Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mangy Lions and Customer Service

Just back from holidays, having spent a nice couple of weeks travelling through Sumatera. Pretty countryside although a bit over the top religion wise (why is it that so many people are concerned where I will be spending the afterlife? Perhaps they want me to save them a seat?)

It was great to be able to sample fresh vegetables and fruit, high in the mountains sucking fresh air as well. More on that later.

On the downside, we flew “Lying Air” who managed to achieve the enviable record on being late on all six flights (and we are not talking minutes here) and managed to stuff up a ticket rebooking.

It is never a good plan (or polite) to abuse the poor staff behind the counter. Keeping our collective cools, we requested to speak to the manager but despite two appointments (which involved separate trips across town) to see the local Lying Manager (in the time honoured tradition of useless and cowardly twits) he managed to ensure he was not in the office nor could he return phone calls (Although he could return calls to his staff?!).

Not to worry, next holiday, we will search out some place where the concept of customer service has considered as a concept and most importantly we don’t need the mange ridden cats planes to get there. Maybe this one........

P.S. Why is it planes at Jakarta Airport seem unable to access the terminal bridges leaving passengers to wander all over the tarmac?

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