Sunday, October 21, 2007

Howard Rudd and Communist Dolphins

A the battle royal goes on in Australian Politics, much to mangy lefts horror the Labour Party's (Little Kevin Rudd' Mob) reported huge lead in the polls has been cut by half in the first week. Of course that was to be expected, the people of Australia are tired of the Howard (Liberal Party) Government and have expressed a desire for change. Unfortunately, the more they look at the alternative, the more it appears Rudd is just a Bangkok Whore, pretty to look at but bloody expensive and unpredictable in a long term relationship.

The big debate between Rudd and Howard was televised tonight and that may give the whore a bit of a push as Howard was caught flat footed on a number of occasions.

Meanwhile those of you lucky enough to be regular passengers of EMIRATES AIRLINES (I hear they are very "Swish"). You will be pleased to know that EMIRATES are also the bastards that supply the transport and support the live Dolphin trade. One of the more repugnant things we do to other species.

HONIARA, Solomon Islands - The carcasses of three bottlenose dolphins - including a calf - were found dumped near a holding pen in the Solomon Islands where controversial exports of the mammals were planned. The exporting company on Wednesday denied any knowledge.

The partly decomposed bodies of the dolphins, which were torn open, apparently by stray dogs, were found on Tuesday night lying in the open near a coastal garbage dump site near the capital, Honiara.

Solomon Island Marine Mammal Education Center and Exporters Ltd. is preparing to airlift 28 live bottlenose dolphins to an aquatic park in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.

Speaking of repugnant things, I have never had much time for people who justify the slaughter of families in the name of any belief, be it religion (grotesque fantasy for insecure grownups) communism, fascism, socialism or any of the other isms. A regular contributor here manages to revive long dead hatreds, look for idiots in the comments section (although you may need to check under the bed for reds before you go).

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