Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hi All,

Sorry been a little while since we posted but been traveling up the the Highlands (See Picture). Actually saw SNOW in the topics...Well we were up pretty high.

Back in the big smoke once more (and in Jakarta that literally means big smoke), some say its the third most polluted city in the world although that may just be people being kind.

Nothing has changed since we have been away. The Cianjur Regent has banned the Muslim Sect "Ahmadiyah" from worshipping in his province, The Islamic Defenders Front is threatening to destroy night clubs and places of entertainment that open during the upcoming holy month and there is an uproar because a girl was photographed kissing her soldier boyfriend as he left Aceh.

Meanwhile, action over the malnourished children across the country, bird flu, outbreaks of polio, women and babies begging in the street will have to wait I guess. First things first!! Lets get those young people displaying acts of affection.

In truth, ACEH applies a version of Sharia law, which allows stoning and whipping along with other gruesome methods of punishment. In last few months people have been publicly flogged for gambling (only small fry, interestingly enough). Some people (? I use the term loosely) are calling for the "kissing" girl to have a similar punishment.

I think if that happens I have had enough of this, I earn my living here now and love the country but could no longer remain and live in the same country as these evil, horrible, small minded little people who seem to gaining more and more power every day.

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