Saturday, June 23, 2007

Global Warming hits the stump

Bugger it!!

Just when I was throwing out all my winter woolies (which I had collected for the great coming Ice Age that we were assured was coming in seventies) and swapping them all for board-shorts and suntan lotion, THE BLOODY DROUGHT broke in Australia.

As of 22/6/07 Sydney’s water catchment dams were at 50% up from 39% a week before. I have always thought it was a bit bizarre not to expect droughts on the driest continent in the world but hey who I am to question the great global warming gods (previously know as the Y2K gods, the nuclear winter gods, the…never mind you get the picture).

Far be it for anyone to suggest that just perhaps Australia suffered a water shortage due to huge population increase over the past 20 years coupled with outbreak of loony greens who opposed each and every effort to build additional water catchment areas (along with everything else).

Meanwhile, other parts of Australia have experienced the coldest day in 30 years which is a bloody funny way to run a global warming program. Maybe Australia wasn’t invited?

I know that a couple of instances don’t break a model, but if the GGW acolytes can cherry pick facts, so can I. A few more of these and Al’s bell curve will invert and disappear up its own orifice dragging Al and the acolytes with it.. (Just where did the Y2K ghoulies go).

Meanwhile this is worth a visit just for fun but do bring a jumper.

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