Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enemies of Reason and DOGSHIT

When the Stump was young (hey, it wasn’t that long ago) we did dumb things! Things such as:

Crawling across the roof of a speeding car, on a gravel road near the River Murray, to get to the boot and grab a beer for the driver;

Go to the weekly dance in the next valley wearing your home team’s football jumper;

Kiss HR’s (The school bully) girlfriend at the end of year school “social”;

Gate crash a party, start a fight with the mob, run to the car with your mate only to realise that you have left the car keys on the kitchen table.

Now we did those things but we knew they were dumb. Although we often did not anticipate how much it was really going to hurt..but Kissing HR’s girl friend was really really worth it.

However following some links in the world of blogdom is proving scary..Can OZ teenagers really be this bloody dumb? Some classics:

It’s a proven fact that the Holocaust didn’t happen:

Since I converted to Islam (?) I am a free woman and I want to live in an Islamic Country (Say like Saudi Arabia where women may not drive or perhaps Afghanistan where you run the risk of an acid attack for attending school?)?

Evolution should not be taught unless creationism is given equal billing in science classes?

Bugger me knuckle-heads! It's one thing to be stupid but you shouldn't abuse the privledge.

Ok lets clear some trash..

The Holocaust did happen The Nazi’s themselves, being good German list makers were good enough to provide names, dates, equipments used..Sheesh! even if you don’t want to believe the documented reports and pictures, research the Nazi's records then.

Women and Religion ..Whole segments of the female population are still currently fighting for their rights in all religions and some doe eyed, spoilt brat come sup with this crap!. By their very nature all religions are male dominated, cosy little clubs with little regard for female rights in particular.

Creationism....Give me a break!! Isn’t time to grow up and leave the fairies at the bottom of the garden behind. It ain't science never was never will be.

At least when we were acting dumb as dog shit we knew we were doing just that

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