Sunday, June 10, 2007


Had to make an urgent flight into Jakarta last week to accompany someone very close to me for a medical emergency.

I hereby state that those arrogant, inconsiderate arseholes who block the emergency lane are the scum of the earth.

To the guy we swiped after he repeatedly refused to clear passage..SCREW YOU TOO!! We chucked a business card at ya, do call.. I am dying to explain to you in person, in close up, extermely personal, graphic manner why you are an arsehole!

I would have loved to stop at the time but frankly we had a human being (different species to yourself) to care for and who was more important to us than some arrogant Pr**k in his new shiny car..

That being said, the medical aid we received (once we got there) was outstanding! Don't believe all you hear about the medical facilities in Indonesia (as long as you can afford to pay!!)

I now have a new hobby, whenever in Jakarta, hire the oldest wreck you can and wait for the arseholes to rip past in the emergency lane...Its just a matter of mving left a few inches.. and the fun begins


johnorford said...

Wow, I hope everything is OK with your loved one!

It's good to hear that someone has something good to say about medical care in Indonesia - I repeatedly hear Singapore is the closest stop for good care - which is depressing...

oigal said...

Hi John,

Yes we were lucky and things ok now. Cannot explain the feeling being stuck in traffic jam (with emergency lane blocked) in a very serious situation.

Singapore has a very very good reputation but for us that would have meant another 2 hours in the plane (plus the customs wank) which we did not have..

There are a number of good hospitals in Jakarta, the trick is knowing which ones. Of course all of these hospitals are out the reach of 98% of the population

Jakartass said...

Glad things worked out OK in the end, Oigal.

I've just re-read what I wrote in Culture Shock - Jakarta and I don't say anything bad about the city's hospitals, only suggesting that insurance policies tend to list the good ones. And there is a small section on dealing with stress.

But, as you may imagine, the traffic has a major write up. One thing I don't mention is an "emergency lane". What is it and what part of the road does it occupy?

(CS-Jkt. is due for publication in August and you get a mention in the acknowledgements).

oigal said...

Hi J,

Thanks, yes things did work out in the end but it was touch n go for awhile..

Emergency Lanes, far left of the majority toll roads (including airport to City)indicated by unbroken white line. Supposed (?) to be restricted to emergency vehicles, police, ambulance, fire brigade etc. Indonesia used as an extra lane for any arrogant SOB, self important, self appointed public official (demi-god/satan).

To be fair on the hospital, by the time we got there I was fairly uptight and angry in that mood to find fault with anything and everything in-country (the mood that strikes all expats from time to time). The Hospital was very old, but try as I might I could not fault it, spotless, professional and every the security guards could not do enough to help.

I look forward to CS, I must admit I have never read it..acknowledgements huh... I hope thats a good thing