Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the Wallaby

Been on the Wallaby for a few weeks hence the absence of silky prose and opinionated ramblings from the inner Stump. It’s good to be back sometimes in our haste and frustration at the daily trails of living in Indonesia we forget the simple joys that are available (to those with some means) that are available to us here in the land of disappearing forests.

Certainly it was a refreshing to land and read that another piece of evil has been removed from this world. For once the Stump hopes that there is an after life ready to judge those found wanting. The Stump of course refers to that collection of misbegotten molecules more commonly referred to as Noordin Top, the deranged criminal who was complicit in the death and maiming of so many Indonesians and others who was shot dead by Indonesian police earlier this month.

It is probably timely to ask what has Top and his ilk achieved in their lifetimes except misery and sadness. Certainly their vague goals of religious domination based on some perverse combination of personal delusion and self importance have failed as they always would. Yet there is certain sadness at such a waste of lives in a country so calling out for leaders and doers with charisma and determination. There is no doubt it takes an ability to connect with people (dysfunctional as those people may be) in order to convince them to throw away their own lives. One can only wonder what good could have been done in the community if these evil swine had chosen a path of building instead of being sick purveyors of misery and death in a country that sees far too much of both. It seems to the Stump that this period of History may well be remembered as Islam's darkest hour as people only even remember the extremes and evil that is done in the name of others.

Speaking of evil, if the Stump sees one more pathetic grab for ratings featuring how the families of these evil scum are suffering after the trash has been cleaned and sent to the great recycling bin in the sky, then be prepared for some projectile vomiting. How about some common decency and civic responsibility from the media barons, is that even possible? Instead of glorifying the rancid evil amongst us how about showing the wrecked lives left in the wake of their perverse, murderous grasps for relevance in a world that has rightly passed them by. Certainly, the rancids showed no compassion for the families of the common man whose lives they wrecked.

Now Stump needs to mull two questions..

1. Why if the police knew where Top was, did they have to kill him? Is there really a great conspiracy behind the rancids?
2. Why do all the rancid seem to come from Malaysia and yet there never seems to be much trouble there? Is the Malaysian Law Enforcement that much better that Indonesia?


pj said...

Perhaps he was killed because he was not connected to anyone important. I seem to recall that the groups causing the troubles in Ambon and Poso all had serious backers amongst the elites.
Good Riddance

scrumper said...

Have you been here lately, on or off the wallaby??

this is your "season" - go for it before it gets too hot down there, on the wallaby.

oigal said...

"Perhaps he was killed because he was not connected to anyone important"

Or perhaps he was connected to someone important..dead men keep secrets!

oigal said...

Scrumper.. I assume from your link you are referring to KRUDD's plan to tax the bejeesus out of Australia's natural advantage as a supplier of raw material, devastate the economy and put thousands of people out of work whilst making not .00001% difference to global emission levels..

Yup sounds like a plan to me...

Hot??? The average temperature has been falling for the past ten years..
You ain't seen hot until you have working west of the Simpson in the late seventies.