Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Every so often in life you see something that nature in all her majesty has created that takes your breath away! Be it Tiara Lestari or something on a slightly larger scale the effect is the same, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and a rush of blood to various parts of the body.

Recently I took a long trip into the Indonesian (?) heartland and after a journey by plane followed by smaller plane followed by truck..car and then foot, I ended up standing on top of a mountain looking at what could only be described as Eden. It was truly hard to imagine that man had even set foot on the planet.

Looking down over the valleys, one could almost see the Pterodactyls soaring about the craggy knolls. You could build all the mosques and churches in the world but nothing can compare to the cathedrals that nature provides when she is not being raped and pillaged to keep some corrupt little official in a way he does not deserve.

Several hours down the track, we had the chance to meet some of the locals, Although not altogether by plan! Rather unexpectedly, a group of people surrounded the car (yep back in the car now) with a Bows and Arrows! and that introductory tool of choice the 1 Kg rock.

A few tense moments followed until it was confirmed that we were not Illegal loggers coming to plunder their home on behalf of the latest imperialist power to occupy their land. Once our identity as bone fide, but perhaps naive travelers was established, things got positively friendly.

Interestingly, language was a real issue with Indonesian and English not being the language of choice. Still it is amazing what a "swap meet" of smokes and betel nut can achieve in short time (besides a tightening buzz in the head)

As it turned out, they wanted a lift up the track. So with more arms and legs than one would thing possible in one vehicle we progressed up the track (and I use the term loosely) until suddenly it was time to stop. Our passengers got off wandered in to the forest and it was back to Eden time again.

It was nice view of a beautiful planet! It made a pleasant change meeting people who did not really care what God, I or anyone else believed in. However, all good things must end but I hope for those traditional people its a long time coming....

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