Friday, November 03, 2006

Smoke blocks Climate Change

No personal pictures today as my camera has been liberated (amongst a heap of other stuff) in the name of some bastard needing money for Idul Fitri. Religious holidays seem to increase theft no matter what religion. However, with poverty and the lack of law and order in Indonesia, minor crime is endemic and much worse during the holiday season. If I let the cynic in me run riot then it is easy to comment, religion as always more about the ritual than intent, a view somewhat supported by the World Wide Corruption Watch. I will leave you to guess which countries are "top da pops"

Still to put a traditional curse on the mongrel “I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick ya dunny down” (I hope your chicken transform into emus (Large flightless birds) and destroy your outdoor toilet)….Ah there I feel better.

Still taking the cynic in me for a walk: Climate change has become big news this week, The theory has been around for awhile but really seems to be grabbing the news lately. To be expected our resident green (est) blogger Jakartass is also giving it a good run.

Climate Change may well be a fact, or yet another “oh the evil west yawn”. I cannot help but remember that in the 70’s the ice age was coming (along with a Nuclear Winter, not the same but as well). Then by the 90’s overpopulation would have completely overwhelmed the planet. The average age of an American would be 47 due to pesticide contamination. Then we had to dodge planes falling out of the sky with Y2K, it actually wasn’t computers that brought them down but a number of stone age misfits.

The other problem I have with Climate Change shrills is the grandiose claims such as: Islands are sinking!! The ice is melting!! blah blah. Interestingly, the Greenland ice sheets are thicker? than they have ever been!
Anyway you should accept the shrills, run around in circles, sure enough along comes something like:

"Water vapour constitutes 95% of greenhouse gases by volume is conveniently ignored by Gore. While humanity’s three billion tonnes (gigatonnes, or GT) per year net contribution to the atmosphere’s CO2 load appears large on a human scale, it is actually less than half of 1% of the atmosphere’s total CO2 content (750-830 GT). The CO2 emissions of our civilization are also dwarfed by the 210 GT/year emissions of the gas from Earth’s oceans and land. Perhaps even more significant is the fact that the uncertainty in the measurement of atmospheric CO2 content is 80 GT — making three GT seem hardly worth mentioning.”

Bugger!!!..confused again..Seems to me a fair bit of psuedo science going on here...

Meanwhile the 9 out of 10 Government is still content to allow Indonesia to smother under a blanket of smog and ash. Two months and no blue sky or sun, but hey we can send to troops to Lebanon for international respect..sheeet. Big splash in the papers about the two water-bomb planes from Russia. Of course, its not likely Indonesia is paying for them! Once again the international community will get scammed and the rich, selfish bastards will get rich while the young and old die to put money in their bank.

Its as bad as it has ever been, cannot ever breathe indoors today..eyes watering, coughing! Unbelievable... the next door neighbour has decided its a good time to burn off his wet vegation...what is wrong with some people????

A nation should hang its head in shame, when its children cannot even attend school without wearing masks due to plain ugly greed!

On a postive note the mad Mufti has promised to wear a tape over his mouth.. now if only that would catch on with all all the rest of the nutters with the hotline to our salvation.

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