Friday, March 26, 2010

Porn Indonesian Style

Ignoring the diverse and rich cultures that comprise Indonesia, the Indonesian Constitutional Court has somehow upheld the intolerant, bizarre and insidious Pornography Law. Indonesia’s stuffed shirts and intolerant loons can now go about their business of harassing women with the full weight of law. Seems some will not be happy until one half of the population is dressed like oversize shuttlecocks.

It is worth reviewing the simply and subjective description of what constitutes porn according to Indonesia's lawmakers.

Porn: Pictures, sketches, illustrations, photographs, articles, sounds, voices, moving pictures, animations, cartoons, conversations, body movements, or other forms of messages through various communication mediums and/or public displays, that contain obscenity or sexual exploitation that violates community norms.

Pretty much gives any self appointed ,nutcase a license to harass doesn’t it?
The “community norms” bit is laughable. Community norms where Bali, Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi? Unfortunately, the law is classic example how far the Jakarta/Java centric pressure groups have hijacked the law making process at the expense of greater Indonesia.

In upbeat news, Bali Governor Made Pastika has responded by refusing to enforce the law as he states, quite correctly law does not "suit the regions socio-psychological elements" One has to wonder what this means in the wider political picture in such a diverse nation.

Anyway in an effort to titillate both groups please enjoy the following and remember

Sexuality is in the eye of the beholder.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


How desperate is the Australian Labor Party as people wake up to their spin, do nothing but waste money government…

Listening to the whinging, sad, little creature Wayne Swan complain that the Opposition Leader goes surfing more than he does, clearly shows a rattled government. You idiot Swan, do you really expect any Australian to believe that ugly mug has ever sat on surfboard expect for a photo op? You are worse than than the phoney Rudd and his hard hat photo ops.

Wayney whinges...

“I frankly can't understand how he finds the time to engage in all of those pursuits. I personally would love to go surfing more often but I can't because I've got a very important job to do……when I was opposition treasury spokesman I couldn't find the time to do the things that I wanted to do because these are big jobs and they require a big commitment in terms of time.”

How old are you whinging Wayne? Twelve? “Aww he gets to play more often than me, it’s not fair” (stamping foot)

Instead of worrying about where and when Tony Abbott goes surfing, the Stump would like know what you have to say about your raft of nonsense programs that have achieved nothing, killed people and driven Australia deep into debt.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Indonesia

Indonesia is continuing its push to considered a regional leader in Environmental issues. Not content with its success in ensuring the continuance of that vile Shark Fin Harvesting by scuttling proposed world wide bans on the trade. The Stump was pleased to receive by email today, the latest graphics on Indonesian River Management. Truely an example for us all..



Seriously what amazes the Stump is not so much as these pictures are typical of any river around Jakarta (or any city in Indonesia) but the sheer apathy of the educated populace. Do they not or not care? Are they are aware of how much the rest of the world guffaws when they suggest they want to be considered as regional environemental leaders? Tis a mystery to any rational being.