Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Things that make you go "Mmmmmm.....

"Prosecutors here on Tuesday dropped their main charge against Australian model Michelle Leslie, 24, who was allegedly caught in possession of the party drug ecstasy, and recommended to the Denpasar District Court that she be jailed for only three months."

"In addition, a titillating turn to the case also seems to have surfaced, as recent media reports have placed Leslie with a son of Indonesia's chief economics minister, Aburizal Bakrie, at the time of her arrest. The reports said that when the Australian model was arrested, she was riding in a Kijang van supposedly belonging to the Bakrie family company.
A company spokesperson has denied as "untrue" the reports that were published in an Australian newspaper as well as a number of local media, and added that they would consider a law suit against them. "

One can only say a vastly different result thna Corby but then again converting to Islam, and having the above (if true) as friends can only help. Poor Corby only had a dodgy business man from the Gold Coast and a Current Affair.

Now the really interesting thing will be if the Bakrie company does sue... anyone want to take a punt...

Ah Justice in indonesia .. a valued concept.

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IndCoup said...

well, while corby traffiked 4kgs of dope, leslie only had 2 pills.
Big difference.