Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hostile Acts

It’s been a busy week for some Indonesian Government Ministers, with Independence Day and proposing? planning? sending (that won't happen) an Indonesian Peace Keeping (?) Force to the Middle East. Now as an interesting aside, they are also planning to send 42 tanks, but they have to buy them first and ship them straight to Lebanon.

This in itself raises some questions and thoughts on the logic (or absence thereof) applied by some of these people. More of concern is it shows just how beholden the current government is to the more extreme groups in Indonesia.

A couple of quick thoughts anyway...

What use would 42 tanks be? Only one of the combatants has tanks and 42 tanks ain't gunna worry them anyway.

Its common knowledge that to be even semi proficient as a tank crewman you need at least 12 months training, so where and when would the training take place?

Which broker gets the deal? (ok this one is just a bit cynical)

On the same topic Indonesian Defense Minister, Juwono Sudarsono said Friday "that the government had allocated Rp 374 billion (US$41.09 million) to finance some 1,000 troops to join peacekeeping forces in Lebanon."

Now let’s look at this in context. Indonesia does not recognise Israel as a nation, has no diplomatic relations with Israel, as taken a decidedly weak kneed approach to the jihadis (?) planning to travel to the Middle East (to attack who??..sorry trick question) and besides sorely needing the funds at home believes it would be able to act and be respected as a neutral party.... Give us break!!
For a more detailed and cynical view of the plan, pop across to Indonesia Matters

Let’s reverse the situation. How would Indonesia feel/react if Israeli (commonly called the Zionist state) personnel were sent to Aceh to monitor the situation there??.. Can anyone think where $41. million dollars might be spent... perhaps here

Meanwhile, Djoko Susilo, member of House of Representatives Commission I overseeing security and international affairs declared Prime Minister of Australia had hostile intentions towards Indonesia after withdrawing withdrawal a proposed new immigration law in the country.

Djoko from the National Mandate Party was quoted by the Jakarta Post as saying "The withdrawal reflects hostile intentions. Howard was not serious from the beginning. The initiative was taken only to trick the Indonesian government so that it would send back its ambassador to Canberra, and Howard could meet President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Batam" he went on to say "it is incomprehensible that Howard could withdraw the legislation although his party held a majority of seats in the Australian parliament and senate"

It fact it is not incomprehensible at all. It’s called democracy at work! It was a particularly nasty piece of legislation which would have further prevented refugees from accessing legal processes in Australia and worse doomed them to long stays on difficult to monitor "off shore" facilities.

The legislation did not "sit well" with the Australian people and more than one government "back bencher" knew his seat was at risk if he didn't LISTEN to the people. It was pleasing to see that in a least in some cases, ETHICS rather than party politics won the day and banished this piece of appeasement to the dustbin where it belongs.

Djoko (a renown hater of all things OZ) by his statement demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of the democratic process in Australia (not a good situation for someone sitting on the Commission I overseeing security and international affairs) or....

Seriously, the Indonesian People deserve better than this from their elected representatives (?). Perhaps then instead of blaming others, the real issue of why there are so many Asylum seekers from Indonesia could be addressed.

As for the assertion that the withdrawal of the legislation was "Only to trick the Indonesian government so that it would send back its ambassador to Canberra"

I have some bad news one noticed he was gone!


patung said...

Apparently they are trying to buy 32 "VAB"? tanks from France, once France comes back from holiday that is, and have them sent straight to Lebanon - then I guess there will be training on the job.

oigal said...

Thanks Patung, I stand corrected and thanks for the link.

I am not familiar with VAB. Its not likely they are any more than armoured vehicles anyway. Tanks just sounds so much more impressive but a real tank normally costs in excess of $1million per unit not to mention logistics and training. I can't see even the TNI having 32 mill lying around in the petty cash tin and who would give credit??

"Training on the job" works for a delivery drivers perhaps for soldiers it gets people killed.

Do you just love that "France was on holiday so we can't buy the tanks yet"...Its France not Indonesia, people work the holidays when required (and i think the purchase of 32 tanks would generate a bit of overtime if it was for real and not fanasty stuff again)..

patung said...

This seems to be it - vab.

oigal said...

Yep.. should have recognise the name...not a Tank at all, a lightly armoured infantry taxi.

Still We are sending 32 (42) tanks sounds to much more impressive when you are preaching to the converted...

BTW.. Israel.3,600 MBT (thats real tanks not taxi's) according to ..
Jane's 2006.

the Indonesia people deserve better than some of these people wasting money and time like much to do at home

Joepsc said...


Quoting you "Let’s reverse the situation. How would Indonesia feel/react if Israeli (commonly called the Zionist state) personnel were sent to Aceh to monitor the situation there??.."

Very well said and I fully agree with your reasoning; there should not be a double standard, and that applies to an individual or a nation.

Furthermore, charity should begin at home as long as the need for foreign aid exists.

oigal said...

Thanks Joe,
Its nothing more than a play to the more radical groups by 2nd rate pollies.

The situation is so dicey there, the very hint of bias would be a disaster (which also rules out the US supply troops). I notice Germany is not supplying any combat soldiers due to potential clashes that could be mis-read and it looks like Italy will lead the mission (I wish them luck in a Solomon like task). Oh and it appears France has bailed.