Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Its Election Time !!

It's Election time in Australia and for the first time in a long time I will be making sure I take the opportunity to vote.

Essentially the choices are a Prime Minister (John Howard) and the liberals who have delivered over a decade of high employment and record growth or the challenger Kevin (I stand for nothing they don't tell me to stand for) Rudd.

Of course, the oz's harping left and its professional tax payer funded trough slurpers are positively beside themselves with pre-orgasmic glee that the Labour (Shiney Kev's Pack)Party might actually win. The polls certainly seem to indicate a mass stupid has descended upon the Australian Voting Public but then again...and I quote

"By November 24 its (liberal/howard's) record in delivering the good times and ensuring more to come will prevail over Kevin Rudd's high-falutin bombast, nerdy vacuities, and his conga-line of party hacks and trade union reactionaries. What voter in the mortgage belt, or what battler who owes his job to Work Choices, is going to risk his future on Rudd and his broadband? Hands up who wants to take running the economy from Peter Costello and hand it to Wayne Swan! Or take foreign policy from Alexander Downer and give it to Simon Crean!"

Seems to sum it pretty well...

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