Saturday, May 30, 2009

RUDD - Unrepresentative Union Lapdog

No one can say it was unexpected, the Australian Krudd government and it’s looney, militant left once again determined tom drive Australia down the path of the 70’s of high employment, high inflation and misery all in the name of a bankrupt ideology.
“UNIONS will pursue industry-wide pay claims and press federal Labor to legally require companies to report wages data annually, in a bid to close the salary gap between male and female workers.
Bargaining claims should include a push for improved hours of work, increased job security, better conditions for casuals and an enhanced work and family balance.
Noting the increased pay gap between men and women, the congress is expected to call on the Rudd Government to introduce new laws and regulations to reduce the difference between the remuneration of male and female employees.
Unions want Labor to require employers to report equal remuneration data annually as a way of promoting equal pay.
Regulations should also be introduced to prevent unequal remuneration, including the issuing of employers with performance improvement notices and mandatory action plans, they say. The Government should appoint a pay equity commissioner and set up a pay equity division within Fair Work Australia to monitor and investigate pay equity”

So let’s see some Union twats who have never held a real job wants:

My company to report to him how much I earn?
Less hours?
More Pay?
More union invention?

One thing about the loony left that they certainly don’t let the real world interfere with their dogma. Even blind Freddy could see companies going under left, right and centre with more and more people out of work every day. Of course, that doesn't matter to these parasites on society.

Bloody morons!!..Krudd, is often accused of being a do nothing bureaucrat, when nothing could be further from the truth. The real question is how much damage can this government do in its one term of unmitigated incompetence.


anong said...

what do you think GM auto workers are worth??

oigal said...

Actually although this post is about Australia. I would suggest that GM auto workers are finding out right now. Is it not true that for the last 20 years GM was known in Union Circles as Generous Motors??? Is it not true that one one the biggest debts GM face was an out of control pension plan with no responsibility from the employee to contribute?

That does not mean the worker should be shafted but for out of control Unions to pretend they did not play a large role in GM's current fate is a joke.

anong said...

I would agree. I hope they make good part owners

oigal said...

It will be interesting to watch this and see how it pans out.