Saturday, December 16, 2006

King Prawn Cricket

Another Cricket Test is underway (Still cannot watch it here..bugger!) and some of my associates have been kind enough to send me pictures of themselves enjoying the match from a Corporate Box. This raises two questions; Who did they kill for tickets? Would it be considered bad form, if I send them a King Prawn by snail mail for xmas?

Undercover Cookie. has been kind enough to correct my post on the cricket. It’s the Barmy Army not Balmy Army although UC should be careful correcting my spelling errors it is a full time job with very low pay and job satisfaction.

UC further states that like millions of other poor souls, she really has not got the hang of cricket yet. She should not be disappointed, it’s like reading a Joseph Conrad novel, an acquired taste requiring concentration and dedication but once acquired everything else is just a pale imitations.

By the way, if you like reading, do try some Joseph Conrad. Enjoy the magnificent use of words to paint a picture. Its interesting to note that English was not even JC’s first language yet he puts all to shame before his prose. Wilbur Smith could only dream such ability.

On lighter news (or should that be lightweight news). Despite the fact my Trolls have obviously died and been recycled as road way humps, there is a sort of competition to decide what is the correct plural term for Trolls. Some early suggestions include:

Herd, Cluster, and personal favorite a ‘Nuisance of Trolls” (Thanks UC). Of course some of the more non PC had to be ruled out for legal reasons i.e. A LAPINDO of Trolls or a Bakery (sic) of Trolls. Anyway feel free to post any suggestions. The winner will be re-directed to Treespotters site as with his untold wealth, he is always giving away prizes like two tickets to Disney On Ice in Tehran or such like (I can only afford to throw in a free Bintang).

Anyway, winding down to Christmas and a holiday in beautiful Bali..Countdown has begun.

P.S. The Poms are losing the cricket again..oh the joy..the joooyyy…

P.P.S. Rumour has it (and I missed it) that Beheadings in Iraq were aired on national TV Today. Note to the "Powers that be" (Or Idiots that are) you only look very very stupid and ignorant when you complain about people kissing on TV but allow beheadings to aired in prime time (let alone any other time). What sad twisted values some people (?) have.


treespotter said...

oh, the more trolls you send over my way the merrier. it's been rather quiet recently. the last of them morons was fussing over Qantas then quietly disappeared.

I will specifically provide a designer tin foil hat for your trolls.

and oh, on the other things, do listen to cookie. She's the one person on earth i listen to on just about everything :D

oigal said...


I did listen to cookie , just said correcting my grammer and spelling its not a task to be taken lightly.

Seriously, my trolls have died off I think..although I am laying a bait today