Sunday, December 06, 2009


Interesting times perhaps better described as an awakening and in the case of the patronising acolytes of the Australian Church of Emissions Trading a very rude awakening. Unable to articulate and or quantify how many parts per million of Carbon reduction the proposed Emission Trading Scheme would actually produce, it became evident to all but the rabids that the ETS was nothing but a very expensive, poorly formulated Tax on the people who can least afford it.

The ETS was never anything but a gesture and there is nothing wrong with gestures unless they are hurtful, economy destroying, cost thousands of jobs and solely intended to stifle debate. The previous sentence pretty much describes the flawed plan that was so ineptly proposed by Australian Prime Minister Rudd, Environment Minister, Penny Wong and her faltering lap dog, the aging mediocre rocker whom we all thought had thankfully left the public view forever.

The ETS pundits seem to think that the Australian Public would not realise that Australia already pays some of the highest environment taxes in the world. Under the misnomer of Parity pricing, Australians pay 70% more for fuel than what it costs to deliver, an abundance of coal, based on the normal market forces of supply and demand should allow some of the cheapest power in the world, instead the inverse is true. Yet despite all this, the socialist reformers wish to foist upon the Australian Public, yet another massive pollution (?) and environment tax that would not contribute one thing to the Australian or World Environment condition. In fact it is doubtful if one red cent of the money of this unjustified and evil tax would have been spent in Australia or on Australians.

Unfortunately Malcolm Turnbull, the "interim" opposition leader in Australian Politics bought into this charade to the dismay of millions of disenchanted Australians. This social climbing lawyer, was no doubt driven by the "oh ahs" of the doctor’s wives electorate he represents. Malcolm, like his electorate has never known the hard scramble nor had to survive pay check to pay check existence, so a new tax for misplaced guilt is no issue. Bad luck for him the rest of Australia has revolted against this litany of lies and his just rewards for the betrayal was to be tossed out on his rather shiny rear end.

Tony Abbot has now been elected to the position of Liberal (Opposition) Leader significantly changing the political dynamic in Australia. Whilst the Stump does not agree with all of Abbots positions, there is no doubt Australians for the first time in years can choose between self seeking, shallow spin merchants and real bloke. The Stump believes the likes of Rudd and co are in for a real fight now.

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