Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FIJI WANTS OUT and Doug the moron

In Earth shattering news today..

The Australian Newspaper reports

"FIJI'S military leader says his country may quit the Commonwealth altogether due to pressure from the international organisation to call elections, a report says.

Fiji was suspended from the Commonwealth in September last year after Frank Bainimarama broke a promise to hold elections by March 2009 to restore democracy following the 2006 coup."

All the Stump can say is aaaawwwwwww!! Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. Does this mean another failed, parasitic state is off the taxpayer tit?

Beaches, cauliflower ears and .... well thats about it. Shouldn't be that hard to replace.

Meanwhile back in the most polluted city in the world. Jakarta citizens had to choke down some more as yet another betel nut brain polly suggested Indonesia should head up the UN Climate Change Panel. No seriously, he really did!

On a more ominious note, regional maps dicating the religious background of various population centres in Greater Jakarta are being mooted by the various brain dead that walk the corridors of power. Presumably these maps will become big sellers during the bi-annual mob riot season.

Australian News

"Doug" a striking worker(?)from the Pulto project in Western Australia stated to the press "The company is treating us like the NAZI's did the Polish People during World War Two"

"Doug" of course, is striking because the company will not hold his room vacant when he is out on rostered break. Which would be something like 5 weeks on, two weeks off and in excess of $150,000Aud a year.

Doug you are an absolute moron!

The stump would suggest you get someone to read you the "Diary of Ann Frank" before you open your overpaid, yap again. The Stump could suggest loftier tomes, but its doubtful you could read anything without pictures and large print. To suggest your life has anything in common with the Polish under the Nazi's is repugant and yet another reason why the union dominated, KRUDD government is a "ONCER".

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