Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What’s going on? It was the end of Capitalism! Free Market System has collapsed! The Left Wing Socialists rose yet again to call upon us evil believers in free choice and Capitalism to repent or face ever-lasting depair...and then..

AUSTRALIA'S economic downturn will not be as severe as some had expected, nor will it be one of the worst in the post-war period, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens said today.

Although it isn’t really hard to predict movements in the Australian Dollar…whenever the stump has to transfer cash you can bet the market will screw the stump down a few points.

In fact, just for a giggle did anyone else see the report where some egg head, somewhere reported we are in for two decades of unprecented sunspot activity. Which will result in abnormal cooling of the atmosphere?
Cooling??? Mmmm, Don’t know how accurate that is but sure would leave some people looking pretty silly ..and shivering..

Saturday, July 25, 2009




The Stump is a big believer in the Free Market System (it’s not perfect but sheds better than anything else so far) but is not so naive to believe that big companies are not inherently bastards and ethically only as good as the people you hire to run them.

One thing that really gets on the Stumps goat, is when companies put their hands out for government (read taxpayer) assistance then turn around and screw the taxpayer but off-shoring jobs. Listen, you bastards you lost that right to off shore jobs the moment you stuck your greedy little noses in the Tax payer trough.

The latest piece company from Bastards Inc, is WESTPAC Bank. Westpac after shafting the consumer for years with Ned Kelly fees and charges in a government protected market (not to mention an unlimited government guarantee on deposits) has the nerve to outsource Australian jobs to India in an act of sheer greed.

A government with balls would withdraw the deposit guarantee, call the big four banks onto the carpet and advise “here’s the deal, you want government special treatment, youse blokes start playing the game or as of next week it’s a deregulated market, to any overseas bank who want to play by the rules.

As I said a government with balls.....not Tinker bell KRudd and his team of loony tunes.


Word for the day... EMBOURGEOISEMENT

An interesting article from Greg Sheridan today with some very interesting takes on Indonesia:

"A successful Indonesia will pose its own problems for us (AUSTRALIA), which most Australians cannot conceive of now. Some forecasts put Indonesia among the world's six biggest economies by 2050. At the moment Indonesia's per capita gross domestic product, measured in real dollars, is $US2030 ($2490). Using the more popular, though inherently fraudulent, purchasing power parity measure, it is $US4071...

In a nation of 240 million people, that's an awful lot of dollars. While Australia was understandably obsessing about the terrorist threat in Indonesia, the nation was quietly passing from a low to a middle-income nation………………

The one weak spot in Indonesia's economic story has been foreign direct investment. About $US2 billion in FDI went into Indonesia last year. This is a piddling amount. If SBY could liberalise investment rules, create greater legal certainty for foreign investors, reform specific sectors such as mining, improve infrastructure and maintain his overall sound macro-economic management, he could unleash a great deal of foreign investment. This in turn could lift Indonesia into truly Chinese and Indian levels of sustained high growth....

If he (SBY) reinvigorates economic growth there will be a big process of embourgeoisement across large parts of Indonesia. I'm tempted for a moment to say forget China or the Middle East: in terms of Australia's interests, this will be the most important dynamic at play anywhere in the world....

If anyone a dozen years ago had imagined this was the Indonesia we would have today, he would have been suspected of hallucinating on happy pills. The terrorists want to destroy Indonesian success. So far, thank God, they're not succeeding."

From the Stump:....Of course, Greg is a bit more optimistic than the Stump but then again he is probably several degrees smarter. The funny thing is once Indonesia moves into the middle nation business Australia and Australians are going to have to learn to come to grips with the dynamics that drive Indonesian Society and the Stump who has been around Indonesia for years still has about as much grasp on that as we do on the inner workings of NASA Space Shuttle…it's all shims and mirrors to us. In fact there is nothing more amusing than watching old expats explaining how they understand the workings of Indonesia.

Conversely, Indonesia and Indonesians are going to need to make some real hard decisions on the world of real politic if they want to be taken seriously as a middle power in the region.

Interesting times indeed and what kind of word is…..... embourgeoisement (He made that up..didn't he?)

Friday, July 24, 2009

STUMPS ARE LOW BROW (or they wouldn't be stumps)


Apparently the Stump has offended a reader with the Stump's habit of mmm...shall we say descriptive terminology when discussing things, people, organisations that annoy, repulse, sadden us. Intriguing because the said “annoyed” comments over at the RAB Experience rather than here which seems to be taking the non-confrontational approach a bit far in this instance.

Oh well, the Stump has never made any pretence at being politically correct and/or overly polite and mostly the blog is the Stumps opinion of the day (which may change tomorrow, so pay attention). Where actual facts are concerned, the Stump does try to be correct and will always correct a post if proven factually incorrect. A Stumpy opinion on the other hand is a constantly changing creature, fed on years of obnoxious right wing leanings with a healthy distain of authority or others who think they have the right to f*ck in other peoples lives.

However, in a very VERY pale imitation of the Stump’s writing heroes (Try PJ O’Rouke, The Melbourne Truth, Andrew Bolt) the stump reserves the right to call a worm a worm and spade a smelly, maggot ridden carcass.

Personally it is the Stumps “OPINION” that Indonesian Media is far too polite particularly when challenging obviously critically bizarre statements from public figures. Look at the repugnantly easy ride that the various conspiracy loons are getting in the aftermath of the bombing from some sections of the media. Don’t get it wrong, the Stump supports free speech even from loons but the media has an obligation to challenge these twits and make them look the fools they are. In fact, in a democracy the media has an obligation to be critical, questioning and hard arse, they are after all the front line of defence for the people. The Alternative is eventually opinion is not allowed and people are under threat for mere thoughts.

As for Politicians, the Stump comes from a background where all politicians are at best purely on this earth as media fodder and to be used as such, it’s the only way to keep the buggers honest. Unfortunately it would seem the culture of “born to rule” is too readily accepted by both the Politicians and the media in this country..(Seriously..Did anyone watch the Presidential Debates?) and how on Earth does one get away with saying “SWINE FLU cannot exist in Indonesia it’s too hot” without serious guffaws from the media.

MEANWHILE HAVE FUN IN THE LO BROW ...Nearly time for crack at the those other thought police, the climate change cultists.. You know the ones who turn a pretty colour purple when you say "Excuse me I have a question on this climate change thingy"?....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Is it the isolation or muddled brains from watching crows fly backwards to keep the sand out of their eyes? Western Australia seems incapable of producing anything like responsible government. Over the past twenty years, the rest of Australia has watched with befuddled amusement as one scandal after another took root in the land of beaches, babes and buffoons. Nothing was too much for our inbred cousins over at the Englishman’s Florida, graft, cronyism, chair sniffers we had them all.

Yet through all this a certain respect perhaps even envy existed until we saw the pinnacle result of inbred, factional politics which produced a Premier which has left the rest of Australia gobsmacked at his weak kneed, craven and pathetic response to the arrest of Rio executive Stephen Hu this week.

Check out this piece of dim sim speak from the former Western Australian Premier (or should be) Colin “YUM CHA” Barnett when addressing a business group in China:

“China is more important to Australia than Australian is to China. And as Australians and people working and representing Australian business, I just urge you to be very conscious of that.

“I do have a concern that the amount of attention that this issue is attracting could in some way damage the long-term relationship between Australia and China”

Kinda of old fashioned perhaps but the Stump would have expected something like

“ Perhaps China should actually charge this bloke with something, provide access to a lawyer and just for good measure what’s the chance of actually proving this isn’t just a primitive little “gotcha” from the sad little dictatorship who is miffed because Rio scuttled their plans to scam/own a significant portion of the Australian Resource Industry.”

BTW Australia doesn’t need China, nice to have but there’s always another buyer and always will be.

Here’s a free tip Barnett you boot (sandal) licker! How about standing up and representing Australians instead of groveling on your knees to a murderous regime of thugs and bullies. In short… “GROW A PAIR”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Muslims, Maoris, Pubs, Harolts, Goddesses

There is a pub that is crying out for my patronage and if for nothing else Mine Host sounds like a good bloke to have enjoy a shout or two.

Now most people would know to think twice about taking on a Maori...but to take on a Maori Woman!!! Are you bloody Insane?

Now I am not saying Muslims are stupid but Stupid should have its own religion instead of trying to sneak into the mainstream and embarrassing humanity.....read more here. Do stop and have a jar or two whilst you are there.

Meanwhile the ever delectable and “damn she’s hot” Risma (the chocolote goddess) is remarkably restrained talking about last week’s pigs offal here

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jakarta Bomb - Not Terrorists Just Scum

Lost a friend yesterday in the Jakarta bombings, not a close friend but never the less a friend and a mate. The kind of bloke who was always happy to see you, no matter who you were or what you did. He was always willing walk away from whoever he was talking to or stop whatever he was doing just to say hello,nice to see you.

Unfailingly polite, he always greeted and treated everyone the same, from the girl serving the dinner to the Director of the largest firms in Indonesia. Never would you see the arrogant flick of the fingers for more service because he thought he was more important than the next bloke. A gentleman by any yardstick.

We last spoke whilst watching both Indonesian and Expatriate kids playing Australian Rules Football and he was planning to come and spend a few days over in the Stump’s side of the country, I guess that won’t happen now and that is our loss.
He will be mourned by many and his loss will be felt by many more people who will never knew he was responsible for so many good things that happened in their lives.

I never knew his religious beliefs as it never mattered but for the Stump his death at the hands of pig-ignorant cowards who cloak themselves under a religious death cult that offers nothing but pain and suffering to all, is a blight on all those who profess to be believers. The BS that the Silent majority does not share some of the guilt just doesn't wash, these babi offal don't exist in a vacuum without support, passive or otherwise.

Unfortunately Cowards could not exist without the continuing “arabisation” of Indonesia culture and the Stump is the first to admit feelings of nothing but utter contempt for those pseudo arabs dressed in the lazy man's white sheet and the anorexic beards that are so prevalent in Indonesia today. Indonesia remains a paradox, making huge strides in personal freedoms and quality of life and yet Indonesians continue to tolerate such vile scum and their clerics in their society. For yes there were foreigners hurt yesterday but far more Indonesians died and the impact on so many more will be felt as investment and business confidence flees the nation. Do the cowards care??

Terrorists far too grand a name for the scum, people do not live in terror as a result of these things. They bring sadness and dismay but Indonesians have dealt with far greater tragedies. Better described lowlife, cowardly murderous scum who along with their supporters both passive and active offer nothing to humanity and deserve nothing but our collective contempt.