Monday, May 11, 2009


Well it would appear the greatest beat-up since global warming and Al Gore’s disappearing islands has coughed its way into a common cold. The Stump is of course referring to the Mexican Swine Flu or MSF (The swine bit being particularly unfortunate for millions of pigs as the ignorant and uninformed slaughtered millions of pigs in the name of...stupid). One of the more interesting factoids that came out was a 1000 people a year die from bee stings in the USA, one can only imagine the reactions if MSF death count had approached anything like that. Damn they would have been shooting planes out of the sky.

Indonesia ever reliable, provided endless amusement in its reaction to MSF. The masked medical avengers were standing by at every other airport taking temperatures of international travellers by scan or manually depending on the size of the airport (well that was the official line). In accordance with government tradition the Stump’s recent travel at the height of the scare revealed the standard “Style over Substance”
Incident One..Jakarta International (?) Airport, International flight from Singapore is delayed and arrives after 10 pm. Sure enough there are the scanners, the beds, the signs demanding everyone is checked. The amusement, it’s after 10pm and all the health staff (?) have gone home. Maybe the virus cannot live after dark, a reverse vampire thing?

Incident Two
.. A major regional airport is testing international passengers with those digital thermometers you place in the ear. Funnily enough the medical staff (?) were shocked when passengers refused to be checked as they had run out of the disposable plastic covers that go over the pointy bit to prevent person to person infection. Best comment heard in the line “If you try and put that thing in my ear again, you will be measuring the temperature of your small intestine”

The stunning bit was the so called medical staff could not understand the reluctance of people to have an unsterilized instrument that had been in 150 unwashed ears rammed into their heads.

Meanwhile we have senior government officials musing that the virus was USA germ warfare...a rib tickler and the flu bug cannot live it hot climates (which must be news to the Mexicans).

On other issues the head of the corruption commission in Indonesian is currently assisting police with a murder investigation. This is a beauty with sexy caddie girls, drive by murders and allegations of a frame up. The elected officials quickly held a meeting to decide what to do about this, after all you would assume the issue would be how to keep the corruption commission going and uncovering the rampant graft...Ha ha..You assumed wrong..they wanted to cancel all future and current well they would, seeing the number of pollies have been caught with their nose in the trough, time to line up again boys heey!

Still on dopy politicians, the Australian Krudd Government hands down its first budget on Tuesday. This budget is guaranteed to place Australia in more debt than any other time in history. The last Labor government left the Australian Taxpayer with 100Billion dollar debt that took over ten years to pay off during unprecedented boom times. Tuesday’s budget is expected to show a debt of 60 Billion dollars (for 26 million people are you morons serious?). The latest piece of tripe from Treasurer (?) Swan is the current problem is all the fault of the Howard Government..yea right the one that left theses no hopers with with zero public debt, a substantial surplus - $22 billion - lower taxes, record low unemployment, and higher real wages. All Australia will get out of these morons is a 300Billion dollar debt. Already 60 Billion dollars in debt (That's 80 Billion dollars plus all up in less than 12 name one significant infrastructure project or plan).

To those complete dropkicks who fell for the Krudd line of glitz at the last election, your grandchildren will thank you...NOT. At least in Indonesia, the politicians don’t pretend to be providing a service to the people just witness the opportunistic grabs for power as the position of President hangs in the balance.


Anonymous said...

........grabs for power as the position of President hangs in the balance.

... grab for the president's balls as they hang unbalanced

I must be blind .....

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Simon Pitchforth said...

stop wanking over SBY anon.

oigal said...

Youse blokes are getting way to abstract for us simple Stump folk

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oigal said...

Hey Anon..
Capitials no less...
Yep budget is out and more of a bloody disaster than even I thought.
Predicting 4% growth plus in three years..yea right.60 Billion dollar growing to 300 Billion debt, the largest in the nations history.

As for me..Medicare card..dunno where it it is never used it, I have private insurance and no tax claim as it is overseas based..thanks for asking.

Pension..yea much better money is spent on no-hopers likes yourself and pollie electral allowances..

Pay Taxes..yup..both overseas and in Australia although that will probably change thanks to this budget..moving the bloody lock, stock and barrel overseas now.. That will mean a few jobs in oz gone but why should i care, the government doesn't.
As a country pretty well shagged now.

ANON said...

I trust you have seen today's AFR budget supplement page B18 where it states that as from 1/7/2010 any Australian working overseas for 90 or more days a year will have to declare their foreign income for Australian tax, and claim a rebate for tax paid overseas on that income.

I might be wrong but looks like a significant swing

oigal said...

Hi Anon (really wish youse guys would use names so I know if we talking same person or not).

Mmmm Yea saw that..Very Interesting..need to see the detail. Can understand, wanting to stem the scams at very high does it apply to the tens of thousands of technicians, tradies, charity workers, etc workign for muti nationals overseas..You are right a very big swing..

For instance for worst case...screw em..take the rest out of oz and not skin off my nose but few more jobs would be lost in oz