Friday, September 28, 2007

More Knuckleheads

Yet another bunch of do-gooders, who have lost their way..

I hope they don't succeed, I did hear a plan the execution was to take place in Bali. I am sure they could find plenty of offers of help to pull the trigger (Hey SB, call me, it might take a few shots tho..with a bit of luck)

AMNESTY International is calling on Australians and others to write to Indonesian authorities urging them to halt plans to execute three Bali bombers.

The three Islamic militants - Imam Samudra, Ali Ghufron (alias Mukhlas) and the so-called smiling assassin Amrozi bin Nurhasyim - could face the firing squad soon after Indonesia's Supreme Court rejected their final appeals.

The three played key roles in the 2002 terrorist attacks on the resort island of Bali, which killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

Amnesty International Australia anti-death penalty coordinator Tim Goodwin said the human rights group was stepping up efforts to lobby Indonesian authorities to put a stay on the executions.

“Amnesty is completely and universally opposed to the death penalty in any case,” Mr Goodwin said"

Mr Goodwin, here's a letter from one Australian..PISS OFF


johnorford said...

that's the thing, i am against the death penalty.

but indonesia has a record of letting people like these guys go free on a whim, so then the death penalty becomes tempting...

oigal said...

And that is not the real issue John, its the fact that an NGO that collects funds from the public has time and resources to waste on these people.

Are they serious?

Personally I can think of a gazillion issues more demanding of something they could provide if they would stop the pc wanking

Achmad Sudarsono said...


I find it interesting to see that you described an organization that fights for human rights as 'pc' and 'knuckleheads,' when in fact the true cro-magnon, subhuman primates are displayed on your blog. The irony, of course, is the latent sexual arousal you display at a game of nubile, muscular boys, rubbing their bodies together, all the while building up to a climax. Oh, that's right. They call it a goal. Shame, Oigal, Shame. Amnesty fights for human rights. Footy fights for bigotry, poofter-bashing, and punching the missus in the gob when she complaints you've been 'down the pub' too long.