Sunday, March 18, 2007

Perth, Singapore

Recently had a good excuse to spend time in Perth, Australia this last fortnight. Perth certainly deserves its reputation as the most beautiful city in Australia, if a little er..quiet after 10pm. I am sure if you were a local there would be plenty of places to enjoy but as a tourist...shhhh..I think everyone's asleep! After Indonesia where there seems to people carrying on with their lives 24 hours a day, its a bit of a culture shock to be staring down the main street of a major city with nary a soul to be seen.

Best of all got to spend a few days in SINGAPORE, which just so happened to have a huge parade every night down Orchard Road.

Life can be Good !

Check out the parade in Singapore (Gotta love them Singapore Girls) and the beach right out side our hotel in oz.


treespotter said...

never been to perth, but i never like singapore much.

but well, yes to Singapore girls. they're fun. much more fun than they appear to be, really.

oigal said...

You should really really go to Perth and make sure its in the warm weather.. Magnificent beaches and local fauna has some outstanding features. Although as only a visitor I have yet to work out the nightlife..there must be people around after 10pm ..but where are they?

Singapore girls..yep agree. I used to have a GF from there and nothing was more pleasing to hear the SG Airlines recently rejected calls to changre the uniform.

oigal said...


You have been snipped again (I can't help it, its fun)! Your country?? You about as much an Indonesian as I am..anyway..Ass (or should I say Harry) have fun until next we meet...

oigal said...

Harry Ass,

Even for a troll you are a remarkably slow would help if you had something bordering on intelligent to add..but as you don't... SNIP........ and next time you talk to your folks..remember DUREX DUREX, DUREX

Achmad Sudarsono said...


The more intelligent my comments -- see posting on Tarzan is an Ex Pat -- the more you are likely to snip them. Someone who can't take The Truth from a Brown Man is even less likely to concede defeat in debate with one. (In your case, mass-debate is the only think you could manage). I 'spose you've learned from the Suharto regime; denying a man the right of a reply (that's me).

oigal said...

Gee I must be bored today.

Well Ass, its like this, on your planet insults (and poorly framed ones at that) count as debate here they are just boring..

"more intelligent my comments" Sorry but a bucket of slop is a bucket of slop is a bucket of slop..

"denying a man the right of a reply (that's me). " Wow I am glad you qaulified that with the "thats me" because believe me there is little risk of anyone considering you a "man"

See you soon Harry..