Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Greenstump has been accused of being critical and all over the map. I prefer the term "All over the place like mad women’s shit" but I digress. Then again that’s the whole purpose of a “Rant’ isn’t it? According to the Greenstump Dictionary of barely researched words

“Rant” – To vent ones spleen and cover as many by-standers, innocent or otherwise with said contents of spleen”

Whilst some would say that Ranting not particularly clever where Freedom of Speech and the right to question is fluid, abstract concept despite rather grandiose statements to the contrary. I do have an excuse and a defence for my rants;

SANE Australia (some would say their name alone is a contradiction in terms) says people with mental illnesses
make up nearly 40 per cent of all smokers

Now there’s a defence I can get into..

Oh well that’s all for today, I will write more on the silly concept that Bloggers should not be allowed to be anonymous in Indonesia later..Right now I am ducking out for SMOKE..

“They’re coming to take me away ha ha ..he he..ha ha…Where life is beautiful all time”


friskodude said...

Actually, I thought your "all over the map" rant for the anonymous blogger was excellent, so that's why I posted it. But I'm still curious as hell as to who you any event, enjoy your smoke.

oigal said...

Laugh..Thanks Frisco, I knew your post wasn't negative but gave me a lead in for the new post..sorry if I confused things.

The anonymous bit wasn't direct at you but good ol Unspun, who fails to fails to gasp the concept of free speech does not have and "except for" clause attached to it.

As for who I am, just a journeyman, trying make a few bucks without wasting everything around me..and I come complete with all known vices but generally in meoderation...

oigal said...

generally in moderation...and bad spelling by the looks today..oops