Sunday, November 30, 2008


I bet you thought the evil accountant bastards (EAB) had got me didn’t you?
Fact was lost interest and took a holiday here.

Never the less the EAB have been busy and brought down a number of fine fellows (and fellowettes) in our company before the credit crisis sent these human tape worms into recession (ho ho), but the Oigal lives on…precariously but lives.

Next trick is, now the tape worms that have sacked all the expatriates and over 100 nationals who actually contributed to the company "how to put together a viable management team and production team going forward whilst paying their decidedly acceptable rate of peanuts". Any ideas how to skip over a moron who filters very paper sent to HQ? (On the plus side not one of the stumps direct reports got the bullet, thanks to a very silly and compromising email the chief tape worm sent. Although I have fired that shot and tape worms never forget!)

Its sobering to notice that the world still turned whilst the Stump was engaged in deep level Yoga. So much for the thought that Greenstump was the muse of leaders the world over, bugger!

Still I think the below covers what I have missed?

Obama apparently is the Indonesia Great White Hope?

MUI (Indonesian for NGO for incredibly bizarre and dangerous statements) has decided the nutty Malaysians may be onto something that Yoga is the next great threat to Muslim Youth (The stump still reckons sexually confused, buck toothed Arab Wannbes and Teachers with all the worldly experience tree moss represent a greater threat but hey ignorance is as ignorance does.

SBY and Bakrie boys still in the news every day! Now there’s a modern day miracle. How does that guy still have a job? Things are getting tough for the Minister of Mud. The family company is in a spot of bother with falling share prices and nobody really trusting the information the company is putting out.. go figure! Still if the MM becomes homeless, there is a wealth of people over Surabaya way that can pass on handy hints on living on the street.

Our old friend and Vice Prez Kalla (and the owner of the world’s weirdest moustache) apparently told the world that the Bakrie group of companies is a national asset which proves all those cruel people wrong and short people do have a sense of humour.

Back to the credit crunch, some “trader” got arrested for sending out an email for naming a number of banks that were due to fold in Indonesia. Apparently arrested for spreading lies and panic, that very week one of mentioned banks closed its doors for a number of days for “technical reasons”. Somebody is mucking with the truth and it ain’t the trader one suspects.

In a totally unrelated matter, all sensible stumps are moving everything into US Dollars Hard Currency as fast as possible. Call us 98 paranoid!

Dr Bruce from Bali, Canada dropped in to give us piece of his wit and wisdom. Although the Stump tends to think latte left are much the same as Slinkys (you remember those coiled springs for kids?)..Not practical use but amusing if one falls down the stairs.

Back in the Land of Oz.

Climate Change and Emissions Trading (Ok that’s greenie for TAX FOR IDIOTIC CAUSES) has taken a back seat to the real world for awhile. The news that global warming has not really warmed since 1998, whilst carbon has increased slightly has severely dented the loon raves. Of course, once people realised that that ET was just to be another Labor tax on middle Australia, it became harder and harder for the loony green to reconcile such things as:

Indonesia continues to be the number one destroyer of rainforests in the world and demonstrates no desire to desist (ok they are sending 93 people, junket junkies, hangers on, bludgers (?) to a climate change conference talkfest in Europe. Unless they forget to come back then it cannot be classed as improving the Indonesian Environment).

China spends more on stamping out Tibet than the environment causes every year.

Any wonder rational people are saying PISS OFF!

That’s all for now..see ya soon..

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