Monday, August 07, 2006

Isn't there enough already

"INDONESIAN protests against the Israeli offensive in Lebanon grew at the weekend, with one of the main organisers, Muslim political agitator Suaib Didu, declaring a deadline of Tuesday for hostilities to cease "or I will no longer bear responsibilities for the jihad activities that follow"."

"He repeated that claim after Saturday's ceremony, adding that if John Howard did not quickly condemn Israel's military actions against Hezbollah, "we have operatives in place who can assassinate him".

loaded words?.



IndCoup said...

aren't the arab countries rejecting the UN peace proposal?

Joepsc said...

Someone should tell him "MYOB"and advise him to round up his "operatives everywhere" to help his country which is reeling from one unfortunate disaster after another, needing much foreign help. He had misplaced his loyalty !

IndCoup said...

funny old world: