Sunday, August 16, 2009

Climate Change and the Recession

Delusion: The art of selective reasoning and the inability to accept facts outside that clash with a complex fantasy world build up to support a position. Defined requirement of hard core leftists and devotes of the Snake Handling Church of Climate Change.
Well it was the end of capitalism and the free market as we know it! Socialism will save the world yet again. Funny as it is turning out to be simply a cleaning out of some thieves and all of us who thought you can make money from nothing.
Andrew Bolt, yet again came up with great quote from one of the English CCC “Scientists” when asked for access to the raw data for peer review..

“Even if WMO agrees, I will still not pass on the data. We have 25 or so years invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it.”
Gotta love the CCC it really has adopted the policies of a religion based logic system.

Meanwhile, it’s distressing to find out 70% of Australians are idiots. As recent poll in Australia 70% of Australians thought the ETS (Carbon Tax) primarily based on taxing electricity generation, mining and (as of 2013) agriculture is a good idea.
Of course, any moron outside the latte inner city set could tell you that Australia’s economic advantage over the rest of the world it’s access to cheap power generating fuel, raw materials and agriculture. In a fit of country wide stupid, the Queensland Revenge PM and his butch queen CCC minister intend to sacrifice Australia’s future on dubious science and latte politics. Don’t forget even if the CCC was right, the ENTIRE CO 2 production of Australia is less than ½ of 1% of the world total. India, China and Indonesia must be laughing themselves silly at the stupid white kid from Queensland.


scrump said...

Read Paul Shehan "put a sock on it" in today's SMH.

Funny in parts.

I still feel that apart from Bureaucratic churn, the bill cant hurt as a first step?? I mean if the science is wrong what will happen to the earth??

oigal said...

Actually Scrump obviously I disagree the ETS is a bureaucratic nightmare, the whole agruement that "even if CC is not a fact then it can't hurt to clean up the earth is a strawman point to the extreme.

Some facts

1. The ETS (as it stands) hands out more in concessions than it takes out in tax.

2. Those concessions will not be translated into jobs rather to very select high automation industries.

3. The ETS (and its ilk) are poorly focused, pollution levels in the west are not the issue going forward (there are more forests in the USA, Europe and Australia than these ahs been for the past 100 years). The very places that endanger the world are the same places refusing to take part in environmental actitivies..China, India, Russia, Indonesia.

scrump said...

I assume you dont agree with the science and you believe that carbon dioxide levels are stable or are falling; now if any scheme is implemented what's the problem (envirnomentally) if the levels do remain stable or more significanlty actually fall further - is this a worry??

(the points you list are noted)

oigal said...

Scrump, I don't know if the science is correct or not, certainly enough questions about it (it seems anyway).

However, even if the science is correct then we are wasting resources and achieving nothing..perhaps my follow up post explains better???