Thursday, March 29, 2007

Green Workers and Green Trees

We all have them, those pivotal moments in a plan where we make a decision and run with it, only think later “Damn, hadn’t thought of that”!

This is one such story. A couple hours from where I live is a nice little town and from an outsider’s point of view the Wali Kota (Mayor) has/is doing a very good job. The streets are clean, there is a garbage service and generally the town infrastructure is sound. Of course, like the majority of Indonesia, basic amenities like power and water remain sporadic at best, however that is well outside the local Wali Kota’s control.

Along with clean streets a significant work force is employed to ensure the Parks and Gardens are maintained. This is where the pivotal plan moment kicks in, its very easy to imagine.

Scene: The bosses all sitting around admiring their new Blackberrys (in tandem with the second compulsory “mistress phone”).

First Official “Ok, we have got these Parks and Gardens up and running and have a new budget for uniforms”

Second Official “Great, that should keep every one happy, what is the design”

First Official “I was thinking Parks and Gardens, its obvious the uniform should be Green”

Second Official “ Great Idea, lets do it maybe we will get mention in the Stern Report”

Three weeks later…

First Official “We seem to be going through a lot of Parks and Gardens workers’

Second Official “Why, they not happy? We bought them uniforms”

First Official "That’s the trouble, most of our Gardens are in the middle of the roads, with the green uniforms, the workers look just like bushes until they stand up in front of the on-rushing bus”

Second Official “Sheesh, our poor workers, Green seemed such a good idea. I wonder what the last thing is going through their mind when the bus hits them"

First Official “Their arse”



oigal said...


You opinions and thoughts (ok thought singular, lets not give you too much credit)are of no interest to me..but it is fun to watch you waste your time fool..



Achmad Sudarsono said...

My haiku:

The sound of one man Snipping.


He can't face The Truth, so he silences its champions.


March, 2007. Achmad Sudarsono.

Anyway - I have launched a new column: OigalWatch, to keep you on your toes, Old Friend !. :-)

Jakartass said...

Hi Oigal.
Is someone taking part of my name in vain?
Whatever, I'm just dropping by to say it's good to have you back with your right on righteousness.

And aren't you lucky to have such a nice town to live near. Reminds me of where I want to be ~ north of Bukittinggi in West Sumatra.

Cheers from Jakartass

oigal said...

Hi J,

Ooops...never even thought of that..Ass is just a name for my resident they say any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely ..Sorry for the confusion.

I must get up to the places you mention, I am on a personal quest to find the most liveable province/city/own in Indonesia. Any hints?

oigal said...

Ass (or from now on the Troll formerly known as Ass)..

A whole column just for me..I am flattered..based on your previous efforts at maintaining a semi-literate blog thats a half life of what....5 days.. still thanks for the traffic.

Actually, (I guess its the thousand monkey, thousand type writer theory in action) some times you manage to spew forth some valid points but your personal attacks and bile are only deserving of a broken nose, not publication on this keep writing and I'll keep snipping. Its my part in cleaning up the environment.