Thursday, February 22, 2007


The concept of “Face” is an incredibly difficult and dangerous concept particularly when it is Nuclear Powered!

I say face because that can be the only reason that the “powers that be” would even consider a Nuclear Power Plant in Indonesia. Does anyone with even one last firing synapse believe that Nuclear Power Plant could be built and operated safely in the current conditions in Indonesia?

Indonesia has been beset by an on-going list on natural disasters whose most inglorious claim to fame is rather than being mitigated by human invention, the suffering is magnified by powers of 10 by a combination of greed, corruption and a sheer lack of concern for others. Not content with natural disasters, we have decided that we can do so much better than Nature and create the conditions for a disaster that will ensure suffering for thousands of years by building a Nuclear Power Plant in one of the worlds most geographically unstable regions. But hey there are some big bucks to be made!

Why should we be concerned you ask? We assured that Safety protocols will be investigated later.

Well that’s a relief; perhaps we could use the agencies that are responsible for quality and standards on:

Railways…ooops maybe not
Shipping and Ferry’s …oops maybe not
Toll roads…nope

I am more than willing to be corrected, to which agency would you be willing to trust the health of the next five generations of your family? As for the rest of South East Asia are you willing to trust country that renders your air unbreathable year after year due rampant burning off of World Heritage Forest for the sake of the rich few?

Besides the above it is economically stupid. Indonesia sits on the world’s largest coal reserves and year after year ships millions of tones of coal to provide power and lighting to other countries. Meanwhile over 40% of her citizens sit in darkness.

How hard would it be to invest some of the billions of Nuclear dollars into Clean Coal Technology and the welfare of her own people? Just the stopping of the wide spread practice of “transfer pricing” would pay for the coal required for the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting if the now discredited environmental group WALHI can make a difference and serve the environment as it is supposed to instead on some bizarre political/personal agenda.

Anyway, I am off to check out the wind patterns to see in which 20,000 sq km area is out of bounds for the next 5000 years.
By the way, I am actually a supporter of Nuclear Power as clean, robust answer to the earths future energy needs. However a couple of fairly basic considerations are required:

a. A robust system of checks and balances
b. A safety regime that is not subject to money politics
c. A stable Geographic Location
d. The ability to assess the above.

In the meantime, before we start thinking about a Nuclear Power Plant, we concentrate on:

Planes that stay in the air
Ferries that don’t sink monthly
Toll roads that don’t collapse after six weeks
Capitial cities that don’t flood every year

Sorry if some find this a bit brutal…But a Nuclear Power Plant…ARE YOU SERIOUS?


IndCoup said...

and if it does go ahead, the usual suspects - bakrie, kalla etc - will undoubtably be given sizable chunks of the contract. That's what really worries me. esp after lapindo - have yer seen those concrete balls they are chucking in the mud!!!

treespotter said...

seriously man, you're wasting your breath in these bureaucratic masturbation. they can blabber all they want, they'll never get it up. maybe some mud flow of shit pool or something during the diggin then they forget all about it.

have a good weekend, still comin down here?

oigal said...

Glow in the dark corruption then?

As for the balls..what another raging success!

T/S.. "they can blabber all they want, they'll never get it up. maybe some mud flow of shit pool or something during the diggin then they forget all about it".. I hope you are right, I really do !

I did but only transit, went to Perth for a couple of weeks..beachs, babes and 42c ..bloody hot