Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Professors and Liars

In this day and age of global and instant media coverage, the trouble with making really bizarre statements is it is only a matter of time before someone, somewhere calls your bluff!

Senior Brother Grimm commenting on the Lapindo Mud Disaster that left thousands upon thousands homeless and has caused untold enviromental damage, recently stated "According to the experts, it is truly a natural disaster nothing can prevent," This was in front of a room of foreign correspondents in Jakarta last week. He went on to say "It happens in a lot of places of the world". Yea Right!! These statements were made to the sound effects of journalists and others laughing uncontrollably and falling off chairs.

Then wouldn't you know it on Page 3 of Jakarta Post today, the findings of a scientific team lead by Professor Richard Davies (University of Durhams Centre for Research into Earth Energy Systems). The good Professor not only disputes the Brother's Grim Version, but actually rules them out even as just silly. The article which was printed in the peer review journal "GSA Today".

Thats two completely different stories going around. The trick for most us in Indonesia is to work out who is the liar. Do we believe Professor Davies and his team or the ass clutching version of the brothers Grim.

Even in the worst of circumstances, there is always a smile (grimace) to be had if you look hard enough. The lastest competition in Indonesia is which is the poorly position named cabinet position in Indonesia..Is it "Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare" (What a great title) or Transport ("we know the planes are safe") Minister or the annual favorite the Minister the Environment (also know as Minister for Plam Oil) .

I'll say one thing for them all, they all have balls as big as elephants! How the F*** these Grims and friends even look at themselves in the mirror every day astounds me.

Also on the rumour mill.... Over 5000 villagers in Puncak Papau have been forced to flee their homes due to violence and threats of violence. No confirmation as yet and I don't think we will see anything in Indonesian Papers. Does anyone have any good links on the latest "hearts and minds" in the provinces.

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