Friday, June 09, 2006


Once again, I have been remiss in my postings and will continue to do for the next couple of weeks. Its that end of year thing where I have to justify my existence to the commercial "powers that be".

Over the next two weeks, meetings in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Lots of talking, new buzz words and smiling at very dull people. I think this year the words will be Six Sigma.. oh we go again and I still have not got rid of those stupid beads from Total Qaulity Management (You would know what I mean if you had ever been dragged from a real job dealing with real people to suffer through those presentations delivered by consultants who had no idea what you did or why you did it).

6 Sigma... "A transformational road to improvement utilising a framework of tools and methodologies" ...What a bunch of WANK!

However, as I am just one of the cogs in the machine, I will dutifully go and listen to the over charging consultants and bear with the slow death by power point slide..
and day dream of smogy Jakarta, bizarre Kalimantan, Beautiful Bandung, Bouncy Bali.

Wish me luck and I will see in in a a couple of weeks...


Joepsc said...

Have a nice trip, I believe you're not new to S'pore and Malaysia. Maybe it's nice for a change, but you'll still prefer where you call home!

oigal said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks yep pretty familiar with Sing (lived down tampines way for a little while) and a few trips to Malaysia. Very saturday pop down the airport to buy a newspaper to find out what was happening in the world..Straits Times left a bit to be desired

I do like to pop in for awhile, clean, safe but you are right Sing can be like visiting your gramdma's house everything very nice but for F' sake don't sit on the chairs or eat in the "good" room.


It is very sad that such a beautiful part of the world is constantly disrupted by nature, with dirty politics, corruption, and religious oddity. There is no question Indonesia has an ocular beauty that is uniquely different on this planet. AS one who travels as a living TRAVELSAPIEN would suggest there are many such beautiful places on earth to visit before thinking of Indonesia. It is not on the top of this writers list for visitation nor anytime in the near future. Being in the middle of a culture that knows little outside their arms length and where the people, although one on one are generally good, the religious aspects and secular hate should be avoided for better ground. Do it if you wish but do expect to have your eyes opened to circumstances you might wish you never challenged. Enjoy.

oigal said...

Travel Sapien

I don't believe it is as bad as that for one minute, there are some issues for sure but these are internal domestic issues that Indonesians need to deal with themselves.

I can assure you for the average tourist Indonesia is a safe, friendly place. You would be far far safer walking down a city road in Indonesia as a new arrival than you would be in the vast majority of cities in America, Europe or Australia.

I am sorry that if by my writing it all seems bad..but hey its tough writing sweet smelling happy posts all the time..I have tried.

I am waiting for Treespotter to identify some modern day Indonesian Hero's that I can write about..they must be there but like all true heros too often unsung