Friday, September 28, 2007


Chuckle.. I do love a Free Press unlike the sad version that exists here in Indonesia, where are plundering despots awarded millions in joke court decisions.

Talking of jokes, the local blog swamp has developed into a bare knuckle, knock down blue as the self appointed guardians of the Indonesian Blog Swamp decide what and who should blog and what should or should not be said..There is no idiot like a self important idiot

We have Jakartass declaring himself a balanced act.. tee hee.. Left Wing, Green and alternative views need not apply but you know what you are going to get and well written.

Tree..Who seems to think Blogs should be a sort of Adrian Mole's Diary only, with a yearly "spit" at expats/west/bush and/or howard. Never the less worth a read if only to confuse yourself. Needs to get over his yearly spit, or have a bex and a lie down.

UNSPUN and Maverick or unspun maverick (whatever) seem to have decided that expat blogs are insignificant (true but who cares)but again interesting reading most of the time.

Jakchat..Who exist to annoy to Tree and talk about tacky sexual habits of unattractive men. (Actually its like visiting a down market pub outside the market gardens, takcy but everyone should visit at least once to see what happens if you drink too much all your life)

Ok (not sure if these guys are involved in the fight yet but what the hell)

Indo Matters...An Essentially Anti Muslim, pro christian site dressed up as a newsy type service (Although the Nuttier Muslims only have themselves to blame with their bizarre behaviour making negative reporting like shooting fish in barrel). Seriously why doesn't the main stream press make fun of these throw backs (Nutty Muslims aka FPI not Indo Matters). Do visit and do keep an eye out for a bloke named Ross, the last of the "reds under the bed" neo cons (NEOCONS ..what cool bullshit word)

Indo Coup..Demands high standards of others but he himself is a self admitted toiler in the grey Zone. Great chick pics tho.

I think the blue all started because someone was not invited to a Party (I am having an Australian Rules Grand Final Party as well tomorrow and none of you soccer sockheads are invited to that either as a matter of principle).

It didn't take long to get nasty..Expats are only here for the money and they critise too much and should go home or be reported to the immigration office for being nasty. Jakchat's website is repulsive and talks cheap sex or whatever and they should be nice coz they are guests..Indonesians are too thinned skinned and/or trying to make a cheap buck, excluding the expats ..blah blah..

Gee rocket science..Expats are here for the money..gee no kidding..who's faults that? Indonesia is where on the world curruption index? A report that 40% of students cannot pass the most basic exam..leads to more money in regional schools..nope we weight the scoring factor so everyone passes..

Indonesians are thinned bet but if you have not noticed that any act that causing a loss of face will result in anger and hurt then you really have not noticed much at all. Quick betcha its a national and presidential approved pass time. No use getting pissed at the expats, as someone said in the big picture they are insignificant, they are not the cause or the solution to the problems in Indonesia.

Finally, who cares if JAKCHAT or other expat blogs are tacky and tawdry, you want nasty and evil try the peanut from Solo (Gee why is that no surprise). If you think expats down the Blok is evil. Go for a visit at the Indonesian sponsored Surabaya Dolly street,,(bugger me they keep the poor buggers in Aquariums)

Anyway, if I haven't slashed any one side enough let me know and I will balance it out..if you have been unfairly maligned ..stiff

Ok thats enough fun..not too serious guys..relax ..but whatever you do, don't promote that fat useless WW as a champion free speech..shiiittt.


P.S. Most of the links you need are on the side of the page..this ain't serious enough for me to link in the post.

If this doesn't get youse blokes arced up then

tomorrow I think I will post on:

Indonesia - the last of the Colonial Powers

Javanese economic refugees to the provinces (are they expats?)

TNI or the Dutch (A history of deaths in comparision)

Bugger it..maybe something serious..

GOD must have left the planet how else to explain that the Mighty Kangaroos are not in the grand final tomorrow....


KuKuKaChu said...

To see the emails that started the blogfest bun fight, click here

johnorford said...

hehehe great post!!

esp like the point about javanese expats in "the provinces" :)

Dilligaf said...

High praise indeed..

You missed out the bit about the Penguins

oigal said...

Hi Dilli.

I must admit I never really read enough to get the Penguin bit..oh well ignorance is bliss they say..

IndCoup said...

glad you like the pics - no point in taking everything too seriously right?!!!

oigal said...

Hey Indocoup..Laugh..I hope you didn;t take offence, I was just slingin' wild generalisations around based on minimal research and facts...but like everyone else in the blog swamp at the moment..

(I was just jealous seemed to be missing out on a lot of fun!!)

treespotter said...

how did i miss this one? LOL, agree with Dilli, the penguins were the highlight

oigal said...

The bloody pengiuns again..Jeez will someone explain or do I have to wade thrrough the swamp and get the drift/