Friday, September 30, 2005

Doncha just love censorship by the righteous

Those incredibly brave and passionate men of the Islamic Defenders Front have turned art critics saving our souls from looking at naked women. A recent art exhibition was forced to withdraw a painting of Adam and Eve because they were naked and it was therefore pornography (Just were did they buy clothes from anyway, let alone the hijab).

This of course will prove a real issue for those of course who also love the old masters, because in our ignorance we were all just a bunch of old pervs, at least the Islamic Defenders Front arrived in time to save us from ourselves. It should be fun as we toss all those old oil painting in the fire.

Another huge step forward for human knowledge, freedom and expression.

Of course, if our highly respected lovers of democracy and people's rights really want to be brave perhaps they should trying pulling down dear old naked Chloe( ) at Y&J's pub, that would really test their mettle instead wanking around with a frightened population and government/police force that does not give a toss except where the next buck can be scammed from.

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