Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indonesian Playboys

Many years ago when I first came to Indonesia, friend took me aside and said “Welcome to Bizzaro Land, where nothing is as it seems where yes means no and No means maybe”
He went on to explain (with some accuracy it was proven as time past) that Indonesia was a place that would bring you to the very depths of despair only to be followed the very next day with an overwhelming urge to spend the rest of your life here.

Incredible natural beauty contrasted with the ugliness of unchecked pollution and plundering. Vast wealth walking hand in hand with abject poverty. Loving family links to which most westerners have never experienced often coupled with an absolute disregard for their fellow Indonesian. It’s an interesting ride to say the least.

Why do I bring this up, well yesterday was really one of those “Bizarro Land” moments
Only in a Alternate universe could this happen,

A mother with four children poisons her children and then kills herself because her husband has run away and she has no money to feed, clothe or school her children (one was just a babe in arms).

A child dies in it's father arms from malnourishment

Hundreds of people die in plane crashes, Ferry burnings and Train smashes in a period of weeks.

Thousands of people are homeless due unchecked volcanic mudflows, with the company reportedly responsible during little expect ducking and weaving.

Now in a sane world you would think that a Minister for People’s Welfare and a Transport Minister would have at least a case to answer. Nope, here in Bizarre land we charge the editor of a lame verson of Playboy Magazine. His crime; damaging the country’s morals and “making the people uneasy” and further we demand he is sentenced to two years Gaol. All played to a background of bucktoothed, illegal immigrants, moral fanatics and their sheep

I am going out on limb here, and suggest it is not a Lame, Dated Magazine that makes Indonesians and anyone else with an ounce of humanity uneasy. Its pictures and stories of children dying, mothers so desperate they kill their own children. That’s obscene! That’s Offensive…..That’s so sad it breaks your heart.

Every one of you thieving, miserable, self serving, greedy, inbred, vile, vomitous fat bastards sitting in your ivory towers, scamming your next rip-off, should be forced to have a 8x10 glossy picture of those children on your desk, so you can see what you are responsible for every bloody day! You are morally bankrupt Playboys of Indonesia.

The people really do deserve so much more than this..


Jakartass said...

Welcome back, Oigal ~ you've been missed.

Sometime in the future you'll get an email from me. Yep, welcome back to the land of really crap internet connections.

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Halo Friend,

Some people, like Thang D Nguyen, fight for The Truth. Others delete comments from their Blogs.

If Indonesia is such a Bad Place, full of Ugliness and Bad People, why are you here ? I'm sure your country has problems -- if you're so smartypants why can't you fix those ? (Aboriginal deaths in custody, anti-Asian racism, poor pronunciation of the English language).

If you want to see morally bankrupt Playboys feeding off the desperation and poverty of others, take a trip to a little street called Jalan Felatehan at Blok M. Guess what nationality most of its inmates - I mean patrons are ?

But then of course, you could just delete this post, Friend. So much easier to deny responsibility, and reality, the same charges laid at the feet of Mr. Bakrie and others...


johnorford said...

i don't think it's indonesia, it's the first world sweeping all the poverty and crap in places like indonesia.

then it comes as a shock when first worlders peer under the carpet...

of course indonesia govts haven't covered themselves with glory either...

oigal said...

Hi J,

Thanks and good luck with your connections..


I see my time away has not got that chip off your shoulder..
Thang ..Tee Hee..I am still awaiting his response as a writer, after stating Thailand Coup and the resultant censorship is good thing..Not a smart guy..

Ok concentrate now, just a little bit..

I never said Indonesia was full Ugliness and Bad People, I said the good people and beautiful places were being harmed by the scum..its not a difficult concept and one most Indonesians I suspect would agree with.

This blog is primarly about Indonesia from my perspective.. If you want to see blogs about the good and bad of Australia, get your Mom to help you with google search..Here's a tip, if you wnat to feel warm and fuzzy about corrution elsewhere type in Brian Bourke and Western Australian Government..there feel better?

BLOK M...For Pete's sake, get over your impotence and sing another tune..its boring

"So much easier to deny responsibility, and reality, the same charges laid at the feet of Mr. Bakrie and others..."

Excellent a BELLY LAUGH ..THANKS..
So my blog and Mr bakrie are on the same level...ho ho ho...
I have told you a zillion times not to exaggerate.
BTW..How's your blog going?

Ok that's it for bugger off and play with your thing!


"don't think it's indonesia, it's the first world sweeping all the poverty and crap in places like indonesia"

A rather grand and sweeping statement! I guess I will have to read your blog to get where you are coming from..

At what point to we stop blaming others (or God) and look inwards..

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Friend : my Blog lives again. Another voice fighting for The Truth about the White Man.

oigal said...

Great..I suggest your first post be "The Joys of Contraception" and post a copy to your mom!

oigal said...


"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but you abuse the privilege"

Snip...and another inane rant bites the dust...

Do tell what colour is the sky in your world..?