Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lords of the RINGS

"Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong. You cannot shirk this and be a man." Mark Twain

From time to time, Indonesian bloggers particularly expatriate bloggers face the accusation they are too critical of Indonesia and its ways (for want of a better term). In many cases, quite rightly and I do include myself.

In my defence, its the old story when you do good no one bad and the world world knows about it.

So in that vein and with the bottom feeders already at the trough positioning for the next election, I thought I would so a post appealing for help to identify those in power, who actually are working for the people. You know the good guys, the honest ones, the ethical ones.

The Jakarta Post gives a great example today, there must have been at least one person who said NO THANKS!

I won't link to the post, the links disappear anyway, but story goes like this..

Three members of the Bekasi Legislative Council from the 1999-2004 period returned Friday gold signet rings that were bestowed upon them as gifts at the end of their terms in office.

The rings, worth Rp 66.6 million each (about $7000USD EACH), were given to 45 councilors. But the Supreme Audit Agency found they were improperly purchased, using budgetary funds.

Ok we can discount the three members who gave the rings back as good guys. Its safe to assume they only did it after The 2004 Presidential Decree on guidelines for regional budget spending which states that money for gifts, souvenirs or bouquets cannot be taken from the budget was issued.

(Getting nervous lads..if it was an attack of ethics, it took a long time coming).

So my question is surely there was one man/woman who didn't need a Presidential Decree to tell right from wrong?

Surely there is one man/woman who looking around the conditions that Bapak and Average have to endure thought "gee a $7000 gift from the council budget, in country with 10 million unemployed (officially, unofficially I reckon you could times that by 5 and still be under)is not really the thing to do?

Surely, there is one man/woman who looked at the schools in the said area and just vomited at the thought of taking the ring?

Who is he/she?

We need a hero!!

Perhaps we could start a bloggers dream team??? (if we can find enough respectable contenders, gotta admit cupboard looks bare).


Achmad Sudarsono said...

Hi Oigal and All,

In many ways, I think the corruption so widely publicized is a bit of a myth. Can anyone actually prove much ?

Anyone who lives here know that Indonesians aren't corrupt. Plus, many subscribe to the faith of Islam, which clearly forbids the practice of corruption.

Whatever the aim of the reporting on corruption does discredit Indonesia's many achievements, does it not ?

Increase Da Peace,


treespotter said...

nah, i think you're just getting old and tired...

expat bloggers aren't too critical of Indonesia and its ways, most times they're just boring and not at all fun. they're being so miserably shit, i think it all calls for a good time out. In all counts, Rakyat Merdeka beats them hands down.

In any case, how could you miss the whole penis incidents? Indonesian MPs have small penis, you heard that?

The dream team, is it a wet dream?

PS: my troll is a dentist.

oigal said...


What can I say...Your views of the world is always amusing, scary, trolly but amusing.


Good time out..yep I agree certainly raises my view of the world...although morning after can be a bit gloomy...

Penis..what penis...did I miss something..then again not really in the market for penis stories..

Dream team..I just thought one of you guys could point us to a "good news governance story" I mean reading "tempo" for instanc eand you would think the whole world is coming to an'd reckon each edition should have at least one page on a good guy..

Wet Dreams..I am lucky I am living one.

Troll..tee have to guess who mine is..pretends to be someone he is not and thinks no one knows..
Yours is dentist..serious?

Achmad Sudarsono said...


What's a Troll ?

You're not talking about Mr. Thang ?

Increase Da Peace,


Achmad Sudarsono said...

Dear Oigal,

What's a troll ?

You don't mean Mr. Thang ?

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Hey Mr. Oigal,

I was just thinking. Back in school I received some training called "Pancasila Education..." It included several courses on the philosophy of my country.

If you love Indonesia, maybe you could take the course too ! There are five components based on the five philosophies.

I think 99 % of Indonesia's problems are because we've strayed from Pancasila education.

treespotter said...

okay, so you want to do another happy post run?

we'll see, i might have some.

Achmad Sudarsono said...

On Heroes:

I think Indonesia has many. Here are some of my candidates:

1. Pak Suharto: for building Indonesia.

He led this country for 32 years, building untold prosperity and leading the country toward a better future. Sure in the later years, he made some mistakes, but not as many as people blame him for.

2. Aburizal Bakrie: The true Indonesian entrepreneur.

He is the only Muslim conglomerat and diversity is important. He makes money for his shareholders, but also finds a way to give back to the community by building mosques. Asiamoney agrees - giving Bakrie & Bros the company of the year award.

3. Rhoma Irama: the People's Poet.

Bands like Dewa and Peter Pan make music for spoiled Indonesian mall rates with too much gel in their hair. Rhoma makes music for the people: Dangdut, the sweet, undulating melodies telling of love and loss, spiced with rythyms from India and Arabia.

4. A.A.Gym: for not being afraid to change his mind. Like Rhoma - he's a man of the people. But when his heart beckoned - and he fell in love with a second woman - he heeded the call. The Quran says a man can take two wives. A.A. Gym did.

That's it for starters, Friends.

Increase Da Peace,


oigal said...

Hi Jakartass,

No you certainly are not the Troll!!

Achmad ..Whats a troll???...Did you know what seperates us from Animals is self-awareness (and no not Thang).

Hi Tree..

Maybe.. I was just thinking perhaps we could identify some of the good guys and give them some Blog space..

Achmad.. Perhaps you mis-read..Its Hero's, not anti heros. I am sure your comments would be topical amongst those people around the Sidoarjo area and a large majority of Indonesian women who for some bizarre reason think taking two wives has more to do with lust than love..

IndCoup said...

hi greenstump - you didn't delete my comment did ya?


oigal said...

Hi IndCoup,

No I didn't although I have lost some comments recently (J/Ass was one) tick accept but they disappear anyway..sorry..

Rest assured, I only ever delete the most Troll like or obscene comments and even then advise I have deleted..

I never saw yours tho..can you camment again please

Achmad Sudarsono said...

My Friend Oigal,

I'm recommending an article to you called "Amateur Hour" in the New Yorker about Blogging. You can get it online.