Monday, August 17, 2009


For change in the Climate Change Discussion, let’s start by stating three facts that remain facts despite hockey stick graphs and rancid green hyperbole:

1. If Australia ceases CO2 emissions to ZERO then Australia will make ZERO change to World CO2 emission levels.

2. Governments do not create wealth, they merely redistribute (usually unfairly) the wealth efforts of others.

3. USA, Europe, Canada and Australia all have doubled their natural forest coverage over the last fifty years.

Yes, you read the first point right, ZERO for ZERO and yet to achieve this remarkable target Australians are going to be taxed an additional 12 Billion dollars at most conservative estimate. Oh don’t be dismayed to salve the pain of yet another piece of green inspired social lunacy, the taxes will be called and known by many tax payer funded names, carbon credits, concessions, cap and trade adjustments. However you can be sure, it will be the average bloke in the street (the one who still has a job) who will pay. The big electricity producer won’t be paying, he will claim his emission concession from the government, at the same time raising prices for a basic commodity to the man on the street .

Of course, the other piece of Macro lunacy and “greentime” dreaming is energy producers must (under the proposed legislation) must adopt 20% alternative energy by 2020. This is despite the fact that the huge white elephant wind farms in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland simply failed to work in June 2009 due to no wind (so much for the theory, if we spread them far enough apart then some wind will always be blowing somewhere). That leaves us with Solar which unfortunately like the wind tends to work to its own agenda rather than the Stumps need to microwave . Things are looking mighty grim but we still have nuclear although that in turn has its own inherent problems which perhaps Australia could overcome but only a fool would consider as an option for the near neighbours at least until they can master something as technically simple as safe ferry travel.

Now invariably, the fence sitters on the Church of Climate Change will say even if the science is wrong, then it can’t hurt to clean up the planet. This is possibly the most dangerous position of all for the intellectually lazy to take. The grand global focus of CCC deflects billions (trillions) of dollars into grandiose, white elephants that create huge committees of experts who ultimately achieve nothing but more committees. As yourself what has Indonesia achieved since the CCC summit Bali two years ago, rainforests still disappearing at record rates, airports in neighbouring countries closed due to illegal burning off but they have achieved 120 delegates to dash off to Europe later this year.

In their rush for global domination, the rancid greens and their gullible devotees have forgotten that like politics all environmental issues are local. Instead of 12 Billion dollars on improbable (nay impossible) targets and dreams which ultimately will achieve ZERO for the worlds environment and make very little impact on the local environment, ask yourself how much real difference 12 Billion dollars would make on repairing the damage to the Murray-Darling river system. The Stump understands that the Rudd and Julia government is not big on actual return for expenditure but 12 Billion to achieve Zero compared with getting the River Murray flowing?

Unfortunately, the CCC is controlled more by pseudo socialist engineers than real environmentalists. You can pick these modern day Captain Nemos, by the way they link grandiose and utopian environmental demands to black arm band wearing versions of history where the “West” (read democracies and developed nations) must pay a collective guilt tax for their standard of living. Never mind the fact that the greatest contributors to CO2 emissions are countries whose development is retarded by combination of constant injections of Western Aid and corrupt, inept local officials. The absolute reality is no amount of hand wringing, revisionist history and carbon taxes is going to make a shred of difference until China, India and Indonesia (amongst others) acknowledge that pollution and environmental damage is their issue to face and not a commercial or Foreign Aid lever to be pulled at their leisure with no accountability. The rancid greens and social engineers who continue to foster such behaviour are a far greater threat to the Global Environment that Bill Turner’s flatulent cows outside of Black Stump Australia.

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