Friday, August 10, 2007

As time goes by

Busy with studies at the moment, lots of work and bugger all time, so much to relief of some not much to say. Speaking of time:

Some time sensitive Bahasa Indonesian Words:

Nanti = Later On

Sebentar = Later On but before “Nanti”

Belum = Not Yet and before Sebentar

Besok = Tomorrow or mean tomorrow’s tomorrow or tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow..

Any more???

If you really want to get confused try Sabtu Malam or Malam Sabtu....Sabtu means Saturday, Malam means night but the same time??..Sorry you miss out by a day.

Ok off to make myself smarter?..Enjoy the picture of sunny Sumatera..


undercovercookie said...

It's really very simple:

nanti = later
sebentar = in a moment
belum = not yet
besok = another day (not necessarily tomorrow)

as to sabtu malam and malam sabtu:

is easy to remember because if you say the 'night' (malam) before the day (sabtu) it must be the night before the day (so the night before saturday) but if you say the night (malam) after the day (sabtu) its the night following the sabtu (so saturday night)

uh, simple right? *confused*

Or remember the phrase "malam mingguan" is to go out saturday nights as a remind which is which.

undercovercookie said...

oh and you forgot 'lusa' (the day after tomorrow).

oigal said...

Hey UC,

Thanks, when does sebentar become nanti and nati become besok..grin..

Hey hang on "night before the day" so now malam friday?>..))..

and ah yes..Lusa... and now onto Kawin vs Kawan

oigal said...

Johno..You comment fell off the planet?? sorry

ctrlz said...

is that in Bukit Tinggi, the one with horn roof...

da dah = c ya, bye bye...

oigal said...

Yep Bukit Tinggi.. Its really a nice area to visit...highly recommended..Pass on Padang tho...way too serious