Friday, December 11, 2009


What a public official scam Copenhagan is turning out to be, although no surprise to anyone not taken in by pretty little pie charts presented by shallow, chubby idiots. Wouldn’t we all love to know the actual total cost of this pointless little gabfest?

Australia’s effort alone was 114 official trough feeders and you can bet there is any number of “unofficial “ sons, wives and lovers of the trough feeders who will find their way onto the public teat before the bills are paid.

One wonders what how much actual good could be done for the environment if the money wasted here (wanna bet there is no change out of 20 million dollars) was actually spent on ..mmm..say the salinity problems of the River Murray? Of course, that would mean no free for all on the public teat to arrive at an outcome that under any conditions will make NO DIFFERENCE to the environment.

A provisional list published in The Australian today contains the names and details of 114 Australian representatives, compared with just 71 for the United Kingdom.
Mr Rudd did not dispute the reported number, saying officials from the state and territory governments were part of Australia's delegation.

He claimed the Australian delegation was larger than the British contingent because the UK did not have state governments.No just ten times the population…truly a disgusting spin merchant) “We extend an invitation to (officials at the state level) and they come,” Mr Rudd told Fairfax Radio today.

But the provisional list contains details of only 14 representatives of state government, plus one delegate from the Australian Local Government Association. (Lair lair, pants on fire! This Prime Minister will go down as one the greatest lairs and shallow spin merchants in the history of Australia).

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