Friday, June 02, 2006

Earthquakes and old thugs

Went away for a couple of weeks and it looks like a lot has been happening.

The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta coped it in the neck with a massive earthquake with latest reports indicating close to 6000 people confirmed dead. Once again it appears the poorest and most disadvantaged have suffered more than their share of pain and grief. If you want to help Jakartass
has a number of links where your assistance would be appreciated.

Ex Indonesian Province East Timor has once again fallen into violence and chaos. This was once claimed by that most useless of organisations the United Nations as its jewel in Nation building. Unfortunately, with some notable personal exceptions, the 12 month postings of under qualified, over paid dreamers was never going to establish those functions needed to ensure a safe and secure society. Saddled with the inept UN combined with the sheer lunacy of decisions primarily driven by the dated Marxist Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, the new nation never had a chance. An interesting viewpoint on the Timor crisis can be found here

An Indonesian family has lost several members to “bird Flu”. In a strange twist it was reported in the Jakarta Post this week that several people in village are blaming black magic for the deaths as no chickens have got sick.

Just to change the tone a bit, EX Prime Minister of Malaysia, Old Man Mahathir is finding out that nobody really cares for ex thugs once the power is withdrawn.
"He's been complaining about being isolated from the mainstream media,"
boss Premesh Chandran told Reuters, explaining that the major dailies that once hung on Mahathir's every word now didn't have much time for him.

Its beautiful isn’t it, you can rule a nation with respect or with fear but only one lasts. NEXT..................

On personal note, our Troll has been a bit naughty, leaving comments under false names, mine included. Pity shall be the order of the day, must be sad little life one leads as a Troll if you need to pretend you are someone else.


treespotter said...

You see, all the more reasons why you shouldn't go away for too long. You've a new avatar pic now?

you should turn the moderating off, really. we can have fun with the troll. I love them dirty bastards.

in any case, i'm sending my Troll Patrol out again, who knows.

life's been good. sort of. hectic, messy, but that's not unusual. I'm still expecting you to come down here and reach me AFL rules.

oigal said...

Hey T/S,

I don't like going away kinda like being at is good ..

Yep new picture, same guy the old one disappeared whilst I was away..there's some mean magic going on here in blog town.

I am considering it, the moderating that is.... Troll was stupid though pretending to be me on other blogs.. sheesh I mean I am happy with my life but surprised that anyone would want to borrow it ..doesn;t say much for their own.

I have been catching up on your blog, as usual.. it confuses the crap out of me but fun to read

Actaully, AFL day would be great..near finals time (SEPT) we should catch up for a few "jars" and a big screen..and lots laugh (its a tradition for supporters to wear the shorts as well you know)

even better let me know if you are going to Melbourne in the winter, I will buy the tickets to the game (not that bloody Melbourne team) I assume you will be a swans supporter (red n white)

wendy said...

Dear Oigal, please give up with the AFL team thing! T/S is a Demon, even if he doesn't quite know that yet!!! when is the next Kangas/Melb game - ready for another whine yet? :D
ps. you're looking more like Ned Kelly every time i visit!

oigal said...

Agh Wendy...

Saw a bit of your "top end o' town" mob on the weekend..traveling ok ...bugger

Of course, the Team I recommended to T/S gave our honourable roos a pasting..bastards