Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tough Tape and Tough Men

Ok, a couple of direct pinches today, after all piracy is not a crime but a vocation in Indonesia.
Out of respect for the Indonesian Airline Industry and the Transport Minister we bring you these:

To find out which airline you will have to go here.

On another topic, although still related to unsavory human beings and a lack of regard for others. I am constantly surprised by the tolerance that Indonesians show to people (and I use the term loosely!) that continue to bring the majority religion and the nation into disrepute.

"Islamic (????) Protesters at the indecency (????) trial of editor Playboy's Indonesia editor, Erwin Arnada hurled abuse at Playboy magazine's first Indonesian centerfold Thursday, calling her a prostitute and saying they hoped her daughter would be raped." As the incident was widely reported in the International Herald Tribune, its safe to say Indonesia's reputation as taken yet another knock on the world stage, thanks to the bottom feeders.

"Hope your daughter gets raped!!!" besides the fact that playboy international, let alone the soaped, washed out Indonesia version is pretty lame. To say I hope you daughter gets raped, is by any standards in any civilisation a repugnant comment!! It is a sad reflection on society that people like this still seem to be able to walk the street without being condemned as the complete Dickheads and two-bit bullies they are.

One of the protestors was pictured in last Friday’s Jakarta Post (and we ain’t talking the top of the gene pool here), was pictured trying to destroy a copy of the Indonesian Playboy. Sadly (for him) he was reduced to tearing it up page by page (which is pathetic, we ain't talking a phone book here). Even more ironic was a man (?) like him was tearing up pictures of a beautiful girl in a bikini. Lets be honest, it’s the closest a sorry little thug like that is every going to get to a girl not under duress.

If you cannot get last Friday's Jakarta Post, Indcoup has remarkable likeness of the thug here

There are millions upon millions of great people in Indonesia, but as they say.."just one goat"

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