Monday, May 01, 2006

Nuclear Indonesia and a blog trip

This a bit of a parasite post because I just don’t have the time this week to do my own research. So a quick trip around the Indonesian Blogsphere might be in order.

Firstly over at Jakartass;
The subject of Nuclear Energy has come up again. Indonesia still intends to push ahead with the INSANE plan to pursue nuclear power. This is despite Indonesia being right in the guts of the infamous Ring of Fire.

Sheer Utter Insanity!!!!

Forgetting about the Ring of Fire for a second, why should anyone thing that such a plan is feasible here anyway? Perhaps based on the technological successes of the “National Car", Garuda, PLN, and Pertamina?

Ok, it’s about “face”? Alright if we must have it, may I suggest Tangerang.

A quick click and we are over at Indcoup and the May Day protests. I noticed he is also campaigning for higher wages for the masses, which is cool. However, sometime back I was working in a country under UN supervision (guidance..whatever and No not Tim Tim) they also advocated higher wages for all and paid 5 to 20 times to market rate. Trouble is how do the 80% of those who don’t have a job then pay for their food at the market (prices always rise to what the market will bear), so we had daily riots. Paying 100 times the market wage will not improve the life of the 60% to 80% those who do not have job in the first place.

Personally, I believe the key is government investment in education and lots of it. It is the only way out of the poverty cycle.

On a side note Indcoup has also uncovered (can I say that?) the ring leaders of the FPI in Jakarta.

Treespotter has taken an interesting approach to the application of mmm... elements of Sharia Law in some provinces. I must admit he has confused me a bit, as his points seem to lead to one conclusion but he arrives at another!

I shall leave it to you to decide. Me?..I will have to read the posts a few times before venturing back into the fray.

Speaking of FPI and Sharia Indonesia-Anonymus has transcript of one of those conversations that could only happen in Indonesia at the moment.

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed a quick fling around the Indonesian Blogsphere, there are lots more out there… Enjoy!!

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Raijen said...

Looking at that fire ring, doesn’t it include the US?