta Kini this month (p.s no good for Kitty litter, too shiny).

Meanwhile, do let me know when someone wants to get serious about this global warming thing, rather than using for a bat to belt the West. It will mean of course, that any new treaty will need to include the worlds great polluters, China, Indonesia, India rather than a wealth transfer mechanism for those to greedy too stop defecating in their own backyards.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

UN - Funny name for a whore

“Pissing into the sea” is one of those colourful phrases usually reserved for an endeavour that is a complete waste of time or fruitless. Certainly a phrase that could be used for any reform process in that monstrous waste of taxpayer money and time commonly known as the United Nations.

Of course, you will hear the morons of the world parroting “oh it was not sanctioned by the UN or the international community thinks” What reasonable person gives a bucket of dingo droppings for what the UN thinks?

Let’s review the status of the of the filthy old whore at the moment.

The old UN Commission on Human Rights was dismantled in June last year in a flurry of much demanded reforms (and after acknowledging the UNCHR was an obscene travesty.

The replacement the UN Human Rights Council, sounds good so far with such leading luminaries of Human Rights such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, Angola, Azerbaijan… (Are you puking yet?)

Perhaps that’s not fair, I mean they have already made nine resolutions criticising human rights abuses, so they are obviously on the job.

The resolutions, The slaughter of African Muslims in Dafur (Remind anyone of a book ..some are more equal than others?)…nope … Harassment of opposition parties in Zimbabwe..nope… China…Nope…Russia…nope or dare I say even Indonesia’s somewhat patchy record…nope. How about a resolution on Saudi Arabia were women are banned from even driving a car!...nope

All nine resolutions are directed at Israel, including one accusing Israel of transgressing women’s rights…Now I am no great fan of Israel but give me a break…what a bunch on International Wankers!

Some other pearlers

UN Committee on Information: China and Kazakhstan

The UN Commission on Sustainable Development: Chairman Zimbabwe

World Food Program executive board: Sudan and Zimbabwe

UN’s Disarmament Commission: Iran was just elected as vice-chairman,

The UN International Labour Organisation Governing Body (the one lots of union officials and the left wing loons like to appeal to): wait for it … Saudi Arabia (Ask any returning Indonesian Worker how well they are treated in SA).

Perhaps insensitive to mention another country who is on the Human Rights Council but has yet to solved the murder of a HR activist on its national carrier, or bring anyone to account for over a 1000 deaths in 1998 (although it does seem to help your promotion opportunities?). Anyway that would be insensitive so I won’t mention that.

It’s all a joke and not a very nice one. It is well past time that the more rational nations of the world dumped the UN, this dodgy old street whore, with nary a moral fibre left in her stinking, pus ridden body.

Ignore the catcalls and whines of the world slime pits and create a new organisation that actually stands for something. First rule of entry, if you ain’t democracy don’t bother knocking. If you cannot guarantee your own citizens safety and basic human rights…ditto.

As for the rest of you, hey none asked you to join, fill ya boots on someone else’s dollar.

Acknowledgement: A lot of the idea for this and even some direct pinches are from a bloke by the name of James Allan (Professor of Law). Thanks James

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Al...AL Where are you????????????..You promised the ICE WAS MELTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As promised, more from the National Office of Shallow Thought (also known as Indonesian Nuclear Technology Supervisory Agency)

Now just because I do not support the wholesale alarmist calls of the more radical Green groups does not mean (as some have suggested) that we at the stump are blind to moronic plans to turn us all into glowing mutants.

With Indonesian’s Nuclear Power proposal even Blind Freddy could see that a Nuclear Power Plant/Industry in Indonesia would be an unmitigated economic and environmental disaster! Fortunately, us ANTI – NUKES have secret ally in fighting such a proposal, none other than the Nuclear Technology Supervisory Agency itself. Even the dullest moss rock upon reading the tripe that issues forth from this tomb of creative thought would be left in any doubt that Indonesia is not ready for a Nuclear Industry.

Risk Management is a fairly basic industry requirement (any industry) requiring a risk management study to be performed before any project is begun. This requires an honest and open assessment of any and all risks in the project that may be encountered. Fortunately, our very own agency has come up with these RISK MANAGEMENT “Howlers” to keep us all amused.

"All forms of technology involve certain risks, but since the early development of our reactors we have surveyed all probabilities”.
All probabilities???? Very godlike, most professional risk management strategies at least have the humility to allow for the unforeseen in some fashion but not these guys! Direct line to the Gods apparently.

"Regulations oblige us to choose power plant technology that has been proven safe, rather than new, untested technology,"
One assume these are similar to the regulations and regulated in the same manner that ensure our “SAFE” air travel, sea travel and train travel.

“Many Asian countries frequently affected by earthquakes such as Japan and Korea had long been developing their own nuclear power plants. Japan has built more than 50 power plants and South Korea has built more than 20 power plants. Japan is often hit by earthquakes but has avoided nuclear accidents. Why are we so worried about risks we are able to anticipate?"

Honest assessments of the risk remember? Is our Agency of Stupid suggesting that Indonesia is on technological par with South Korea and Japan? Sheesh.. There comes a time that even self delusion needs medication before we do serious harm! Seriously, we have not even been able to dig a flood mitigation channel in our capital city in 60 years or maintain a sidewalk fit for pedestrians, on what planet do we think we could maintain a Nuclear Power Plant?

What kind of self serving, dodgy risk management study has been done if you cannot even acknowledge that countries like Japan and South Korea just might just have a technological edge on Indonesia.

Ok maybe I am a cynic, but with a radio-active fallout having a half life of hundreds if not thousands of years, surely we are entitled ask…”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?”

Of course, it would naïve to think this about bettering the lives of the general populace. Everyone knows that Nuclear Power Plants are hideously expensive and there would be MEGA BUCKS to be made. You can just see Ma Baker (ie) and the boys waiting for honey pot(pun intended) to be opened.
For those who do think I am being overly cynical perhaps you could point me to something/anything that would put our hearts at rest that we could trust these guys not to make us glow green in the night!

As a side issue, I have never understood the concept of why Nuke Power in Indonesia (or Iran for that matter). Millions of tonnes of free coal, free gas and free oil in the ground but Indonesia just sells it off and seeks in import hideously expensive glow in the dark technology. Less to do with a realistic approach to a problem and more to do with macho erections and mega bucks perhaps.

I don’t claim to a economist, but surely one way out of the power crisis (without glowing green) would be to build into future coal, oil contracts a requirement to build and supply fuel for public access power stations, the cost of which could be offset against normally paid taxes and royalties. This would mean there would be fewer opportunities for the parasites of this country to sneak their fingers into the honey jar, so it won’t happen anytime soon, don’t hold your breath waiting ok.

Anyway for those who would like to read the silliest statement made in support of Nuclear Energy, check out May 9th edition of the Jakarta Post. Once again where are our reporters to challenge such blatant “Dilbert” statements? Seriously guys/girls there is more to reporting than spewing out mindless press releases on behalf of some self serving public servant (Ok its a risk using that term here).

1. I am actually a supporter of Nuclear Energy, but why I would trust the blokes talking and speaking so far to organize a hooker in a knock shop
2. Sorry about the picture, I was looking for mutants and found “Communist Mutants From Outer Space”..Gotta love the title anyway

Monday, May 14, 2007

From Breadbasket to basketcase

After having seen their work up close, I am not a big fan of the United Nations . With some very notable personal exceptions, at best the UN could reasonably be called inept, corrupt and nothing more than a talkfest (and I do excise WHO from this assessment, which has done some remarkable things for humanity over the years).

However the UN does provide grim amusement (?) from time to time. The latest in grim insanity is ZIMBABWE has been elected to head a key UN environmental commission. Despite ruining its economy and being under sanctions for human rights abuses, Zimbabwe was elected by a 26-21 vote and will replace Qatar as the head of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.

Sustainable development???????? An inflation rate of 2200% unable to meet more than 50% of its food needs for the coming year and an 80% poverty rate from a country than was once renown as Africa's bread basket. What the hell is going on in the UN, I can only assume WHO is trialing new drugs within the UN.

Sheesh next thing you know.. they will be appointing countries who cannot guarantee human rights activists will not be murdered on their National Carrier to the human rights commission.

The more it goes on the more, the more stump thinks perhaps its time for a new Organisation with entry requirements based more on actions rather than political correctness. For those that don't like it .., those who cannot get entry, those who suddenly find the money trough has dried up, ...stiff..get your act together or complain to the UN, the stump is sure they will write a very mean letter to someone.

Later in the week, the stump will keep with the insanity theme and discuss the latest howlers from temple of stupid, the Indonesian Nuclear Support Agency (ok..I forget the actual name about "the office of shallow thought"). However as taste, check this out for a quote gushing from the office of shallow thought in support of a Indonesian Nuclear Power Industry.

“Many Asian countries frequently affected by earthquakes such as Japan and Korea had long been developing their own nuclear power plants. "

Gee there is so much wrong with that sentence its scary! Perhaps we should also compare Japan and Korea's air, rail and sea transport industry as well just to see how far we need to go before we start playing with things that kill people for thousands of years. Still more later..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Howard and the Loony Left

Wow..they are everywhere! Must be the rutting season!

Back in oz, the last few months all the talk has been about the upcoming election and how Prime Minister'sward's Government will fall. Naturally, the very thought of John Howard being defeated has the loony left in an absolute orgasmic lather of anticipation.

As usual however, Howard sat back and waited for the Opposition Party (Australian Labour Party..a misnomer if ever there was..perhaps Australian Public Trough Party would be better) to self destruct.

Lo and behold, Julia Gillard, the Opposition's workplace relations spokeswoman (who's main claim to fame seems to have never had a job that was not funded by other workers), warned business it could be "injured" if it chose to become a propagandist for John Howard on industrial relations.

Gotta love that election strategy, threaten and black mail business in the run up to an election..but wait there's more..

Ms Gillard said that during an election year, the political contest was a "pretty hard, fast place to be".
"It's a contact sport, if you like, with a lot of injury," she said. "I don't think it's a wise place for Australian business to be out on the field in the fray getting those injuries on the way through."

You can read the rest of the article in today's paper

Julia, our little public funded, protected koala bear you are about to find out just how rough the fray can get! Could you be more stupid telling the nation's industry and wealth generators, they should have no interest or say in an election year.. Who should be free to have the only opinion? Little leftist dreamers, knocking back lattes at the public funded university, perhaps the worn out, "public" broadcaster hacks or maybe a aged, compromised pop singer? ....

For those that hate John Howard, get ready for a few more years.. Don't blame us voters, blame the loons who provide no choice!

Julia and the rest of the loony left, this is for you from the real world, where people have to have access to jobs and work for a living.