Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Im Back...Where's the Troll?

Been a bit crook (sick) and at the same time busy traveling around a bit so my blogging has been more slack of late. I think my trolls have died of neglect (similar to real life I suppose).

Still not all is lost, Treespotter has been exposed as one of the pasty Balmy Army. After all I have written, bleated, blabbed, moaned and groaned about! It is my post on the miserable effort by the POM’s in the first Ashes Cricket Test that leads him to accuse me of cultural superiority.

Tough!!…Did I tell youse, the Poms got flogged, shellacked(?), beaten, trounced, whipped and burnt in the Second Ashes test as well. I did get some advice where the cricket could be viewed but not being a Jakarta lad, I am doomed to internet streaming (at glacial download speed, I think that’s Wally Grout coming up to wicket keep now)

Other things of note; It looks like a former GAM fighter will be governor of Aceh which is sure to make the “powers that be” in Jakarta more than a tad jittery. I can have a second girlfriend and/or wife (although apparently my penis will be removed, which kinda defeats the purpose). Sorry if you don't get the last one. Its been all the rage lately in Indonesia if it is right or not to take one wife or two, three or even four ok five then. It has been quite a talking point (the topic not the wives).

There is a BLOGFEST on this Friday?? See Jakartass for details..

Oh and I nearly forgot... Vice Prez Kalla reckons (and I paraphrase here)”The current anti corruption drive is making government officials to scared to do their jobs and therefore stalling numerous projects” I must be a cynic..Does that mean they don’t how to perform their duties without being corrupt..nagh couldn’t be!!
Some one really needs to a book on our Kalla, the US has its Bushisms we could have our Kallams, its only fair why should the yanks have all the fun.

My own personal view is that the current (oops anti-corruption) corruption drive is all arse about. I don’t believe for a minute that the average Indonesian is any more corrupt than anyone else. The vast majority of (all) people will take advantage if they think they can get away with no consequences. The difference being is a free and robust professional press/media is just waiting to shame you. Name any country with a free and robust press and you will find them near the top of the anti-corruption tree..Name any country with a restricted, muzzled, pliant press and you will find them languishing at the bottom of the corruption tree (where the manure collects).

Of course, that means activists should not die on national carriers, reporters should be protected not beaten up or killed, and editors should not have to face long and lengthy trials for publishing unpopular stories (nor have their homes seized).

Free the press, Free the nation.

Lastly, according to the Jakarta Post today "20 Greenpeace Supporters were jailed for protesting the destruction of Indonesian Forests. Interesting...there are currently……..0, zilch, nada in custody for covering hundreds of homes in mud. . Yosef Ardi has interesting post on the topic here.


treespotter said...

my trolls are holding gatherings!

impressive, no?

i saw cricket on the weekend, too. Two bottles of wine, and i think i understand it better now.

oigal said...

Really troll gatherings..

You could do a post on that.. I mean what do you call a gathering of trolls..Its certainly can not be a pride of trolls.. a murder of trolls perhaps..a pod of trolls..a cluster??..

Of course..I had it in mind, it was like the that movie when they gather together and cut off each others head because "There can be only one".. of course he/she then goes on to rule a country like the US or Iran..(,mmmmm)

IndCoup said...

I saw the cricket in Kuta; we knocked up a massive score, it all looked good, and then we threw it away!!!

undercovercookie said...

It's 'barmy army'. not balmy army. We are certainly more barmy than balmy.
Despite being English, I never understood the rules of cricket or what was going on. I now understand the rules but still can't figure out what is going on. And the only players I could pick out of a line up would be Flintoff and Monty.
As to trolls, They are probably a lurk of trolls. Or maybe a nuisance of trolls.

treespotter said...

i was thinking 'herds' but cluster sounds good.

afterall, you could say 'clusterfuck' and 'herdfuck' doesn't sound right.

no, no, that's the Highlander. They're pretty cool and the chicks are hot. This is more like the Gremlins.