Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The country of Haiti is suffering after an earthquake of devastating proportions and we are, as so often is the case witnessing the very worst and very best of human behaviour.

It is always curious to see at times like these, the very people crying out for the downfall of the USA and the “West” in general now screaming out to for the USA to please help. The USA being what she is, of course answers the call again providing the lion's share of aid and support.

One cannot but think what kind of sad world we would live in if we had to
rely on the likes of China, the Middle East and South America for humanitarian aid.

As for the carping, mindless USA/West criticism from the morally moribund left, the Stump looks forward to the day when the USA sends the bill for the Aid to the EU and UN. After all, didn’t we decide that unilateral action by a super power was a sin beyond redemption.


pj said...

I think you meant to say "lions share".

Even when they make the effort the American get criticised. There was an Al-Jazeera article recently practically accusing the Americans of using the earthquake as an excuse to invade the country. Of course if they didn't lift a finger they would be chastised for callousness.

oigal said...

Hi PJ, Indeed, I did. Sorry about that.

The Al-Jazeera article was just a another tiresome piece of nonsense from that part of the world. Bit like the morons here protesting at GITMO when over 700 Indonesians died in custody last year in Indonesia. Glass houses and all that.