Monday, December 28, 2009


Well the grand meeting fully sponsored by the long suffering taxpayers of the world has ended in abject failure.

Copenhagen where assorted world leaders, dictators, NGO’s and any number of fringe loonies and tens of thousands of assorted “hangers on” literally burnt millions upon millions of dollars. In an oh so predictable and futile attempt to come to an agreement on what to do about climate change we witnessed waste on scale that boggles the mind.

Of course, what any self respecting voter in a democracy should be asking is what on earth were their elected representative s doing at meeting that started with despots like Mugabe the murderous tyrant of Zimbabwe and the socialist loon of Venezuela President Hugo Ch├ívez hectoring and lecturing various democracies on how they should behave in providing for their people? It would be funny in a Monty Pythonish way, if we weren’t funding these murderous loons and people dying because of it. Of course, they all had their hands out for free cash with no accountability. Does anyone really think that any money sent to Mugabe and his blood soaked henchmen would really reach any environmental program????

Closer to home, a young lass from Fiji delivered a heartfelt, stirring speech imploring world leaders do something so her children and her countries children have a future in 2050 and before her island is swamped under raising seas. Of course, no one has pointed out to the poor lass that since 1992 the average tidal rise in Fiji has been 5.3mm a year, much of which may well be attributed to uncontrolled removal of ground water and tectonic plate movement. Even if absolutely due to Climate Change, she is looking at about a 26 cm rise by the year 2050. The population is not going to be standing waste deep in water particularly on the main island (home to 70% of the population) where Mountains rise to over 1324m. Perhaps Fiji should send money to England where the highest mountain is 978m, seems much more at risk. Naturally, nothing was said about the future of Fiji’s children living under a military regime after an illegal coup.

Even closer to home, the nonsense took on gigantic proportions with the Mayor of Jakarta (and his assorted hangers on) declaring that Jakarta was a green city. A description that defies belief and left those trapped in environmental disaster called Jakarta choking even more than usual. Meanwhile the Indonesian President announced Carbon Reduction targets that were simply breath taking in their scope and time frames. We all awaiting with eager anticipation of the forest protection policies that will produce such result, to save us being cynical someone could point to just one government sponsored environmental program that has produced verifiable, and accountable results.

Now perhaps the nonsense is over, real people can get back to doing something for the environment.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well Merry and Stumpy Christmas to everyone. It’s been fun at the Stump watching the serious ones with the sad beards turning themselves inside out trying not say Merry Christmas as a return greeting. The Stump has so much fun with this one, really lets you play with their minds.
Fortunately, the Stump resides in a relatively stable and tolerant (for Indonesia) part of the world and Religious Hard Liners of all descriptions are kept fairly much under control. Trouble with the religious nutters they tend to ruin the feeling of Christmas if you let them.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Seems Indonesia is intent on continuing it's reign as a champion of incompetence and an international laughing stock in the field of public transportation and public safety.

"AN Indonesian court has overturned a pilot's criminal negligence conviction for crashing at Yogyakarta airport in March 2007, killing 21 people, including five Australians.
Komar said at his trial that faulty wing flaps were to blame for the jet's excessive airspeed as it came in to land."

"A report by an Indonesian safety committee, however, found that Komar had ignored 15 automatic warnings telling him he was coming in too fast".

That’s right not one, not two but 15 warnings. Anyone who has heard the alleged cockpit recordings and the voice of his co-pilot would be simply be stunned at the that fact this man has ever been allowed to see the light of day again, let alone had his verdict overturned.

In a mindboggling statement at the time of the first verdict, a Stephanus Gerrardus, chief of the Garuda Pilots' Association, said Komar's trial was "a mess" and it had set a dangerous precedent of criminalising pilots.

"Our main concern is this decision could actually disturb aviation safety," he said. (Idiot, The plane crashed after the pilot ignored 15 warning signals and people died, what does it take to disturb this complacency towards a professional’s responsibility to others?)

"Imagine how hard it would be for a pilot to perform his duty when he's burdened with something like this. (Something like what, actually getting the passengers safely to their destination?)

"It makes pilots doubtful, and could lead to mistakes. (After ignoring 15 WARNING SIGNALS and killing 21 people, one wonders how many more mistakes a pilot could fit into one flight?)

Not that anyone should really be surprised, the public safety and well being of others is not a issue in Indonesia and the lives of the great unwashed have no value. Despite a litany of ferry disasters, any regular traveler will tell you that these floating (sinking) accidents waiting to happen continue to sail with inadequate or more often non-existent safety equipment, over loaded and crews with little or no training.

The joke that is the public rail service suffers almost weekly derailments, level crossing deaths and major equipment failures and it is not unreasonable to suggest that in 60 years of independence that only thing Indonesia has done is to run an effective rail system built by the Dutch into a traveling death trap (interesting and sad to note there is now 50% less rail service than under Dutch rule).

Whilst within the inner city, the smog belching, rusted out, multi patched, filthy pieces boxes on wheels that are Indonesia’s excuse for a bus service are a daily reminder that those who can pay never have to worry about roadworthy or public safety inspections. It’s sometime ironic watching these death traps carry signs or protesters to anti-corruption rallies when the transportation industry is a living, belching example of money over public safety.

AND YET THE PROVEN IN THE BLOOD OF OTHERS, INEPT POWERS THAT BE STILL WANT TO BUILD A NUCLEAR POWER STATION IN INDONESIA...Where running a bus or ferry service is beyond the compentence of public officials to ensure the most basic safety standards are enforced. Insanity does not cover the concept well enough.


Friday, December 11, 2009


What a public official scam Copenhagan is turning out to be, although no surprise to anyone not taken in by pretty little pie charts presented by shallow, chubby idiots. Wouldn’t we all love to know the actual total cost of this pointless little gabfest?

Australia’s effort alone was 114 official trough feeders and you can bet there is any number of “unofficial “ sons, wives and lovers of the trough feeders who will find their way onto the public teat before the bills are paid.

One wonders what how much actual good could be done for the environment if the money wasted here (wanna bet there is no change out of 20 million dollars) was actually spent on ..mmm..say the salinity problems of the River Murray? Of course, that would mean no free for all on the public teat to arrive at an outcome that under any conditions will make NO DIFFERENCE to the environment.

A provisional list published in The Australian today contains the names and details of 114 Australian representatives, compared with just 71 for the United Kingdom.
Mr Rudd did not dispute the reported number, saying officials from the state and territory governments were part of Australia's delegation.

He claimed the Australian delegation was larger than the British contingent because the UK did not have state governments.No just ten times the population…truly a disgusting spin merchant) “We extend an invitation to (officials at the state level) and they come,” Mr Rudd told Fairfax Radio today.

But the provisional list contains details of only 14 representatives of state government, plus one delegate from the Australian Local Government Association. (Lair lair, pants on fire! This Prime Minister will go down as one the greatest lairs and shallow spin merchants in the history of Australia).

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Interesting times perhaps better described as an awakening and in the case of the patronising acolytes of the Australian Church of Emissions Trading a very rude awakening. Unable to articulate and or quantify how many parts per million of Carbon reduction the proposed Emission Trading Scheme would actually produce, it became evident to all but the rabids that the ETS was nothing but a very expensive, poorly formulated Tax on the people who can least afford it.

The ETS was never anything but a gesture and there is nothing wrong with gestures unless they are hurtful, economy destroying, cost thousands of jobs and solely intended to stifle debate. The previous sentence pretty much describes the flawed plan that was so ineptly proposed by Australian Prime Minister Rudd, Environment Minister, Penny Wong and her faltering lap dog, the aging mediocre rocker whom we all thought had thankfully left the public view forever.

The ETS pundits seem to think that the Australian Public would not realise that Australia already pays some of the highest environment taxes in the world. Under the misnomer of Parity pricing, Australians pay 70% more for fuel than what it costs to deliver, an abundance of coal, based on the normal market forces of supply and demand should allow some of the cheapest power in the world, instead the inverse is true. Yet despite all this, the socialist reformers wish to foist upon the Australian Public, yet another massive pollution (?) and environment tax that would not contribute one thing to the Australian or World Environment condition. In fact it is doubtful if one red cent of the money of this unjustified and evil tax would have been spent in Australia or on Australians.

Unfortunately Malcolm Turnbull, the "interim" opposition leader in Australian Politics bought into this charade to the dismay of millions of disenchanted Australians. This social climbing lawyer, was no doubt driven by the "oh ahs" of the doctor’s wives electorate he represents. Malcolm, like his electorate has never known the hard scramble nor had to survive pay check to pay check existence, so a new tax for misplaced guilt is no issue. Bad luck for him the rest of Australia has revolted against this litany of lies and his just rewards for the betrayal was to be tossed out on his rather shiny rear end.

Tony Abbot has now been elected to the position of Liberal (Opposition) Leader significantly changing the political dynamic in Australia. Whilst the Stump does not agree with all of Abbots positions, there is no doubt Australians for the first time in years can choose between self seeking, shallow spin merchants and real bloke. The Stump believes the likes of Rudd and co are in for a real fight now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Economist and Reserve Bank of Australia board member Warwick McKibbin warns the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is "fundamentally unstable", the price of permits will be "inherently volatile" and the Copenhagen agenda is in "total disarray". "The political fallout from this is going to lead to changes," he says.

For geographical and political reasons, Australia does not have the hydro or nuclear alternatives to replace coal-fired baseload electricity. That makes it more costly for us to cut emissions compared with the US, Europe and Japan. That increases the risk of "leakage" of our carbon-intensive industries offshore to developing economies, such as China, where emissions restrictions are less stringent.

Gee, and you had to an Economist and Reserve Bank Member to figure that out? The Stump challenges anyone to demonstrate where China, Indonesia, Thailand or Philipines are taking any serious steps about their environment or that they see this Carbon Trading Scam as anything but free cash for free mansions for the parasite elite.

Economic suicide brought to you by your Union Run Leftists.

Once again...This will reduce the Climate Change by HOW MUCH?

Friday, November 27, 2009


It would appear the Cult of Climate Change is beginning to collapse under the litany of lies, fibs and distortions. Skeptics now outnumber the believers and one is reminded of the old adage "You can fool some of the people some of the time.........." The really sad thing is the untold damage the rabid green cloaked, hard left, social engineers have done to the cause of environmental responsibility and to the poor.

Oooohhh You Fibbers!!!

By the way Australia, latest figures from the treasury report that the ETS to be implemented by the Worst Government in Australia's History reveal that electricity prices will need to raised by 25%-30%. Are you ready for another $400 month bill? Or course, the government (?) has promised the poor won't be any worse off because they will supplement the cost with tax cuts. Yea the same time they try and pay off the biggest self created national debt since World War 2.

Meanwhile..the ETS will have zero effect on climate and the rest of SE Asia laughs as jobs are off shored! Thats what happens when you elect a government with no one person who has ever held a job in private industry in their lives.

There is a popular revolt going this space!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


"What mean and cruel things men can do for the love of God"

'Id-ul-Adha' is almost amongst us again here in Indonesia. This of course is the ritual slaying of animals in often cruel and unusual ways. Suddenly everyman jack (Abdul)is a qualified butcher and dresser of meat.

In reality, it’s a day blood and cruelty as unqualified yobs hack at the throats of animals with little idea of what they are doing or how to kill in humane fashion. More unsettling is the hordes of little children dragged along to witness dad revel in an orgy of blood n gristle.

Id-ul-Adha is also one of weirder religious celebrations, essentially drawn from the story of the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael as an act of obedience to Allah. Allah being the merciful (?) bloke that he is reputed to be (despite the floods, fires and earthquakes) sends an Angel at the last minute who tells Ibrahim that he can swap the killing of the child for the blood of an animal. The bible has a similar story with just enough changes to avoid copyright issues.

Now no-one really explains how the child felt about this nor how terrifying a child qualifies as a merciful God but the cynic in Stump can just imagine the conversation a couple of months later:

Dad.. “Come on Son, let’s go for a walk”
Ismael..”Eeer ..oh oh…you been hearing them voices again Dad”
Dad.. “Come on Son…time to go”
Ismael.. “Gulp… Can I bring the goat”?

Nope, it’s just the Stump but there is nothing in the story that inspires anything but revulsion.

To the animals just one word…………..RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

P.S. We knocked the picture off from one of the Nuttier Christian Sites coz we could. Doesn't make you just feel at peace with the world.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ah.. The ever pressing Spooner..

Meanwhile, in order to preen itself in front of world stage of willy wonkers, Australian Prime Minister Kevin "look at me" Rudd is about to inflict another pointless tax on the people who can least afford it

"KEVIN Rudd’s Emissions Trading Scheme will increase the average family’s bills by about $1100 a year. Based on the Federal Government’s own modelling..."

Ask the question yet again..This ETS will make exactly how much difference to the world climate???????????????????????????????????????????????? The Stump wonders how long it will take for the average and granted they are slow learners Labour party supporter to realise touchy feely wank hurts the little people not the big shots strumming the tune they dance to.

The following for your enjoyment:

Mick Kelly, Professor of Climate Change at Jones’ university, on hiding recent cooling:

"Anyway, I’ll maybe cut the last few points off the filtered curve before I give the talk again as that’s trending down as a result of the end effects and the recent cold-ish years. "

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Climate Change Dogma

The thing about Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate Change (Insert your fear point here) is the sheer nonsense spoken. The Stump is not a scientist is it really to much to expect that someone says “hey hang on” as time and again politicians seeking the meaning of life and loony social engineers continue to spout their particular agenda with no call to accountability.

The Dog Catcher cum Australian Prime Minister KRudd on November 7 told us Storm surges and rising sea levels put at risk over 700,000 homes and businesse by 2100, thanks to unchecked global warming.

Environment Minister and Power Dresser Penny Wong on November 14 told us almost 250,000 homes, now worth up to $63 billion, will be “at risk of inundation” by the end of the century, under “worst-case but plausible” predictions of rising sea levels.

Ok, so in a week, 450,000 homes are no longer at risk or are we just making this sh*t up as we go along?

Has anyone else noticed that only cute puppies and butterflies are rendered extinct by Global Warming? How come funnel web spiders, cock roaches and other nasties never get a mention? Not heart rendering enough perhaps?

Now the Stump is all for the environment but does anyone seriously believe the current toss in Copenhagen will be anything but anti-western grandstanding by developing nations and a publicity fest for a bunch of green policy wonk politicians.

Already Indonesia (along with the usual suspects) has its hand out for a bunch of cash, Africa virtually as whole has demanded its contribution to saving the environment is to load plane loads of cash from loony western governments as they continue to destroy the whole African Continent in a orgy of greed, corruption and abuse.

Seriously, does anyone think that providing another barrel load of unaccountable cash to these basket-case nations will save one dang tree?
If we are to be serious about improving the environment perhaps it is time to be serious and stop the drongo guilt aid to unaccountable governments who have made no attempt to better the lives of their people and their environment.

Quick reality check..If we donate 1 BILLION DOLLARS next month to the following countries:
1. China
2. India
3. Indonesia
The difference in 5 years would be?
Then why bother?

Oh and by the way, do ask your next raving social engineer to direct you to any graph that demostrates a warming of the earth since 2001...Oh Oh.

Monday, November 16, 2009



Well now that reason has been exposed and the omni-disaster bloke has nothing to do with it.


For Indonesia, some say East Timor remains a scaly scab that just won't go away. No doubt the pathetic attempts to address the issue of East Timor and what happened during the Indonesian Occupation is a continual source of embarrassment to Indonesia that ever reminds the world that, in Indonesia if you have enough influence and power then you remain untouchable.

One things for certain if they do release the movie in Indonesia it is sure to raise the temperature of debate between Australua and Indonesia.

Indonesian censors consider Balibo ban
(From AAP)

INDONESIA'S censors have formed a special team to decide whether to allow the politically sensitive Australian movie about the Balibo Five to be shown in the country.

The Indonesian government has declared Robert Connolly's Balibo "offensive'' and the Indonesian military has urged the country's censorship board, the LSF, to ban it.

The movie depicts Indonesian soldiers brutally murdering five Australia-based newsmen in the East Timor border town in 1975.

The movie, which is in the running for 14 AFI awards, contradicts the official Indonesian explanation they were killed in crossfire.

But the organisers of the Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFF), which kicks off next month, want to show the movie despite the possible controversy it could generate.

The have submitted the movie to the LSF, which has formed a special team to decide whether the thriller is too politically sensitive for Indonesian audiences.

The LSF prevented the JIFF screening several films about East Timor in 2006 because of similar concerns. But organisers are optimistic Balibo will be approved.

The film's release in Australia earlier this year came just weeks before federal police announced they would conduct a formal war crimes investigation into the Balibo killings, a move that sparked some diplomatic tensions.

The probe follows a 2007 coronial inquest that concluded Indonesian deliberately killed the journalists to cover up their invasion of East Timor.


State of Darkness

It’s highly amusing watching the denizens of Jakarta moaning about Power Outages and infrastructure failures. What the hell do they think the provinces have been putting up with for years?

Diddums, Jakas! The reality is you cannot hide the failing infrastructure, inept management and graft forever. A lot of very ugly and angry chickens are coming home to roost. Jakarta's spoilt elite has managed to avoid the issue for years by sucking the last available resources from the provinces but even that little goody bag is running dry. Never the less, in a variation of the "let them eat cake" mindset of the rich and arrogant, the Stump doubts the worms in trough realise will how bad things are until it is way past dark.

As a matter of interest, has anyone noticed despite the perilous state of power generation this has has not stopped PLN Power Brokers from getting their nice new shiny cars. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the last ten years of Power Generation Infrastructure Contracts be "GECKOED"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Remembrance Day

Julia Gillard Acting Prime Minister of Australia when asked when she could not attend a Remembrance Day Service today..

"There couldn't be anything more important than this national conversation because it's about the future for every child and every school and we want to make sure that's a better future,"

"I was here (at parliament) today with the national conversation with school principals.

"(But) we did mark Remembrance Day with a minute's silence."

Oh you did observe a minutes silence did you Julia, how bloody noble and giving of you and such a personal sacrifice. Of course, we should not be surprised at the lack of regard the current government holds its fallen, after all the PM KRUDD himself was quite miffed a when told the ANZAC Day Dawn Service could not be delayed a few minutes because he had schedule clash.

Perhaps featherweights like Julie should also spend a minute and reflect exactly why she can spend time in national conversation in a free and democratic country.

Perhaps a reminder for the those who enjoy the sacrifices of those before them.

In Flander's Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flander's fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,
tho poppies grow
In Flander's fields.

Liet. -Col. John McCrae

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Firefighters and global warming

Now the critics of the Rudd Government in Australia said that following the election of these drongos would lead to a rash of UNION claims the like of which drove Victoria broke in the 80s...Now that is just unfair..

"MELBOURNE'S firefighters should be paid extra for turning up to work sober, according to a log of claims by their union.

The Victorian branch of the United Firefighters Union is also calling for a "global warming allowance" for the city's 1600 firefighters, "in recognition of the increased work and risk to firefighters as a result of global warming". It is also demanding extra pay for firefighters if they have to work when a pandemic is declared."

So let's see if the Stump has this right?

Melbourne Fire Fighters want allowance not to turn up drunk at work and allowance to fight fires?

Mmmm How about a counter proposal..You turn up drunk, youre fired. No Fires No Pay. Sounds fair to the Stump.

One has to feel sorry for the real firefighters forced into joing this union run by morons.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Another Australian Labor Party Fraud spreads the filth:

Defence Minister John Faulkner last night gave US General David Petraeus one of Australia's highest honours, the Order of Australia, for his distinguished service against terrorism in the Iraq war.

Only six years ago, Senator Faulkner had opposed the war and challenged claims that Iraq posed a terrorist threat.

During a censure motion in parliament against the Howard government, he described the decision to send 2000 troops as "unilateral adventurism" and a "confidence trick".

"It was a different story at the Australian ambassador's residence in Washington last night.

As a minister in the Rudd government, Senator Faulkner praised General Petraeus, the man responsible for the successful military surge in Iraq that gave him his promotion to chief of US Central Command.

"Tonight we recognise it was you, General Petraeus, who designed and implemented the strategy which delivered success in the war," Senator Faulkner said. "This award recognises your achievement."

The Defence Minister called General Petraeus a person of integrity and reputation who had "greatly strengthened the Australian and United States military relationship".

Faulkner as far as the Stump is concerned you don't deserve to carry a swag for an Aussie Digger let alone act as a the Defence Minister...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


So are you ready to start paying your UN tax next year (wasn’t there a revolution about no taxation without representation?)

The world nutters conference daft Copenhagen treaty treaty has such little treats in store for us all

“Clause after complicated clause sets out the requirement that developed countries to pay their “adaptation debt” to developing countries. Clause 33 on page 39 says that by 2020 the scale of financial flows to support adaptation in developing countries must be at least $US67 billion ($73bn), or in the range of $US70bn to $US140bn a year.

How developed countries will pay is far from clear. The draft text sets out various alternatives, including Option 7 on page 135, which provides for “a (global) levy of 2 per cent on international financial market (monetary) transactions to Annex I Parties”

Of course there are no obligations on where or how this money is to be used once scammed. Well the Stump rest easy knowing that the United Nations has always been gem of responsible fiscal management and we should have nothing to few.

On the lunacy of over bearing hyperbole, anyone seen the new commercials to be aired in UK where little puppy dogs keel over and rabbits drown as the children are encouraged to berate their parents for not embracing the green climate change lobby. The Stump has been trying to think what was the name of last political movement that rewarded children for spying and reporting their parents to the authorities for trangressions. Hmmm never mind it will come to us.

Ok, but why is always the cutesy furry little creatures, how come the horrid little leeches and wharf rats never get any sympathy!

Late News…No Islands sank today or yesterday or any time in the past ten years and the planet has been cooling since 2001 never the less for goodness sake move your rabbits to the high ground.




Tuesday, November 03, 2009


This is kinda would set a fairly proud tradition for a ship from the word go. There would not be many servicemen of any nation who would not salute when she passes by.

"THE USS New York, a naval vessel whose bow was forged in part with steel from the World Trade Center towers destroyed on 9/11, has sailed for the first time into the city's harbour.

The newly built 208m amphibious assault ship, designed to carry up to 800 marines and helicopters, marked its maiden voyage into New York with a 21-gun salute just off Ground Zero.

Thousands gathered along the Hudson River to remember the nearly 3000 people killed on September 11, 2001 and to salute the ship, whose bow section contains 7.5 tonnes of steel from the towers destroyed by the hijacked airliners."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It’s difficult to believe that Prime Minister Rudd, a man who claims to a complete and unassailable grasp on international diplomacy could be such an unmitigated diplomatic disaster. From his inept and humiliating kowtowing to the murderous dictators in China to his complete lack of comprehension of the intricacies of doing business in Indonesia.

"Officials in Tanjung Pinang were deeply unhappy with the deal struck between Canberra and Jakarta to take the refugees who have been at sea aboard the Australian Customs vessel Oceanic Viking for more than a week."

Did Rudd, the bumbling, over promoted public service buffoon yet again ignore the advice of his advisors? One would have to assume so, as only the most amateur novice would think a handshake deal in Indonesia means anything.

For the West a deal is done on a handshake and its cemented on the signature. For the average Indonesian businessman, the handshake is means to transmit the flu and a contract signature is the time to begin talking how to avoid the details of the contract and squeeze more money. The more the other party has committed the better as it becomes party time.

Now when everyone knows the rules of the game, it works as each party builds in their own safety net. However when one party walks in like a tourist in the seedy side of town, wearing gold chains and Rolex watches then that party is going to get rolled. The final piece of advice, NEVER EVER do business with the Indonesian Government unless you carry your testicular bits in a fire proof safe, the rules are in a constant state of change and the government is the umpire.

Seriously was there anyone on the planet, except the Idiot Rudd who didn’t think the Indonesians would not find a way to strangle the arrangement (as evil as it is) for more cash?

"But after earlier telling reporters Indonesia was not a "dumping ground" for refugees, provincial governor Ismeth Abdullah softened his remarks but queried the detention centre's readiness.
"Who is going to give (the Sri Lankans) their food?" he asked The Australian. "Where is the money going to come from for all their expenses?"

Any resident of Indonesia could translate the above statement for KRUDD into what it really means. You could almost hear the old ABBA hit wafting across the wharf...Money...Money ..Money..It's rich man's world.

Of course, asking someone to account for the over 50million dollars of Australian Taxpayers money already spent will result in the “screen-saver” face.

From here Australia has two choices if they insist on this idiots plan. Firstly, insist that Indonesia honour the deal and immediately cease the flow of funds into Indonesia across the board. Don’t threaten, don’t waffle, just do. Nothing cements an agreement or creates an atmosphere of cooperation faster than an official getting a pain the hip pocket.

The second way, and the one the idiot Rudd will take, cave in to the demands for more cash and gain short term cooperation. Then stand by as the demands become more and more outrageous as Australia becomes more and more committed to this lunacy.

The best way, admit the lunacy and withdraw all support for this insanity and return the illegal immigrants to Australian run, controlled and sponsored detention centres. This option would be a hoot as well as honourable, because you would also get to watch Indonesian Officials falling over themselves to resurrect the original plan as they see their platinum gravy train (boat) escaping their sticky fingers (Problem Mister..No Problem already fixed..It was miscommunication…All good now)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Far be it for the Stump to gloat and say "I told you so" but the ill considered inhumane and utter disaster in waiting plan for Indonesia to be Australia's Immigrant Rendition Site of choice has already come apart.

Interestingly, from Indonesia's point of view, the below clearly demonstrates the weakness of the central government in controlling the provinces. Who is really running the country? IDIOTS ALL...Meanwhile Rudd shuffles human beings around in a gruesome version of live stock transport. Hello Howard haters and the Left...WE CAN'T HEAR YOU.....

October 27, 2009
Article from: Agence France-Presse

AN Indonesian provincial governor has refused to allow an Australian customs vessel to unload 78 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers, saying Indonesia is not a "dumping ground" for refugees.
Indonesia agreed to take the Sri Lankans on humanitarian grounds after their boat ran into trouble off Sumatra island last week en route to Australia.

They were rescued by the Australian navy and transferred to the Oceanic Viking, an Australian customs boat, which was to deliver them back to Indonesia for refugee processing.

Initially scheduled to unload its human cargo at Merak, western Java, last week, it was diverted for unknown reasons about 900km north to the Riau Islands port of Kijang.

But Riau Islands Governor Ismeth Abdullah said he had no instructions to accept the migrants.

“We ban the Australian vessel carrying 78 Sri Lankan migrants from coming ashore at Kijang port. We order the navy and the police to enforce this,” he said.

“Unless there's an order from the president, the ship cannot come ashore. We're not a dumping ground for other countries.”

The Oceanic Viking has been anchored off Kijang, on Bintan island opposite Singapore, for more than a day accompanied by an Indonesian navy warship.

Indonesian officials from various departments have been unable to explain why the Sri Lankans have not disembarked.

The delivery of the migrants is the first test of a new “framework agreement” between Canberra and Jakarta on handling asylum seekers.

The sketchy deal was announced last week after a meeting between Kevin Rudd and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta, amid an upsurge in unlawful boat arrivals in northern Australia.


Another bunch of brain dead, socially inept, brain washed fools are currently in the dock in Australia for planning the murder of innocent people. Why on earth Australia and same many other nations persist in providing these bottom-feeders with same rights and privileges as Australian Citizens is beyond the Stump, however Citizenship, its rights and obligations is a post for another time.

In what would appear to yet another rambling, incoherent, hate filled rant it is alleged that accused Somali terrorist Saney Aweys urged a friend fighting in Somalia to "be strong" and declared that Australians were already "copping (it) hard, man" from Allah.

"Thanks to Allah, we say Allah bring the fitna (trouble), Allah bring them calamity," Mr Aweys said, according to a transcript of a conversation with Walid Mohamed Osman tendered yesterday in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
"When the whole nation is coming down, first the economy comes down, first. By Allah, factories shutting down ... I've never seen Melbourne like this then fire coming to them, no water, the water storage is empty. They are copping (it) hard, man. Thanks to Allah."

Fair Dinkum, if stupid was a plane then attributing natural disasters to Allah as punishment for being naughty is the Spruce Goose of Stupid. Of course, we have our very own fools here in Indonesia telling all that will listen (which is far too many) that the disasters in Aceh and Padang were God’s punishment and it’s God’s Will that little children have to die. Which would, of course make him/her a particularly nasty and vengeful piece of work.

In regard to our alleged filthy little Somali Terrorist and his maggoty mates, for a Somali to be claiming that Allah punishes a country with natural disasters is beyond lunacy. Even by its own warped logic one can only assume that it has not received any post cards from that paradise on Earth called Somalia lately.

One cannot help but notice, like all these cowards maggots are happy to soak up the privileges that modern society gives them but unable to face the true challenge that life presents.. Suicide in any form is the ultimate act of cowardice as it leaves others to rebuild and carry on in the absence of the madness.

If our Somali morons really wanted a better world then perhaps their energies would have been better directed at helping their own nation feed, clothe and educate itself. However, we all know that would actually require strength, intelligence, fortitude, courage in the face of seeming insurmountable obstacles none of the qualities found in those who cower behind religion as they bring mayhem to others and take the easy exit from this one and only life.
Oh and spare me, you cannot blame the religion for these people.
If card carrying believers are so worried about the Image of Islam then its time they deal with these people before they get to this stage. The cry of victimization and prejudice runs a very poor race when socially inept idiots are running around screaming mayhem in the name of Allah. Are we to think that no-one else in their local Mosque knew or heard their extreme views before or heard them refer to the others as infidels or worse? This is an Islamic problem and until Islam and its self proclaimed leaders start to take responsibility for things done in the name of the religion then it’s a bit rich to claim offence.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


A person who tells lies.

falsifier, perjurer, prevaricator.

The Stump should not be surprised but never the less is disappointed with Australia’s Current Foreign Minister Steven Smith statements on the political news program “The Insiders” this morning. Now everyone would know by now that the Stump considers the current Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd a two- bob bully and the very worst kind of political opportunist who stands for nothing except his own personal advancement. However, Steven Smith has always impressed the Stump as an articulate, extremely intelligent individual which made his comments that he believed (paraphrased) that “Illegal Immigrants would be treated in a humane and civilised fashion within the proposed Indonesian Detention Centres to be run on behalf of the Australian people” even more repugnant.

It beggars belief that an Australian Foreign Minister would not know the conditions of Indonesian places of internment and the low priority placed on human rights and human dignity in the nation. To believe that mindset would change in a Detention Centre funded by Australia but managed by Indonesia makes Smith a unmitigated, immoral Liar or the person of such naive optimism he is not fit to hold a position such importance to Australia’s welfare.

Let there be no misunderstanding, the Stump is a strong supporter of absolute border protection and believes that a major cause of Australia’s current social woes is the blind support for the utopian nonsense that all cultures are equal. Never the less, the Stump fully understands that people will always try to enter Australia both legally and illegally generally as economic refugees. Obviously, these illegal immigrants need to be detained, reviewed and in the vast majority of cases returned to their places of origin. It is not and never was Australia’s role to be the guardian angel of the world.

However, all people need to be treated with respect and dignity. It is not unreasonable for a person to seek a better life for himself and his family. Therefore the process of detention and review should be conducted as quickly as possible in a place/s that provide decent accommodation, health care and security. Even the most brain dead, immoral swine could see that the “Indonesia Solution” would provide none of those basic humane requirements.

Jakartass,posed the question in a previous post comment “Did the Stump think SBY would accept the offer to act as Australia’s nation of choice for detention of Illegal Immigrants” (or words to that effect).

The answer of course, is Absolutely! The Indonesian "powers that be" must be almost wetting themselves with excitement at this manna from Heaven. Not only is the Australian Tax payer going to send literally millions of dollars directly into that unaccountable morass that is Indonesian government but they have provided the Indonesians with an unassailable point of leverage in every future discussion between Australia and Indonesia.

“Hey you Indonesians, about time you took human rights seriously”
“Hey Prime Minister, best you shut the “F” up or we will closed the detention centre and issue boats n maps to Australia”

"Hey you Indonesians, how about doing something about Papua"
"Hey OZ Foreign Minister, best you shut the “F” or we will release some pictures of your so called Indonesian Solution just prior to an election."



The Stump challenges anyone to honestly and with a straight face repeat the KRUDD’S statement that sending Illegal Immigrants to a detention centre in Indonesia is "balanced and humane and fair"

On another note, what’s the truth that Bakie Brothers and their cash cow of choice Bumi are exiting as fast as they can from Australian Company Herald Resources? Could it be that they found the attention of the corporate watchdog a little more than they are used to in Indonesia or just yet another fire sale.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rudd - Immigrant Smuggler

Mr Rudd told ABC1's 7.30 Report on Thursday the asylum-seekers' treatment would be "balanced and humane and fair" unlike the previous government which "had kids behind razor wire".

The Australian Labor has a history of human rights abuses, who can could forget the Suharto Arse Kissing by that sad little worm Keating or the "look the other way" policy during the invasion of East Timor.

Prime Minister Rudd continues that disgraceful legacy with his Rendition policy of Illegal Immigrants. It is impossible to believe that anyone with a semblance of knowledge about Indonesia would find the below a surprise or unexpected.

This creature and the Labor party's rusted on leftish frauds had the nerve to complain about Howard's Policies..What a bunch of disgraceful frauds.

October 24, 2009
Article from: The Australian

A TOTAL of 78 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers on board an Australian Customs vessel were to be transferred today to an Indonesian detention centre where detainees yesterday claimed they were beaten and robbed by guards, and slept 20 to a room on mattresses on the floor with no airconditioning.

With arms outstretched through the bars of their first-floor dormitory, above a string of razor wire, a group of Afghans who have already spent seven months in the Tanjung Pinang immigration detention centre on the Indonesian island of Bintan said they had been treated like "animals" and pleaded for Australia to help them. The Oceanic Viking, carrying 78 asylum-seekers, including a sick 12-year-old girl, was today expected to arrive near the Australian-funded detention centre. The vessel was diverted to Indonesia after an agreement was thrashed out between Kevin Rudd and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Mr Rudd told ABC1's 7.30 Report on Thursday the asylum-seekers' treatment would be "balanced and humane and fair" unlike the previous government which "had kids behind razor wire".

But the detainees at the facility yesterday described a life of brutality instead of the freedom they had dreamed of attaining in Australia. Navad Hashimi, 20, from Kandahar province in Afghanistan, told The Australian of being locked in during the day and suffering night-time beatings.

"Sometimes the immigration people hit some of us during the night," he said.

The beatings are punishment for the latest in a series of escapes from the centre, Sayad Nadyr, 34, from Daykundi Province in Afghanistan, said from the window of his cell.

"There is trouble, one person escape two weeks ago. At night time they come in here and punish us."

Mr Nadyr said their money had been stolen after they were picked up about seven months ago. The group of men, one with his wife, are all from the Hazara minority in Afghanistan.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sheik Haron - Bottom Feeder

Not often Stump gets out two posts in the same day. However particular piece of Human Trash has come to the Stumps attention.

This nasty piece of pig’s offal (pictured and with due apologies to pigs)gets it’s jollies by harassing the families of dead Australian Servicemen by phone and mail.
Unfortunately the extremely lax citizenship requirements in Australia has allowed this obnoxious little fat parasite (?) to become an Australian Citizen. Any notion that Australia’s laws on citizenship and deporting of undesirables does not need seriosu review should now be put solidly to rest.

Whether you agree or not with Australia’s military involvement across the world, the fact remain unlike many countries (including the home country of the offal), the Australian Military serves at the bequest of the government and by extension the Australian people nothing more and nothing less.

The targeting of grieving families and kin is the height of cowardice and ignorance. People like the ratbag pictured and what they represent are beneath contempt and the nation would be better off without them and theirs.

Indonesia - Australia's Bounty Hunter

The stench grows ever higher on the Rudd’s opportunistic and foul plan to hand over illegal immigrants to Indonesia. It was reported today on ABC TV that the RUDD Government is offering tens of millions of dollars to Indonesia to set up detention centres for the housing and processing of illegal immigrants trying to make their way to Australia. Additionally, it would appear that Rudd is also offering a per diem (the term was bounty in old west) amount for every immigrant held.

Now we all recall Rudd referring to that those in dollars and profit as a result of human trafficking as “the vilest people on earth”. Perhaps someone can explain the difference in what RUDD and SBY are about to do. Dollars for bodies sounds like human trafficking to the Stump. It would certainly confirm the Stump opinion of the Rudd but we did (and do) have a higher opinion of the Indonesian President (SBY). One can only hope SBY strings the vile little creature along for awhile and then sends him and his bounty packing. Although unfortunately money talks loud in Indonesia.

Is the chattering left so morally blind they cannot see that the every establishment of Australian Funded detention centres is condemning people to a situation far far worse than anything the previous government had in place. For goodness sake, Indonesia record on Human Rights remains abysmal for its own people particularly when there is a dollar involved. Corruption remains one of the very few places in which Indonesia figures in the world top ten and to think this poorly conceived (although typical) plan can end in anything but human misery and pain is absolutely disgraceful.

Rudd and the Left in Australia you are an embarrassment to us all.
The only question that remains is what is the bounty on an illegal immigrant these days? I guess we should be grateful it hasn’t got to the stage of proof required for the old Dingo Bounty.

On another issue and continuing the WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY theme.
We all remember the magnificent sanctimonious morons screaming death and destruction over some supposedly Islam insulting cartoons in some minor new paper in some middling European country about the size of small cattle station. We would also recall the murder of some poor bugger due to outrage at film that didn’t pay craven regard to outmoded religious dogma.

The Stump is just wondering WHERE THE HELL ARE all the morons who were demanding respect for “their” religion when yet another mindless mob (complete with various elected officials) descended upon the site of Hindu Temple in Malaysia carting a bloody cow's head (Cows having significant religious symbolism in the Hindu Faith). Not content with simply parading the Cows head around, the myopic ones then proceeded to spit on it and play “head” soccer. The only positive message that came out of this affair was even with all the mistreatment, after examination and not all that surprisingly, the cow’s head was found to have a higher point IQ point score than the collective IQ of the entire mob. The downside..the myopic ones are believed to have the ability to reproduce.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rudd for Refugees.. A fair deal


The Stump refuses to use the term Refugee as the very name implies people fleeing from immediate persecution in their own country to a place of safety. The very fact these illegal immigrants have paid considerable sums of money to third parties and invariably transited numerous “safe” countries makes a mockery of the term Refugee.
As of the weekend the current excuse for a Prime Minister Little Kranky Kevin announced his plan to request Indonesia house and detain the immigrants on Indonesian soil in places of detention (read leaky rotten wooden boats) funded by the Australian Taxpayer. The Indonesian Government must have showed unusual discretion by not laughing out loud as they signed the agreement and took the money never to be seen again.

So where are they??? The repugnant Left that is, not the Illegal immigrants.
Where are all the screaming latte left hordes that condemned John Howard and his Pacific Solution as a cruel solution to the illegal immigrant issue? Where are the screaming hordes that denounced Howard’s plan to house these Illegal Immigrants in Australian run and sponsored offshore camps. Where are the idiots who declared Howards policy as inhumane and lacking compassion? Are they seriously thinking that asking and trusting Indonesia to run these “camps” will be more humane?

It’s hard to believe that the current Australian Government could be so witless! After all the beating of the chests and hand wringing about conditions in the detention centres under the Howard Government, does anyone really believe that a detention centre under Indonesian control will provide better conditions, healthcare resources? Does anyone seriously believe the money the Australian Taxpayer rams into this plan concocted on the fly will actually end up being utilised as it should and not building another mansion in sunny Pundok Indah?

Surely for an example of Indonesia’s treatment of homeless people, even the most naive traveller would know you only have to glance under the toll road bridges in Jakarta? Or if you wish see the way justice and compassion is applied to those people with no voice in Indonesia just look at the despair of mudflow victims just outside of SURABUYA.

Even the most clueless diplomat must know that Indonesian Foreign policy and agreements are (to the eternal frustration of career diplomats in Indonesia) subject to the whims of neo-nationalist and worldly ignorant Political trough feeders. Does it really take a genius to recognise that it is only a matter of months before its Australia’s turn to be Indonesia’s public enemy number one again.

The “us against the rest foreign policy” of Indonesia is a recognised cyclic routine to avoid addressing the real issues at home in Indonesia. Any one with more than a year’s memory recall remembers the “EVIL Singaporeans are stealing our sand, harbouring our criminals” ..yawn yawn...”The Evil Malaysians are stealing our songs..clothes” (always a hoot when Indonesia cries foul over intellectual property as anyone who has tried to buy original software in Indonesia will testify)..”The Evil Europeans are racist because our planes fall out of the sky”..”The Evil Australians are trying to steal Papua”... because that’s just what Australia needs another failed state to prop up with Tax payer funds.

What do the clueless ones think will happen to the agreement once its Australia’s turn to be king of the shit people again. Well at least we can be sure all the money would be returned..........................

This Australian KRUDD Government could well go down as the most inept government both domestically and internationally in Australia’s History. Their complete inability to separate ideological dream time from real politic is simply breathtaking in the long term damage it is doing to Australia. From decades of debt to ward off a non-existed economic depression (oh and spare us the stimulus plan that allowed every Australian to buy a Chinese Plasma TV saved the nation) to the bend over backward knee tremblers with China and Indonesia. Let alone the Economy destroying Carbon Tax that will not make the slightest difference to world pollution levels but will put thousands out of work. Yup Australians can be stupid!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saudi Arabia crys Poor

As an update on the world's collective insanity, news is in that Saudi Arabia has declared its intention to demand Western Aid should world dependence on Oil decrease.

“Saudi Arabia has led a quiet campaign during these and other negotiations — demanding behind closed doors that oil-producing nations get special financial assistance if a new climate pact calls for substantial reductions in the use of fossil fuels.”

"We are among the economically vulnerable countries," Al Sabban told The Associated Press on the sidelines of the talks ahead of negotiations in Copenhagen in December for a treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.
"This is very serious for us," he continued. "We are in the process of diversifying our economy but this will take a long time. We don't have too many resources”

Yea and the Stump hearts simply bleeds for the poor bugger me Saudi Nation, not like they have been known for excesses over the years or the exporting of hard line nutcases to previously peaceful nations. Does anyone still want to argue that the upcoming Climate Change talks in Copenhagen are anything but the usual “berate the West and give us cash now” gathering of collective tyrants, idiots and supplicants.
It’s the Stump’s view that IF this issue of Climate Change is so serious then it’s time responsible nations stopped this fraudulent black arm band view of history and started demanding some real and concrete changes from the usual “AID” vampires.

Perhaps in our local region, its time proof was demanded of one major government environmental project that is not racked with corruption and failure. Cannot do it? Then spend the money on those nations who can make the leap from their hip pocket to the people and the environment.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Predators, Princes and Ponces

Predators, Princes and Ponces
The Stump is “slumming” it this week in downtown Jakarta, with it’s polluted yellow skies and rivers of trash and effluent.

Are humans the only species of the Animal Kingdom who so willingly migrate and find it acceptable to live on a cess pit? This of course makes an interesting counter point to the inane bleating of the developing countries as they juggle for position in the upcoming “grab for cash” climate change forums.

It’s endlessly amusing to watch how those nations previously trumpeting their advances and ancient civilisations are suddenly happy to declare themselves “developing” again once money is involved. Sadly this great concern for their own environment and the hand out mentality doesn’t seem to include actually getting off their collected polluted arses and do a modicum for themselves.

Say stop ravaging forests for the benefit of the known ½ dozen immoral bastards or perhaps a campaign to educate the people that treating the rivers that run through your city as a dumping ground for everything from plastic to offal is not the height of human intelligence.

P.S. (Anyone else notice, it’s now official the temperature has been dropping for the last eight years and a 30 year Cooling period is predicted)

Speaking of the more base attributes of the human (?) condition. The Indonesia’s reputation as the home of a more refined and civilised adaption of the Islamic Religion took another body blow when controversial self proclaimed (aren’t they all?)Islamic Cleric (???) Sheik Puji had child abuse charges thrown out at a court in Central Java today.

We all remember this particular 43 year old rock spider, who married a 12 year old village girl in a local ceremony. Apparently configuring a case to answer of “persuading a child to have sex and/or taking advantage of a person’s economic condition for his or her own benefit,” and under the 1974 Marriage Law for marrying a minor” was beyond the ability or morality of the courts and police involved which says more about the system than the spider himself.

Curiously, this hasn’t attracted the attention of those self appointed defenders of the name of Islam in Indonesia. These idiots have been too busy intimidating anyone who may be involved with the employment of an ex-Japanese porn star (?) in a fully clothed comedy to filmed in Indonesia. Still to be fair, no one has every accused that bunch of being overly clever or insightful. Lastest news, the fully clothed and adult actress in question has decided not to come until the country grows up. She may be waiting awhile.

Meanwhile, the Obamarama cheer squad continues to drive rational people insane with a bunch of Salmon Fishermen awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Bizarre is not the word for this one, considering nominations closed 11 days after the Chicago novice took office as President. Probably a good time to start taking stock of the great black hope;

Close Gitmo – Nope
Peace in Middle East – Nope
A Nuclear Free Iran – Nope
Health Reform – Nope
Revive the Economy – Nope
Withdraw from Iraq – Nope
Secure Afghanistan – Nope
The cold realities of the real world verses clever use of a teleprompter are beginning to fray the Avengers Cape.

Back in Australia, Kevin (“I can speak Mandarin and they like me”) Rudd in yet another piece of craven forelock tugging acquiescence to China has refused to meet the Dalai Lama when he comes to Australia. Of course, this is from the same opportunist who said the previous Liberal Party Foreign Minister was a “bit weak “ for not making the time to meet the Dalai Lama (although it seemed to escape the earwax princes notice that John Howard had already meet with the DL on numerous occasions).

It’s galling to watch this craven excuse for a Prime Minister allowing a murderous dictatorship determine who the representative of the Australian people should or should not meet and talk to. Still the left has a significant history of scraping and selling out Australian Values.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Newly elected legislators, sleeping off their first visit to the trough?
The Stump is posting the above picture in the vain hope that it will become so widespread on the web that the people involved will become so humiliated they will crawl off back to their Kampungs where they belong.

The Stump doesn’t hold high opinions of politicians in any country but Indonesian pollies are simply mindboggling in their ability to amuse and disgust at the same time. It is a source of never ending wonder and occasional dismay when Indonesia is described as the Muslim world’s biggest democracy. Firstly the term “Muslim Democracy” instantly disrespects the millions of Indonesians who are not Muslims and have invested so much into making this nation what it is. Secondly, in a democracy, the legislators are in principle SUPPOSED to be responsible and answerable to the people who elected them. It could only be the most Arrack sozzled mind that would assume that is the case in Indonesia. In fact, in could be argued that that the only the sheer size of SBY’s (Indonesia’s President) win in the last election prevented a complete and bloody meltdown of what passes for democracy in Indonesia.

Back to the dark side, the Jakarta Post reported that over 60% of the newly elected legislators do not have a tax file number, although to be fair only 5% of the entire population has bothered to register with the tax office anyway. So essentially, 60 % of these trough feeders have never paid their way in society and now wish to hop on the tax payer gravy train. Principle, morality and honour are obviously fairly rubbery concepts for some.

Of course, this raises the question of who are the 5 % of honest people paying their way in this country?
Try the much maligned multi nationals, expats and Indonesians who actually care enough about Indonesia to give a stuff and ensure they pay their way. As for the rest of them, they are bludgers and parasites who need a swift kick up their leeching orifices.

Seems to the Stump, it’s not that difficult to gain majority compliance for NPWP despite the protests from inept government officials (is there another kind in this country?). Try perhaps a regulation where you cannot purchase a car, a motorbike or land without an ID Card and your NPWP (TAX FILE NUMBER). Surely if you have the money for one of those three items, it is a least reasonable to expect you to account for your tax burden to the state every year. Might be tricky getting the sleepy ones to stay awake long enough to enact the law but worth a try.

Don’t hold your breath though, we have more important things to worry about like Malaysia stealing songs and patterns that we stole first and sleeping off the effects of power without responsibility.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Another year over a poor old Saint Kilda (The Saints) failed in their quest for a Premiership after a drought of 43 years after Geelong (The Cats) came through in the final quarter and defeated the luckless Sainters by 2 goals (12 points).

St Kilda vs Geelong
Geel 12.8.80 df. StK 9.14.68

It was a pleasure to relax and watch a hard fought close game in difficult (read pissing down) conditions and be reminded how lucky we to have evolved away from the one size fits all, mindless boredom of the soccer match. Of course, a hint of sadness remans in the pits of our stomach at the fate of our Mighty Shinboners (North Melbourne) who spent the season languishing in the cellar.

Another year over with poor old Saint Kilda (The Saints) failed in their quest for a Premiership after a drought of 43 years after Geelong (The Cats) came through in the final quarter and defeated the luckless Sainters by 2 goals (12 points).
It was a pleasure to relax and watch a hard fought close game in difficult (read pissing down) conditions and be reminded how lucky we to have evolved away from the one size fits all, mindless boredom of the soccer match. Of course, a hint of sadness remains in the pits of our stomach at the fate of our Mighty Shinboners (North Melbourne) who spent the season languishing in the cellar.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the Wallaby

Been on the Wallaby for a few weeks hence the absence of silky prose and opinionated ramblings from the inner Stump. It’s good to be back sometimes in our haste and frustration at the daily trails of living in Indonesia we forget the simple joys that are available (to those with some means) that are available to us here in the land of disappearing forests.

Certainly it was a refreshing to land and read that another piece of evil has been removed from this world. For once the Stump hopes that there is an after life ready to judge those found wanting. The Stump of course refers to that collection of misbegotten molecules more commonly referred to as Noordin Top, the deranged criminal who was complicit in the death and maiming of so many Indonesians and others who was shot dead by Indonesian police earlier this month.

It is probably timely to ask what has Top and his ilk achieved in their lifetimes except misery and sadness. Certainly their vague goals of religious domination based on some perverse combination of personal delusion and self importance have failed as they always would. Yet there is certain sadness at such a waste of lives in a country so calling out for leaders and doers with charisma and determination. There is no doubt it takes an ability to connect with people (dysfunctional as those people may be) in order to convince them to throw away their own lives. One can only wonder what good could have been done in the community if these evil swine had chosen a path of building instead of being sick purveyors of misery and death in a country that sees far too much of both. It seems to the Stump that this period of History may well be remembered as Islam's darkest hour as people only even remember the extremes and evil that is done in the name of others.

Speaking of evil, if the Stump sees one more pathetic grab for ratings featuring how the families of these evil scum are suffering after the trash has been cleaned and sent to the great recycling bin in the sky, then be prepared for some projectile vomiting. How about some common decency and civic responsibility from the media barons, is that even possible? Instead of glorifying the rancid evil amongst us how about showing the wrecked lives left in the wake of their perverse, murderous grasps for relevance in a world that has rightly passed them by. Certainly, the rancids showed no compassion for the families of the common man whose lives they wrecked.

Now Stump needs to mull two questions..

1. Why if the police knew where Top was, did they have to kill him? Is there really a great conspiracy behind the rancids?
2. Why do all the rancid seem to come from Malaysia and yet there never seems to be much trouble there? Is the Malaysian Law Enforcement that much better that Indonesia?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The Stump fancies himself as a bit of political pundit albeit one severely bruised by the Conservative party collapse in Australia and the USA. Although Australia’s conservative party leader (for want of a better term) Malcolm Turnbull only claim to fame is his infamous destruction of the Republican Debate in Australia a few years back. No one trusted him then and no one trusts him now.

Never the less, Indonesian Politics leaves any reasonable person like a pianist trapped in a flock of Galahs, hearing shed-loads of noise but unable discern any rhyme or reason from the shreechs of the preening plumaged parasites.

Golkar, the once dominant party of Suharto and still recognised as the vehicle of power and presence by the Indonesian elite and connected, was soundly thrashed and shellacked in the recent in Indonesia elections. Now as to be expected Golkar is undergoing a period of renewal, only in Indonesia this obviously means a period of back to the bad old days of money politics and connections. The much coveted Golkar Chairman's position is being pursued by (amazingly):

1. Aburizal Bakrie, The current (ok this always makes the Stump chuckle) Coordinating Minister for the People’s Welfare, at one time reputed to Indonesia’s richest man and rightly or wrongly forever linked to the Sidoarjo mudflow tragedy which left thousands homeless with little help on the horizon.

2. Hutomo “Tommy” Mandala Putra, the youngest son of former president Soeharto reportedly has an interest in teaming up with current politician Yuddy Chrisnandy. You all remember Tommy, he was the bloke convicted and sentenced in 2002 to fifteen years jail for paying a hitman to kill Syafiuddin Kartasasmita, a Supreme Court judge who had convicted him of graft. Other charges included illegal weapons possession and running from the law. Of course, justice was done the Indonesian way and he was released after serving four years (No wonder Corby is going insane).

3. The eldest daughter of former president Soeharto, Siti Hardiyanto Rukmana or Tutut is thinking about making a run for the prize as well. Tutut is rumoured (although this is disputed) to own the Citra Lamtoro Gung Group, with interests in more than 90 companies ranging from telecommunications to infrastructure, including tollway projects. On 19 February 19 of 2001, Siti Hardiyanti "Tutut" Rukmana was reportedly banned from leaving Indonesia due to corruption allegations for one year

It’s often an admirable trait not to be swayed by popular opinion but for a Political Party already demonstrably seriously on the nose with the people, it beggars belief that Golkar could honestly think this is anything but treating the Indonesian people with anything other than utter contempt.

Meanwhile other only in Indonesia moment was the outrageous and enormously amusing sight of the Nationalistic zombie rent a yobbos railing at the Malaysians for stealing a Balinese dance and using for Malaysian Tourism.

The irony of the copy centre of South East Asia complaining about copyright and intellectual property infringements was a truly precious moment. It became even more amusing when it turned out after a number of “nasty” official letters from the Indonesian Government to Malaysia that the said dance was purely the brainstorm of an advertising agency not even based in our face red...again. It’s also extremely problematic to for such a Java centric government to be claiming any kind of rights to a Balinese dance in the first place.
One can only marvel at the long suffering Indonesians who have to tolerate such fools day in and day out.

Still no one can say it’s not fun to watch.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Womens Rights - Shuttlecocks Vote?

Stump has already enjoyed Moir's take on life. His latest on the elections in Afganistan. Funny and certainly asks (to the Stump anyway) Why do we bother? or is This is why we do bother!

You buy or view more classics here.

Monday, August 17, 2009


For change in the Climate Change Discussion, let’s start by stating three facts that remain facts despite hockey stick graphs and rancid green hyperbole:

1. If Australia ceases CO2 emissions to ZERO then Australia will make ZERO change to World CO2 emission levels.

2. Governments do not create wealth, they merely redistribute (usually unfairly) the wealth efforts of others.

3. USA, Europe, Canada and Australia all have doubled their natural forest coverage over the last fifty years.

Yes, you read the first point right, ZERO for ZERO and yet to achieve this remarkable target Australians are going to be taxed an additional 12 Billion dollars at most conservative estimate. Oh don’t be dismayed to salve the pain of yet another piece of green inspired social lunacy, the taxes will be called and known by many tax payer funded names, carbon credits, concessions, cap and trade adjustments. However you can be sure, it will be the average bloke in the street (the one who still has a job) who will pay. The big electricity producer won’t be paying, he will claim his emission concession from the government, at the same time raising prices for a basic commodity to the man on the street .

Of course, the other piece of Macro lunacy and “greentime” dreaming is energy producers must (under the proposed legislation) must adopt 20% alternative energy by 2020. This is despite the fact that the huge white elephant wind farms in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland simply failed to work in June 2009 due to no wind (so much for the theory, if we spread them far enough apart then some wind will always be blowing somewhere). That leaves us with Solar which unfortunately like the wind tends to work to its own agenda rather than the Stumps need to microwave . Things are looking mighty grim but we still have nuclear although that in turn has its own inherent problems which perhaps Australia could overcome but only a fool would consider as an option for the near neighbours at least until they can master something as technically simple as safe ferry travel.

Now invariably, the fence sitters on the Church of Climate Change will say even if the science is wrong, then it can’t hurt to clean up the planet. This is possibly the most dangerous position of all for the intellectually lazy to take. The grand global focus of CCC deflects billions (trillions) of dollars into grandiose, white elephants that create huge committees of experts who ultimately achieve nothing but more committees. As yourself what has Indonesia achieved since the CCC summit Bali two years ago, rainforests still disappearing at record rates, airports in neighbouring countries closed due to illegal burning off but they have achieved 120 delegates to dash off to Europe later this year.

In their rush for global domination, the rancid greens and their gullible devotees have forgotten that like politics all environmental issues are local. Instead of 12 Billion dollars on improbable (nay impossible) targets and dreams which ultimately will achieve ZERO for the worlds environment and make very little impact on the local environment, ask yourself how much real difference 12 Billion dollars would make on repairing the damage to the Murray-Darling river system. The Stump understands that the Rudd and Julia government is not big on actual return for expenditure but 12 Billion to achieve Zero compared with getting the River Murray flowing?

Unfortunately, the CCC is controlled more by pseudo socialist engineers than real environmentalists. You can pick these modern day Captain Nemos, by the way they link grandiose and utopian environmental demands to black arm band wearing versions of history where the “West” (read democracies and developed nations) must pay a collective guilt tax for their standard of living. Never mind the fact that the greatest contributors to CO2 emissions are countries whose development is retarded by combination of constant injections of Western Aid and corrupt, inept local officials. The absolute reality is no amount of hand wringing, revisionist history and carbon taxes is going to make a shred of difference until China, India and Indonesia (amongst others) acknowledge that pollution and environmental damage is their issue to face and not a commercial or Foreign Aid lever to be pulled at their leisure with no accountability. The rancid greens and social engineers who continue to foster such behaviour are a far greater threat to the Global Environment that Bill Turner’s flatulent cows outside of Black Stump Australia.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Climate Change and the Recession

Delusion: The art of selective reasoning and the inability to accept facts outside that clash with a complex fantasy world build up to support a position. Defined requirement of hard core leftists and devotes of the Snake Handling Church of Climate Change.
Well it was the end of capitalism and the free market as we know it! Socialism will save the world yet again. Funny as it is turning out to be simply a cleaning out of some thieves and all of us who thought you can make money from nothing.
Andrew Bolt, yet again came up with great quote from one of the English CCC “Scientists” when asked for access to the raw data for peer review..

“Even if WMO agrees, I will still not pass on the data. We have 25 or so years invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it.”
Gotta love the CCC it really has adopted the policies of a religion based logic system.

Meanwhile, it’s distressing to find out 70% of Australians are idiots. As recent poll in Australia 70% of Australians thought the ETS (Carbon Tax) primarily based on taxing electricity generation, mining and (as of 2013) agriculture is a good idea.
Of course, any moron outside the latte inner city set could tell you that Australia’s economic advantage over the rest of the world it’s access to cheap power generating fuel, raw materials and agriculture. In a fit of country wide stupid, the Queensland Revenge PM and his butch queen CCC minister intend to sacrifice Australia’s future on dubious science and latte politics. Don’t forget even if the CCC was right, the ENTIRE CO 2 production of Australia is less than ½ of 1% of the world total. India, China and Indonesia must be laughing themselves silly at the stupid white kid from Queensland.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


What is it about the Australian Labor Party and Earwax??
Fair Dinkum...What a bunch of No Hopers..

For those who don't know, the blubbering idiot getting his ears dewaxed by yet another of the socialist faithful is none other than Bob "No child shall live in Poverty" Hawke. I would have thought with the new movie on East Timor coming out no previous leader of the Australian Sellout Party would be game to be seen in public.

HABOUR BRIDGE - Pssst You want to buy Mister..

Regular readers of the Stump will know that the Church of Global Warming ...oops Sorry Climate Change tend to annoy the stump along with anyone with a modicum of intelligence.

With the irritating and irrational arrogance of all religious cults, anyone who has the gall to question any of their increasingly silly exaggerations is instantly condemned as a heretic who only wants to see the world destroyed in flash of coal and plastic induced flames. Seriously, how could anyone take these acolytes of the asinine at face value? Unfortunately, the many governments in a never ending quest to look important have done just that.

A Josh (he would be called that wouldn’t he) Gordon reports in the Melbourne Age yesterday

“THE Federal Government has warned that Australian icons such as the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park, the Tasmanian wilderness, Carlton Gardens and the Sydney Opera House could be damaged irreparably if the Coalition fails to support Labor’s emissions trading scheme.”

So if the Opposition party in Australia does not support the vague, poorly constructed, jod destroying Labor Party ETS, the Sydney Harbour Bridge will fall and Carlton Gardens (For Fcks sake!!!) will disappear. Nope, the Stump cannot see any Hyperbole here. Dang and these are the leaders?? of Australia.

Now for the ETS is economic insanity itself, with the Labor Party rushing headlong to price Australian Industry out of business by setting Carbon Trading Targets well beyond any comparable nation in the world including China, Indonesia, Japan, USA, and India. Despite the fact that even if the cultists are correct, Australia contributes less than ½ of 1% to the total CO2 in the Atmosphere. This apparently all the loony rabid greens and social engineers need to justify putting tens of thousands Australians out of work and double the tax burden of those poor suckers left to carry the load. You can bet those pushing the ETS are well and truly wedged into the OPM (other people’s money) gravy train.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What’s going on? It was the end of Capitalism! Free Market System has collapsed! The Left Wing Socialists rose yet again to call upon us evil believers in free choice and Capitalism to repent or face ever-lasting depair...and then..

AUSTRALIA'S economic downturn will not be as severe as some had expected, nor will it be one of the worst in the post-war period, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens said today.

Although it isn’t really hard to predict movements in the Australian Dollar…whenever the stump has to transfer cash you can bet the market will screw the stump down a few points.

In fact, just for a giggle did anyone else see the report where some egg head, somewhere reported we are in for two decades of unprecented sunspot activity. Which will result in abnormal cooling of the atmosphere?
Cooling??? Mmmm, Don’t know how accurate that is but sure would leave some people looking pretty silly ..and shivering..

Saturday, July 25, 2009




The Stump is a big believer in the Free Market System (it’s not perfect but sheds better than anything else so far) but is not so naive to believe that big companies are not inherently bastards and ethically only as good as the people you hire to run them.

One thing that really gets on the Stumps goat, is when companies put their hands out for government (read taxpayer) assistance then turn around and screw the taxpayer but off-shoring jobs. Listen, you bastards you lost that right to off shore jobs the moment you stuck your greedy little noses in the Tax payer trough.

The latest piece company from Bastards Inc, is WESTPAC Bank. Westpac after shafting the consumer for years with Ned Kelly fees and charges in a government protected market (not to mention an unlimited government guarantee on deposits) has the nerve to outsource Australian jobs to India in an act of sheer greed.

A government with balls would withdraw the deposit guarantee, call the big four banks onto the carpet and advise “here’s the deal, you want government special treatment, youse blokes start playing the game or as of next week it’s a deregulated market, to any overseas bank who want to play by the rules.

As I said a government with balls.....not Tinker bell KRudd and his team of loony tunes.


Word for the day... EMBOURGEOISEMENT

An interesting article from Greg Sheridan today with some very interesting takes on Indonesia:

"A successful Indonesia will pose its own problems for us (AUSTRALIA), which most Australians cannot conceive of now. Some forecasts put Indonesia among the world's six biggest economies by 2050. At the moment Indonesia's per capita gross domestic product, measured in real dollars, is $US2030 ($2490). Using the more popular, though inherently fraudulent, purchasing power parity measure, it is $US4071...

In a nation of 240 million people, that's an awful lot of dollars. While Australia was understandably obsessing about the terrorist threat in Indonesia, the nation was quietly passing from a low to a middle-income nation………………

The one weak spot in Indonesia's economic story has been foreign direct investment. About $US2 billion in FDI went into Indonesia last year. This is a piddling amount. If SBY could liberalise investment rules, create greater legal certainty for foreign investors, reform specific sectors such as mining, improve infrastructure and maintain his overall sound macro-economic management, he could unleash a great deal of foreign investment. This in turn could lift Indonesia into truly Chinese and Indian levels of sustained high growth....

If he (SBY) reinvigorates economic growth there will be a big process of embourgeoisement across large parts of Indonesia. I'm tempted for a moment to say forget China or the Middle East: in terms of Australia's interests, this will be the most important dynamic at play anywhere in the world....

If anyone a dozen years ago had imagined this was the Indonesia we would have today, he would have been suspected of hallucinating on happy pills. The terrorists want to destroy Indonesian success. So far, thank God, they're not succeeding."

From the Stump:....Of course, Greg is a bit more optimistic than the Stump but then again he is probably several degrees smarter. The funny thing is once Indonesia moves into the middle nation business Australia and Australians are going to have to learn to come to grips with the dynamics that drive Indonesian Society and the Stump who has been around Indonesia for years still has about as much grasp on that as we do on the inner workings of NASA Space Shuttle…it's all shims and mirrors to us. In fact there is nothing more amusing than watching old expats explaining how they understand the workings of Indonesia.

Conversely, Indonesia and Indonesians are going to need to make some real hard decisions on the world of real politic if they want to be taken seriously as a middle power in the region.

Interesting times indeed and what kind of word is…..... embourgeoisement (He made that up..didn't he?)